Sunday, April 12, 2009

Day 5 @ Kota Kinabalu

Today was free & easy day.... We were too tired for anything... Island trip to Manukan was postponed to the next day....
We went to 1 Borneo today... it's the new shopping mall in KK and also the so-called most happening place around here... or so, i heard... Not a bad place... it's like a Miniature of Mid Valley... Guess What? They had like 3 Starbucks in that shopping mall! THREE!!! one at each floor... can you believe that? We did not have StarBucks though,.. opt for secret recipe instead... will show pics next time...
oh yes, and i've watched Shinjuku at GSC... not a bad movie... some parts of the movie rather violent.... but i guess it gives a picture of gangsterism & politics in those days in Japan.... and it shows the dark side of human... greed & lust for power....
it's kinda sad..
don't expect too much from Daniel Woo this time though...
We went to Tanjung Aru Beach... the beach was just so-so, i though...
short post today... here's some snaps~ ^^

Breakfast: Dim Sum @ Foo Phing Restaurant
the dim sum in KK is more expensive than KL prices...
taste about the same

~Tanjung Aru Beach~

cheryl & i 'zhi pai'

then typ n yml joined us


so Big the King Lobster (Long Har)
Dinner with May Luu's Uncle family... they are very nice people... i'm currantly staying in their house... that's (from left) : Yen Pin, May Luu, Uncle Lee, Ah Gong, Auntie Sa Kim, Zhu Zhu, me & Cheryl... had a sumptious seafood at Hai Long Chen... and abused 5 tab Loratidines (anti-histamines)


  1. Awesome stuffs seeing you updating whilst you're in KK!! Enjoy it as much as possible!! Plss.. hehe

    Cheers beb.. Missed you and your postings :D

  2. I want graduation too! Then can relax like u do now.. *sigh*

  3. One thing about Tanjung Aru, it's too close to the airport and exposed to noise pollution by the aircraft

  4. ey, when is ur river rafting?

    i wanna hear u blog about it..*ngek* *ngek*

  5. khek yang, how's life over there? KK is great! hv u been here b4? you sud, you know.. the view here is awesome~ i'm sure you'll love this place!
    shinLoo, Day 1, 2, 3 no internet mah, that time... will ganti balik another day.. hehe...
    Beng Siong, don't rush, your time will come.. just enjoy the journey~
    Borneo Falcon, yea, it's near the airport.. that's why the beaches on the islands are better ^^ oh yes, i'll be in Sibu on 16-20th to attend a friend's wedding... will be free on 19,20... any place to suggest/visit?

  6. wi, rafting was on Day2, it was great! will blog about it later, hehe...


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