Thursday, April 9, 2009

humour: my friend is a medical student (1)

disclaimer: cerita in rekaan semata-mata. tiada kiatan sama ada dengan yang hidup ataupun yang mati.
nicknames have been used to protect privacy and identity.
note: MS = med student

Humour #1:

XiaoBaiNian: Eh, you study so hard. ask u something. A person can produce how much sperm ak? will 'use finish' or not one??
MGJ (MS): Ermm... bout the amount of a large pepsi bottle.
XiaoBaiNian: 1.5Liter??
MGJ: Yalar... if not wat u think?
*XiaoBaiNian scared*
*MGJ giggles*

after 1 week... in a reunion, crapping over yam char...

XiaoBaiNian: Eh, you all don't *** so often. A man only have 1.5 litre of sperm to spare.
XiaoBaiNian's friend: Sure bo? (skeptical)
XiaoBaiNian: Sure la!! Medical student say one!!!
XiaoBaiNian's friend: Oh My God!! then i ma sterile liao!!
XiaoBaiNian: So fast??
*MGJ sweats* -.-

Moral of the story: Don't trust your friend.


Humour #2:
KK examining a patient's right inguinal hernia.
short discussion (whisper) after that...
KK (MS-XY): Eh, i think his left scrotum is also enlarged.
G Cup (MS-XY): It's normal la.
MGJ (MS-XX) : Normal or abnormal?
KK: Eh, like very big leh. i also not sure. what u think?
RJJ (MS-XX) : How i know wor? U should know better what... you guys asking girls pulak...
G Cup : Confirm, that one normal. not very big also.
RJJ : comparing with what? different sizes?
MGJ: indeed, different sizes pun


Humour #3:
BirdieKingdo : Mint ice-cream? Yeay!! *makan* *makan* *makan*
RJJ: Makan mint again?? u not scared meh?
MGJ: Yalor... so many somemore you makan...
CQ: Habis lar... you'll disappoint your dad & mum....
BirdieKingdo: Oh shit!! how much have i makan?? habislah my quota for the year!!

(note: mint had been significantly related to low sperm count - true story)


  1. eh? mint ah? I thought it was menthol... that's why they ask males dun smoke "lite" cigarrete which contains menthol..:P

  2. Mint, menthol, I thought they were the same.

    Haha.. why related to sperm count again

  3. yee ming, it's mint. aland found a research paper on that and he's being very health conscious nowadays... hehe...

    daniel, coz sperm count is a very important thing.. haha...

    cg, you think 1.5L is a lot? sure boh?
    p/s: spermatogenesis happens continuesly throughout life

  4. even when i'm 75? I believe my scrotum should be still highly productive then??.. haha :D

  5. OMG! I love mint flavoured food so much but I just couldn't resist it. *faint*

    p/s: gonna stop from now for the benefits of my future generation. hahahaha


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