Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Day 6 @ Kota Kinabalu - Manukan Island & Mamuntik Island

Today was Island day!! yippie! We chartered a boat to bring us to Manukan & Mamutih... it cost about RM200 for a boat, whole day... Encik Amran, our guide was very nice...

The day started with a visit to the Market... i don't really like the markets... markets are overcrowded, hot, sticky... and filled with 'unique' smells... but, today was different, we were on a mission... when MoguJing said: let's spilt into 2 groups... you & cherry queen go buy fish, while we go buy corn/potatoes... i was blinking back, 'Fish??' 'you want me to buy fish?' i can't even differentiate fishes... when i help my mum shop at the market in Seremban Big Market, i would go to the uncle and say, 'Uncle, give me the fish my mum usually buys..' haha.. 'and clean them' -end of story... so, this time was a good experience for me also kua... luckily got Cherry Queen...

So many fishes neatly arranged in heaps.. i tried to remember what my mum used to taught me when i was little. She said, 'the eyes of the fish should glows/shine... that means it's fresh'..

so, i was looking really hard for that shine~

very pretty red 'si pan' fish...

Cherry Queen, my saviour... luckily got her help us choose fishes..

another super colorful fish~

the locals selling fishes...

a picture with the locals and the squids...

the dry market~ how colorful~
~ the Kota Kinabalu market~

We bought :
1. 5 different Fishes
2. Squids
3. Sweet Corn
4. Sweet potatoes
5. Ice cubes
6. Charcoal
7. Ice-drinks (Shandy & Soft drinks)
8. Icebox (from Bobo)
and we head to Jesselton Harbour....
So many boats~
RM200 only to charter a private boat~
how nice~
the boat was like moving 100km/hr
this is the hungry GG eating at 100km/hr
haha! eating on the boat challenging pun...
me on the boat

Welcome to Manukan Island
Entry Fees: RM3
Went Parasailing...
the price is around RM180 per person..
but if you know the locals, you can bargain up to RM50 per person...
luckily got En Amran to help us... hehe..
So fun, Parasailing~ can see the whole island from up here~

~On the boat~

the scenery is beautiful
The Jetty

i spotted 2 very cute, yet very shy kids...

T En Amran helped us start a fire
Makan, Makan, Makan... ikan bakar, sotong bakar, potato bakar, corn bakar... all very nice~

Roasted sweet corn~
MoguJing, Sweet Cherry and i in colorful kains

Pretending to be a lifesaver...
The lifeguard somemore volunteer to bring Cherry Queen (Ling Ling) around~
@ Pulau Mamuntik, shading from the rain

@ the jetty

Welcome to Mamutik Island

Kota Kinabalu view from the sea~

Speeding across Jesselton

Jesselton Harbour~

The abundance boats~

Our really nice Guide, Encik Amran~ @ Jesselton, all wet in the rain~

~Trapped in the phonebooth~

This phonebooth seriously quite cute wor...

So, that's the Island trip for today... I particulary like Pulau Mamutik a lot, it was less crowded compared to Manukan...and snorkeling there was wonderful... Too bad i did not have a waterproof camera...

~till then~ adios~



  1. Oi......that's Mr Emlan....not Amran. =p

  2. susan,bobo told us that it was A-M-R-A-N wor... hehe... i also not sure~

  3. Enjoy your holiday before you start working!! When working , you will never have a suitable time to enjoy!!

    Trust me!!

  4. haha, it's true Shinyin, of what Kris said above....:-)

  5. tat's y i put u n cl go buy fish...u tot i dono i dono how de buy eh?? or takkan u n typ or u n me go...tat will be end of our trip...keke

  6. Kris, yup... i'm doing my best to enjoy my holidays... but i'm like super broke now.... any budget holidays suggestions?

    MRC, haha! i know what you two mean... =)


    mogujing, ishhh.... you and me sama-sama dunno... luckily got cherry queen.... =) typ now syok vacation, i so jealous...

  7. lol! i was at manukan 9 months back after climbing mount kk. still looks awesome :D

  8. Wow.. you really had fun there! btw, you look so slim now =D good good!!

  9. p/s: the fish with a lot of brown dotsss on its body is so cute! =D

  10. ShinYin, you can always lawat-lawat local destination like Ipoh, Taiping, Penang. Go jalan jalan :P

    Joanne, we all know she becoming slim by looking at her 11th last pic.. :P

  11. Dear Waye, you climbed mt KK?? wow! it must be awesome~ i wonder whether i'll ever do it,... i have asthma though,.. hmm.... yupm manukan is still good... but i thought it was a little too comnmercialised... i personally preferred mamuntik :) snorkeling there was awesome... but hv to be very careful of the sea urchins...

    Dear Sook Jiuan,
    thanks for the compliment,.. hehe... yes, i had lots of fun there! =) love the place... yup, the fish with dots, very cute... hehe... but so cute fish, also tak sampai hati eat... oh yes, i saw many2 Nemo during snorkeling... the baby Nemo very very cute =)


    Kris, you mean like cuti-cuti Malaysia... honestly, i had never visited Ipoh or Taiping b4... maybe can plan a road trip or sth... hehe...

  12. wsy looks so slim eh...kekeke
    i'll tell u her secret later...wahahaha

  13. kitj1ng, tak sangka.. you pergi do research and blogged about it pulak... ishhh...


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