Saturday, September 13, 2008

the full moon

she stared at the moon,
and the moon stared back...
the moon was mesmerizing,
and she thought of home,
but it was just her and the moon this year....
and she whispered to herself, 'happy mid autumn festival'

Sc Fiction & Fantasy Art: Full Moon Empty Heart by Dawn R. Obrecht
p/s: this is an artistic picture of a mermaid, the sea and the full moon... (although it may not look like a mermaid on first look)


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA..... for some reason this sounds damn hilarious... HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHAHAHAAH.....

  2. shinloo, you damn evil wehhh... got so hilarious or not ak? siGh...
    stand under the moonlight tonight, stare at the moon, and recite it again, and you will understand this post...

  3. Wow... The moon is really mesmerizing!!! Nicely written as well. =)

  4. Will you play "tanglung" on mid autumn? I not so sure. I should post something about it in my blog soon

  5. so worry...honey will bec n stare the moon with u de..hihi....

  6. Happy Mid-autumn Festival to you too! Don't buy those expensive mooncakes though!!! LOL!!!

  7. > thanks Dann :)

    > borneo falcon>> i dont think we'll be playing any tanglung this year..

    >honey>> u same with shinloo, laugh at me one.. ==

    >suituapui>> thanks.. apparently, i don't buy mooncakes as i have a mum who bakes and makes GREAT mooncake.... ^^

  8. All I could think of was.. how do you wear underwear underwater ? :P

  9. anonymous, who are you? erm... i think i need to clarify,..
    1. i don't do that...
    2. but i suppose it's possible, you could try
    3. the picture is a drawing, btw, and it's a mermaid, and she's not in underwear.. that's her baju... and the mermaid is a metaphor.. symbolic item.. but, i'll leave it to you to interpret it... :)


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