Thursday, April 30, 2009

Little Italy

I think the best restaurant i went to during my 9 days in Kota Kinabalu was here... Little Italy... I highly recommend this place to you all... Great food, Great service... and FAST!

~Welcome to Little Italy~

The sexy lady welcomes you~

and King Zeus, of course!

The Menu~

the many selection of pastas!!
mix & match!!!

mix + match
pasta + sauce

the selection of pizzas!!
can make your own too!
choose your favourite ingrediants.... =)

Order was taken on a PDA....

and within 2 minute 30 seconds post-confirm order,

it seemed to me that the time they take to cook was faster than us ordering and deciding what to eat.... haha!

Cherry Queen & i

tomato toppings tasted great with toast!

Salladace d cream - lettuces, tomatoes, sliced onions and marinated chicken breast tossed with an emulsion of mayonaise, chopped garlic, parmesan cheese & olive oil (RM12.90)

the salad was very fresh... i particularly liked the combination of dressings...

Fettucine al Vove Salsa Ala Pana Panna E Punghi - All time favourite, a simple combination of mushrooms in white wine & cream sauce
This cream based pasta taste very nice =)

Fettucine Verdi Croze - New zealand Mussle Sauteed in garlic & olive oil, in white wine sauce (RM 23.40)
I felt this tasted a little like Chinese style noodles...
just ordinary to my liking...

So good it shines?

Quattro Singinni - basic pizza topped with mushroom, turkey ham, antichokes & olives
(12" - RM 26.00, 9" -RM19.90)
Pizza was good!!

i forgotten the name of this dish...
It's fish + breadsticks + boiled potato + greens...
i loved this a lot!
the fish is very fresh, and you can fell it melting in your mouth,
it slides and smooth through your tongue,
the sauce blends it...

makan, makan, makan...
habis everything!

~awaiting the bill~

so, Queen & i camwhore for a while...
camwhore #1
camwhore #2 - tall cheryl
camwhore #3 -short cheryl
~and the sleeping beauty~
We signed the guess book before we left~
~all satisfied!~
no more Empat Orang Cina Tempatan this time...
signed: shinyin, cheryl, haha, kitJing

There was a section with Brochers & maps of Kota Kinabalu...
I thought that it was very thoughtful and tourist-friendly..
They also had wi-fi there... =)

~After that, we drove up tp Signal Hill Observatory to appreciate the night view of Kota Kinabalu~

nice view..
ideal place to paktor pun la~


  1. the sexy lady has a man face la.. turn off! lol
    but the place looks comfy! =D

  2. are you sure it's a man face?
    she seemed to have a long hair with plaits...
    and i don't see and androgynous features...

    i think the ambience is just okay.. i would prefer the ambience in Bella... but the food and service in Little Italy, i tell you, it's superb!! they can give good recommendations,and the waiters there were very friendly... =)

  3. Shin yin,
    where's this exact location of this little italy?
    Wanna go there in future d.

  4. It's on Gaya Street, 88000 Kota Kinabalu... highly recommended... ^^ if you go visit KK, Must go Little Italy...


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