Saturday, April 11, 2009

Day 4 @ Kota Kinabalu

i'm blogging from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah! yippie!! the net is a little slow today... so, i'll just share a few pictures ya...

after 4 days in Sabah, i realised 4 things:

1. There are many MANY roundabouts here... almost every corner...

2. The car plats here are usually starting with SA, SAA, ST... and they like adding an alphabet at the end of it

3. The food here are relatively expensive, can fight KL prices...

4. There are no Indians here

anyway, i went to this place today...

doesn't that reminds you of New Zealand?

oh, and we tried something today...

this(synchronized jumping) is super challenging wehh... trust me!

this is dedicated to dear Im Sing who couldn't join us...
an ImSing pose for you *hugs*
wished you were here !

raining pulak... siGh....
i decided that i will add 'learning a sun-dance or sun-song' to my to-do-list....
i hate the rain...

Oh, did i mention that this place was The Dairy Farm in Kundasang?
a very nice place... and the milk was very fresh as well... and not too 'cowie' for my liking...

the chocolate flavour was also good.. taste like ice-cream~

after drink, can grow tall tall, jump high high!!!

really nice milk... even Cherry Queen (who don't usually drink milk) bought a packet and happily finished it!

all habis!

We went to Poring Hot Spring and hiking after that...


cute little girl in Model pose @hot springs...

medical students having fun with terms....
med sch make us mad ?
acne vulgaris?
(like Prof Shahrir said, we should always revise, even during vacation~)

hiking super tiring wehhh... specially when in the wrong footware....
blisters~ man biggest enemy!

but yeay! we managed to complete it!!

the locals there called us 'cina tempatan empat orang'


that's all for now.... going Manukan Island tomorrow~ yuhuu~~

lotsa love from KK,
shinyin =)


  1. shinyin!!
    Welcome back! Great to see that you r having loads of fun in KK.
    I've been there and it's such a lovely place! :)

  2. We used to get Desa milk here when I was a kid. I like the chocolate and strawberry one.

  3. dont kill the fishes in Manukan. I still wanna go there . LOL

  4. cute little angel,
    thanks! i loved this place~ will recommend it to my friends... i loved snorkelling in Mamunteh~ it was beautiful~
    Borneo Falcon,
    they didn't have strawberry flavour when i was there...
    only chocolates and fresh milk~
    wi, the fishes liked me a lot... or maybe it was the bread that we were feeding... loved mamuntih! Manukan too many ppl yesterday~

  5. Dear! wonderful trip you have there ~ =) Nice jumping photos you have there... I have never tried that before... @_@ should try it one day! =D

  6. Sook Jiuan,
    the jumping photo not easy leh... when got many people and need to synchonize.... i'm a first timer too.. so, we had to practise a few times only can get the perfect jump - with everyone in the air... hehe...

    next time, we can try together... =)


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