Sunday, April 26, 2009

Day 1 @ Kota Kinabalu

Finally, i have some time on my hands and stremyx connection at home, that i can resume blogging (with pictures)... though stremyx itself had been pretty slow, these few days... but i'm certainly sure i won't use dial-up connection again... So, here's Day 1 and the other days which i missed.... so the story is kinda like patchy.... filling up the jigsaw puzzle.. do excuse me for that...

So, i took the afternoon flight to Kota Kinabalu. When we arrived there, it was already time for dinner.

I was welcomed by May Luu's (Mogujing's) uncle family. I met Aunty Sa Kim, Ah Gong, Zhu Zhu and Mira, the servant. They were all very nice people, especially Aunty Sa Kim... She was so soft-spoken and welcoming... i am so glad...

Hospital Queen Elizabeth (HQE)
yeay! MoguJing drove us around...
forgot to take picture of the 4-wheel drive...
very keng one o~

During dinner, we met up with Bobo, Alice (Bobo's sis) and Susan... We had dinner at Hilltop Restaurant. It was an open-air-mamak stall like- steak house... not the usual steak house we usual see will air-con, music and all... so, i was quite surprise when they showed us the menu...
looked like a coffee shop

reasonable price

i had peppermint lamb chop. I thought it was quite nice. The others had mixed grill and honey lamb chop, which i thought was just okay... perhaps not good enough... borderline, hardly...
the servings were HUGE,... i had trouble finishing mine... and mixed grill was like double my portion... crazy... i wonder whether any of their customers ever finish their food... the price, very reasonable... but i rather they improve on quality, and service...

the peppermint lamb chop i had
quite big portion, got 3 slices leh!
a close-up

the honey lamb chop honey had

the mixed grill MoguJing had...
got lamb, beef, chicken, hotdog... only for RM23!

all the portion seriously HUGE man..
non of us got to finish our share...

cherry queen & i

the group!
(from left: cherry queen, susan, bobo's sis, bobo, typ, moguJing)

Date: 8th April 2009
Place: Hilltop Restaurant, Damai, Kota Kinabalu
Service - 40%
Food taste - 30%
Hygiene - 40%
Price - 50%
Overall Satisfaction - 2.2 Star, 44%

Oh yes, i'll like to recommend a very nice dessert stall to you: Yoyo!
The pearl bubble tea there is superb!!! i never had a cup of nice pearl tea since the one i had in Shi Men Ting, Taiwan. I think the pearl tea in KK can challenge that, even. The other pearl tea i have had around peninsular were hopeless.... any recommendations from peninsular?
anyway, back to Yoyo... you MUST MUST MUST try the chocolate pearl milktea and Yam flavoured pearl milktea!! A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!!!!
The awesome YoYo!! yippie!

even the tissue box is cute~

my favourite chocolate bubble pearl tea~ yuhoo~~

yam pearl tea?

the many assorted flavour pearl tea~

(shaved ice dessert)

many-many-many-many-many huge tasty red beans inside...

Mogujing, Cherry Queen & Typ

Bobo & his sis... note: their tshirts very cute
Bobo's: Kiss Me
Bobo Sis's : *muaks*

That's susan & i, with our chocolate pearl milk tea...
and, well, you-know-who's kacau hand...

Date: 8th April 2009
Place: Yoyo, Damai, Kota Kinabalu
Service - (Self Service)
Food taste - 90%
Hygiene - 80%
Price - 70%
Overall Satisfaction - 4 Star, 80%
One of the best Pearl MilkTea!!


  1. wat kacau hand la...i help u to reduce the width of ur face so u wont look big next to susan...
    u see..she blocker half oso...

  2. wakakaakaa.. u went to my workplace (near hilltop) and yoyo is even nearer from my house... u should have call me..**sigh

  3. nice.. =D
    hope to be there one day!

  4. kitj1ng, you block my ears only... if wanna block, should block even more..
    borneo falcon, the hilltop restaurant food was just okay... not very nice... but yoyo was awesome~ you should try someday.. after all you are the falcon of borneo island... hehe..
    jeremy, ishh.. i didn't know you stayed so near ma... i come back to peninsular liao only you tell me...

    kenwooi, yes, don't forget to visit yoyo when you drop by KK... they hv many branches there... super famous... and nice... we went like 3 times in a week!


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