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Day 2 @ Kota Kinabalu ~ White Water Rafting @ Kiulu River, Bella Italia, Blue Note Lounge

So, here's Day 2 @ Kota Kinabalu...

Event : White Water Rafting...

For your information, there are 2 places where we can white water raft near KK:

1. Sungai Padas - water level grade 3-4. I would highly recommend this place.
Journey: 2 hour drive to Beaufort railway station- train to Pangi Station
Upon arriving Pangi, light refreshment will be served and a safety briefing will be conducted by the river guide. It covers 9 km of the Padas river. When reach the ending point, BBQ lunch will be served by the river side. Then an hour is usually given to explore the scenic area before transfering back on board the train back to Beaufort railway station and then driven back to KK.

2. Sungai Kiulu - water level grade 1-2. More safe, but less exciting.
Journey: an hour and a half drive to north of Kota Kinabalu, on the way, you can enjoy the breathtaking backdrop of Mount Kinabalu and beautiful village scene of Tamparuli. It takes about 2 hours of rafting before reaching the ending point where delicious barbecue lunch prepared just by the riverbank. There are many rapids, and like what our guide Mi Soh said, 'surprises' along the way. BBQ lunch served after that and we get to explore around before heading back.

During my visit to KK, the railway track from Beaufort to Pangi was underconstruction, so we could not go rafting at Padas river. So, we went to Kiulu River instead.

ShuJuen(aka Wesley) arranged the trip for us and automatically became our group leader... hehe...
awaiting white water rafting @ Tunes Hotel
Tunes Hotel is actually a nice place for accommodation.
It's comfy and more importantly, CLEAN! the sheets smells good...
and guess what? Aland managed to book during the promotional period: only RM10per night!

It was only Grade 1-2 that day, but we had a great time. I think it was better than White Water Rafting at Song Woo Resort, Korea... as the rapids in Kiulu was more... and we did stopped by at safe areas of the river for a swim. Our Guide was Mi Soh, 25, a very friendly (and strong) guide with 8 years experience. I remembered falling down at one of the rapids, and he just grabed me up at one go . I think i've never seen anyone that strong. Perhaps there was a tiny bit of danger as there were many huge rocks at the rapids, and i sense that him panic.

I think good company helps a lot. We were probably the craziest amongst the 5 groups. At a rest area, Aland suddenly had this urge to dive in from the raft, and guess what, after that it became a game, and everyone follow the suit. Besides, our guide, Mi Soh certainly gave us many 'surprises' along the way... perhaps too much... i can't remember how many times we fell down into the water... worst, on one of those 'friendly matches', he 'mengkhianati' us and help the other group to capsize our raft... but it was fun! and when payback time comes, we all joined forces and threw off out guide... wahaha! boy, he was strong, but as a team, we were stronger... =)

All of us with our guide

HAPPY!! =)

The price we paid was only RM130 per person. We could actually buy pictures priced at RM99 (after bargain). Too bad, it was out of budget, and we didn't get them. They were really nice pictures though...

BBQ Lunch provided

exploring the hangging bridge with KitJ1ng, Cherry Queen & GGGGG
Our Rafting leader, Wesley... thanks for arranging the trip for us :)


Bella Italia Pizzeria Ristorante Cafe

picture from: http://www.jesseltonhotel.com/packages.php

picture from: http://www.jesseltonhotel.com/packages.php
  • Address: 69 Jalan Gaya | Jesselton Hotel, Kota Kinabalu 88000, Malaysia
  • Phone: 688 313 366

After a tiring day trip, and a suntan (correction: sunburn), time to treat ourselves...
Danny & Ah Chan recommended Italian at Bella...

Note: They actually have a promotional period. Before 6pm, all pasta and pizza were half priced!!
how could we resist that?

fusili with turkey (i think)
RM22 (half price @RM11)
vegetarian fusili
RM22 (half price @RM11)

i had blue cheese farfalle
RM22 (half price @RM11)
and realised 5 seconds later that i cannot tolerate blue cheese at all... :(

the pizza was nice though.. with this crust... we get to choose our own toppings... and guess what?
we choose : onions + mussles + turkey
quite a unique combination
RM26 (half price @RM13)

Dining with friends
(From Left: Danny, Ah Chan, KitJ1ng, CherryQueen, Wesley, Typ, me, Emily and Aland)
~all full and contented~
Bobo, Alice & Susan left earlier though...

Credits to Danny, Ah Chan & Emily who spend time to meet up with us despite having professional exams (UMS) just around the corner!!
And they passed with flying colors! =)
See, eating with us can bring goodluck!

Date: 9th April 2009
Place: Bella Italia Pizzaria Restaurante Cafe
69 Jalan Gaya | Jesselton Hotel, Kota Kinabalu 88000, Malaysia
688 313 366
shinyin's Verdict:
Service - 70% (waitress sometimes quite clueless)
Food taste - 70% (just okay)
Food Presentation - 80%
Hygiene - 90%
Ambience - 90% (loved the ambience!)
Price - 70%
Overall Satisfaction - 75%


BlueNotes @ Shangri-la Hotel, Tanjung Aru

Very Comfy Sofa

The Blue Bar

Nice Ambience~

The Java Beans they served- best friend of Aland, the G6PD enzymes difficiency, hehe...

KitJ1ng's Martini

Cheery Queen's Long Beach Iced Tea
Wesley's Martini

Aland's beer

The first time i tried Tequilla
This is Jose Cuervo Gold

seriously burning sensation... cannot take another shot...

the comfy sofa~
Date: 9th April 2009
Place: Blue Note, Shangri-la Hotel, Tanjung Aru
Address:20 Jalan Aru, Tanjung Aru, 88100 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
Telephone: (60 88) 327 888
shinyin's Verdict:
Service - 90%
Drinks - 80%
Hygiene - 90%
Music - 60% (terrible selection of music)
Ambience - 90%
Price - 60%
Overall Satisfaction - 80%

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