Friday, September 26, 2008

HappYness can be made up.

Of course happiness can be made up!

My friend, Boon Lee once taught me that the secret to happiness is POSITIVE THINKING. Waking up each morning, and telling yourself :

I am happy because I am alive’

I am happy because I am not late for class today'...

I am happy because i have good friends'...

I am happy because I am not sick today'....

then repeatedly use the words:
I am happy because… (fill in the blanks)….’ -throughout the day.

And I would respond to Boon Lee by saying :
I am happy because Boon Lee is going to give me RM100, like nowwith my palm held out to her. Hehe... Which she would then give me the you-don't-get-it look.

You are just deceiving yourself, Boon Lee. You cannot be happy all the time. No one can be THAT happy. It is pathological, to be that happy.

Although there was something similar written all over Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret. ASK-BELIEVE-RECEIVE.

Fact: Do you know that when you force a smile, it sends neurotransmitter to the brain to release ‘happy’ hormones (endorphins) ?

More facts: Other known endorphines releasing triggers: Chocolates, banana, hot chocolates, cozy blankets, a warm hug, innocent smiles of children.

Question: Why are some people happier than others? Even though they share similar lives, if not better? How is quality of life measured?

Answer: The secret to happiness, I personally think, is
contentment. Positive thinking. And perhaps, even deception. Yes, be contented with the life you have, and to appreciate every moment of it, every person in it. Think positive. When given a lemon, try squeezing a smile out of it. Things may not appear that bad, there's always a silver lining... or rather, thinking the other way round, things could have been worse, but luckily, it wasn’t. Lastly, deception, the highest level of happiness – to make yourself happy, and believe so strongly that you are happy.

At this point, I needed that deception, however transient it may last.


  1. Im happy because of having someone like you. Though we hardly know each other, we still drop by at each other blog and give continual support. Thus... im happy. =)

  2. The secret to happiness is positive thinking. If you believe you're happy, then you're happy. If you believe otherwise then, you'll feel otherwise. I'm happy because everyday's a present, and I'm blessed :))

  3. >Dann>> thanks dann!! I am happy to know you too ^^

    >borneo falcon>> keep smiling ya :)

    >brenda>> yes.. the mind is a very powerful object.... BELIEVE.. BE H-A-P-P-Y!!! =)

  4. oh, i heard about it before.
    its call positive psychology~

    i am happy because tmr is sunday....~~

    enjoy ur weekend

  5. ah.. my favourite song :) y is ur fonts on this post extra big and bold?

  6. >wicrap>> i am happy because i get to be back at home, enjoying the holidays! :) you have a great weekend too!

    >suk teng>> yes... i got this song from you, actually, hehe... the fonts in this post SHOULD be EXTRA BIG & BOLD... it's a post on HAPPYNESS!

  7. i'm happy coz i dun need to study today! lol...

    but it is hard to be contented all the time no? you will need to be not contented in order to want something better right?

    or maybe just set some time table.. morning wake up feeling contented, afternoon feel this world is miserable and need some major upgrades, evening the same, and at night all contented and happy for what you did today..

    wow.. i'm happy with wat i crapped. have a nice holidays.. selamat hari raya

  8. >peanut>> yes.. it's very true... sometimes, it's really hard, to be contented all the time.. i wonder whether is it even possible...

    the timetable you were saying.. easier said than done, i guess.... we can't like auto-set oneself to be happy in the morning, then crappy in the noon, and happy again at night... can we?

    anyhow, i'm still happy.. i'm happy that i crappily replied whatever you crapped.... (crappily- is that even a vocab?)... and yes, i'm darn happy it's the holidays! yeay!! selamat hari raya to u too!

  9. i dun have holidays leh.. not even one day.. russians don't appreciate raya at all.. cis..

    add u to my blog roll!

    no msn ker? can add me at

    see.. i have the habit of publishing my contact everywhere.. LOL

  10. IF I have enough money, I will definitely buy THE SECRET.. argh.. it's too expensive for me....

  11. >peanut>> so kesian.... no holidays... i think that's one of the good things about Malaysia - lots of food and lots of holidays!! MALAYSIA BOLEH! cheers~...
    P/s: i've added you on my blogroll :)

    >yy ong ltr>> actually, my friend downloaded the ebook for me... i'm not sure how he did that, but you could try... it's free! =)

  12. can u send me one.. on msn? tq.

  13. oyy.. u can contact erma and get it from her lah...


    dun make me jealous ler.. if i suddenly feel like becoming a bad student, i'll mogok and not to go to class! LOL...


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