Friday, September 12, 2008

Stories from my mother

You know, when one of my friend noticed that I was falling so often, he was suggesting, ‘maybe your parents did not do a good job in teaching you how to walk when you were small’.. I mean, falling like 3 times in less than 2 months period, is quite frequent, relatively, and to the extend I twisted my ankle, and suffered bruises, really, it was not so fun, and sometimes, even tiring and a little scary. Yes, I am tired of falling. Very tired. So, I tired to explore the possibilities, and I chatted with my mum….

He was partially right, my friend. My parents did not do a good job in teaching me how to walk. In fact, they didn’t teach me how to walk. When I was age 1 year old+, which was the appropriate age to start cruising and walking, I grew up in an environment where my dad, he was working outstation, and my mum, she was travelling here and there, between me and my dad. So, I was left with different babysitters, sometimes, with my aunt and cousins.

'did you remember my first word? what age did i start walking? when did i start wearing shoes or use meaningful words?' i asked, in attempt to access whether i had any developmental delay in the past... 'i don't know' mum answered, ' i was busy'. Then, I accidentally blurted out, ‘so, mum, that means you wasn’t there when I first started walking, started saying my first word, started playing and smiling’… She heart-brokenly replied, ‘I suppose so, you were a too-early-mistake’.. and I, I was heart-broken too… but I am 23 now, and I am beggining to understand that juggling between work and family, and life altogether is not easy…

i learnt a lot from my paediatry rotations... like it is important to continues stimulate your child... care for them, teach them... with love, and of course patience, lots of patience.... and the importance of developmental accessment, nutrition, and immunization.... and the little things in life, once you missed it, that's it.. the magic of early detection of developmental delay and therapy can make such a massive difference! when i find time, after exam, i'll explain more on DA or developmental accessment

p/s: Hmm.. perhaps, that still does not explain why I fall that frequent… I wonder whether there is a emotion part to it, you know, like how your body breaks down when you are feeling down, distracted or unstable, how physical signs shows when one is emotionally vulnerable.. or perhaps, people just need to learn how to walk, all over again,… or perhaps, to learn how to get up each time one fall… and not whine or cry after that…


  1. hmm...
    medic student... find a medical method to solve ur "falling disease"


    find an engineer boyfriend to design a damn cool shoes for a better support .. haha

    btw, did i intro myself?
    im an engineering student ...

  2. Learn something here. I should spent more time with my children in the future. I don't wish my children grew up and ask me the questions you asked your mum.

  3. hey! I fall (or nearly fall) pretty often too. For me, I know the reason. It's bcos I'm wearing high heels or I'm walking on uneven ground (like those in Manipal!) or I'm in a hurry or I'm so pre-occupied thinking of something that I do not concentrate on walking >.<
    hope you'll get ur answers too :)

  4. >mc_bone>> hmm.. interesting.. how bout shoes that fly? that would be so cool....

    nice meeting you, Mr Engineer.. ^^

    >borneo falcon>> you TOTALLY understood my post! you know, i grew up with working parents, sometimes, i do wished my parents would spend a little more time with us..
    so, when i hv my own kids, i guess, i'll have to at least try my best to find time, however hard the profession demands from us.. my specialist/lecturer bought her son to work last month... i really respect her, the way the make time for her son.. he's super smart, and very well taught...

    >cute little angel>> i loved heels!! heels are lovely, and sexy, i thought, hehe... but equally painful... i have to agree with the pre-occupation, i think i fall because of that too... let's all be more careful.. and then we can announced that we are fall-free since aug 2008, etc...

  5. this is one of my favourite article of yours.. =)

  6. One reason why I won't have kids.. no time, no money.. *sigh*

  7. >suk teng>> thanks :)

    >anonymous>> kids - hate them, love them... they are perhaps the greatest thing in the world...


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