Thursday, September 11, 2008

My Diary in Teluk Intan

DAY 1 (Mon)
First day, at Teluk Intan. Not too bad. Time flies, right? Looking forward to tomorrow.

DAY 2 (Tues)

The patients here were really nice. Presented 2 cases. Today was asthma day. Feeling lazy…, chatted all night with Susie and Shu Juen, they must have contracted shinyin’s-lazy-virus. Had the infamous Teluk Intan Chee Chong Fun (pig intestines shaped flour desserts), still good, but I still preferred Hong Kong’s Chee Chong Fun.
It rained today.

(the chee chong fun it's more delicious than it looks, i need a new camera.. this cam phone can't take the mouth-watering effect)

DAY 3 (Wed)
Dr Wong Sau Wei visited today, super stressed. Realized I had forgotten EVERYTHING we learnt in pre-clinical years. Shinyin, insaflah… will start studying…. *motivated*
It rained again today.

DAY 4 (Thu)

Started feeling lazy, again. Motivation is very short lived. I was considering whether to send the clothes to the drycleaners, but it was too expensive, and surely, I can’t be THAT spoilt, my mum would kill me. So, I did my laundry, missed the washing machine, BADLY…
It rained AGAIN, today. My clothes will never get dried. Why my friends were not replying my sms? siGh… and poor suk teng fell sick, hopes she get better soon.. Felt so bored… started writing again…. and resorted to movies- marathoned the whole series of ‘I not stupid 2’…

DAY 5 (Fri)
Too few patients in Teluk Intan. Today was seizure day. Seen all the patients in the Paediatric ward, I do not know what else to do. I’m super bored… Friends in KL enjoying themselves, jealous... will be spending my weekend here in Teluk Intan – a very unusual way to punish myself…
It rained AGAIN, twice today. Life was so depressing. People must have thought I was crazy, playing the imaginary keyboard. I missed home.

DAY 6 (Sat)
I woke up at 11am today. The life here in Teluk Intan is so sedentary. If I go on sleeping, I can qualify for the P-I-G title.. sigh.. continued movie marathon… missed speaking in English. Ate the worst ‘loh mai kai’ (Glutinous Steam Rice with chicken) in my life! But lunch at T-corner was good, had French Fried Rice with a cup of Earl Grey.
And yes, it rained again.

DAY 7 (Sun)
I am so bored, I am drowning ants. Experimenting whether ants can swim, how long they can survive on surface tension, how they can survive a whirlpool. Yes, the evil shinyin is killing all the irritating ants. and Suk Teng thought i was being a sadist... it's just the boredom, really....
It rained again. I want to online.

DAY 8 (Mon)

Something scary happened today… CORRECTION: Something stupid happened today… or rather, it was just me, being stupid….

DAY 9 (Tues)

I know, it’s stupid to hate this place… fine, laugh all you want =P ….
on-called today…..

DAY 10 (Wed)

Waiting to go home~~~ counting days…..

DAY 11 (Thu)
Going back to HUKM! Yeay!!! Goodbye Teluk Intan.. i shan't miss you :P

EXAM next week….. wish me luck! =)

p/s: i enjoyed the infamous Bidor's Dark Thigh Noodles on the way home... the noodles is similar to wantan noodles, only more crunchy and it's home-made, i heard.. the herbal soup is a great combination.... taste awesome! a-must-try! :) i wonder why we can't find this in KL...
(the infamous Bidor's Duck Thigh Noodles)

(tasty desserts)

shinyin's first 3 weeks in Hospital Teluk Intan - Obstetics & Gynaecology rotations


  1. shinyin..u still havent tell me about the story of uncle in teluk intan.u promised to tell me de....:(

  2. >thanks Dann :)

    >when u wanna tell u, u were sleeping de... now, if i tell you, u will only laugh at me,.. tell me, why would i tell you something so that you can laugh at me?

  3. ei...u called me at 1 am midnite!!!!!!n the line not stable somemore...cos u memang wanna tell me the story de,n wat is frend for if not to share story n laugh together??hahahahaha...if u dont tell me,i will use my creativity to imagine the story ab the topless uncle in ti lor....hihi

  4. not that i memang want to tell, the thing was, i NEED to talk, that time... and the line putus, and you didnt even called me back :( but anyways, i was being stupid... just that there wasn't anyone to tell me that..

    so ya, u imagine lor... anyway, it wasn't a pleasant scene.. so ya...

  5. haha.......wat an unpleasant scene..why u always saw this kind of scene btw?

  6. you seemed so bored there...... but Teluk Intan chee cong fun is delicious! all the best in exams!

  7. >honey>> just my luck :(

    >stardust>> thanks :) teluk intan can be a boring place, especially when most of your friends are so far away....

  8. u didnt drop by my shop? i can bring u around teluk intan..

    here, wat we do when we bored is EAT..haha..then after eat, sleep, then eat again

    of course here u cannot compare with hukm..that one is kl mar
    p/s i was attached to HUKM for 1 year during my housemanship.

  9. >pharmalogik> where's your shop?? perhaps during my next rotation in teluk intan :) perhaps you could show my friends and i, the better side of teluk intan.. great places to eat, hehe...

    i have to agree though, teluk intan is a great place to sleep... the place is super sedative weh..


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