Sunday, September 28, 2008

Money No Enough 2

Classification: U
Genre: Comedy
General Release Date: 28 Aug 2008
Running Time: 2 Hours 5 Minutes,
Distributor: Grand Brilliance
Cast: Jack Neo, Henry Thia, Mark Lee, Lai Ming
Director: Jack Neo

Another one of Singapore’s Jack Neo’s movie that put me in tears. There is no need for special effects or good-looking actors to make this movie good. Money No Enough, is good enough. This movie, is a very real movie, which reflected our everyday lives.

When earning a basic income is not enough, we start taking risks to improved one’s social economy status. When money, easily earn, may also be easily lost. And most importantly, the things that money can’t buy. We never realized how important they are, until we lost them.

With Jack Neo, Henry Thia, Mark Lee casting as the 3 brothers in this movie, with different levels of economy background, facing similar problems. I personally thought that Lai Ming played a very good role as their mother… I think she could win the best actress award!

I cried seeing how much the mother (Lai Ming) was ill treated in this movie. How difficult it is to cope with an elderly with Alzheimer. When an old person suffers from amnesia, asking repeated questions and had urinary incontinence. The geriatric population is growing, yet with more and more of them neglected. When those who loved you most, you labeled them as a 'burden'... and send them away...

There was a section of the movie which I finds rather interesting. When the mother was in ICU and there was not enough O- blood. And it was ridiculous fighting over that pint of blood. And the part where she pulled out the CPAP tube, and the monitor readings go haywire.. and the doctor, who was away from the patient..

i used to laughed at movies which are medically illogical or unreal. Yet, I couldn’t bring myself to laugh at this movie. I was still in tears. The message was clear.

A mother would do ANYTHING for their child / family. The mother would give up all her life savings for her children, even the last bit of savings for her funeral. A mother would do anything: ask, beg or even steal for her children. When seeing her children in trouble, the only thing she is worried is being not able to help them... and this made her depressed...

The young mother would do anything, even risk her life or steal blood to save Stella’s life. And Stella’s grandmother, would sacrifice herself too.

MOTHER is indeed the toughest and most noble occupation in the world.

Love your mother. Love your family.

Oh yes, before I forget, this was a great movie! I give it 82%! =)


  1. I WANT TO WATCH!!!! arghhh.. by the time i'm back it would be so out of the cinema already.... sob sob... ui.. save a dvd for me.. LOL

  2. this is a touching story but the begining part a bit boring..overall this movie still ok ok for me lo...

  3. Haven't seen. My daughter went to watch...and cried. She was expecting a comedy...

  4. >peanut>> haha! by the time you get back, you probably can watch it online already... hehe.. =)

    >TNH>> i guess the beginning part is illustrating the typical Singaporean life.. which i find it very similar even to Malaysia's life.. something very local that we can relate..

    >STP>> yup! i was expecting comedy too.. there wasn't much of a comedy... it made me cry instead of laugh... you should watch it too! but do prepare tissues.. hehe.....

  5. not bad.. I love this movie also. There were times when I nearly dropped my tears but I restrained. There were times when it was too funny so I laughed to my sides..

  6. haha...
    i have posted similar blog after watching money not enough2...
    and have voiced out against the incidence that happened in the hospital when the mother pulled out the ED tube....
    but my fds commented that i am too rational while watching the movie..
    seem like good friends have similar view too....

  7. >YY Ong LTR>>> yes, this is indeed a very touching movie.. =)

    >sing>> haha! i suppose working in the hospital changed a person's point of view, even emotions..


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