Wednesday, September 17, 2008

i major in boredom - certified! *siGh*...

i was wondering why i feel bored easily... finally, i figured out why... because BOREDOM was what i majored in!! and guess what? today, i've just graduated!

You've worked hard at your blog. You've been studiously writing your journal for years and years, daily expressing your deepest innermost thoughts and feelings. You deserve recognition! Well, we here at 'The University of Blogging' have decided to give you the praise you deserve. Help yourself to an Honorary Degree from our prestigious institution!


and my boredom doesn't stop there of course, so, i went further to fill in lame quizzes like what is the meaning behind one's name, etc, etc... and so...

Name / Username:

which is silly obviously as the description contradict each other... i mean, how can some one be like [shy] and [humourous&insane] at the same time?? or maybe [intelligent] vs [naive]?? and, do i appeared neglected??? so, this was what differentiates computer from human,.. computers do not think...

then again, it's just me, feeling bored to day..... awaiting for my next exam on Friday...


  1. haha.. how did you find such a site? some random generation of keywords.. I tried keying in my name twice and it came out different !

  2. really?? you must be pretty bored too,.. to try keying in your name repeatedly,... haha!

  3. While my "Dann" got me in An Honorary Bachelor of Comment Spam Majoring in Boredom. LOL. That wasnt that bad. =)

  4. I enjoy doing nothing...just lazing around and not getting bored at all!!! Better than being busy!!! LOL!!! Good luck in your exam! Tomorrow, right?

  5. Wish could get a degree/certificate that easy. Good luck in the exam. Take it easy

  6. The naming part doesn't make sense. Yup yup. I'm gonna try it our after exam :) I major in.. Sleeping! Too bad, only slept few hours per day lately. Sobs. My next paper's tomorrow :/ Argh. Major stress-ness. Anyway, good luck for yours :)

  7. >danielctw>> indeed, boredom can do things to people~~ it's insane..

    >dann>> congrats!! we major in the same field!! enjoy spamming my site.. haha!

    >STP>> lazying is a luxury i no longer afford... at least not with a little guilt feeling... yes, my exam is on tommorow, thanks for the wishes, gotta get back to my books

    >borneo falcon>> haha! it is that easy... the issue is, whether the degree is recognized or not... thanks for the wishes..

    >brenda>> haha!! can i join your major? to major in sleeping... hehe... all the best in your exam too... let's gambateh together :)

  8. As much as i would like to major in sleeping, I got..

    An Honorary
    Bachelor of
    Whingeing (complaining)

    Majoring in
    Non Sequiturs (absurd Humor)

    Ok.. I learned 2 new words today thanks to this! LOL

  9. >cg>> oh, that was me, just being bored.. glad u had fun :)

    >keong>> hAHA!! informal English lessons.... now that's humour,.. u sure deserved that degree...

  10. how can some one be like [shy] and [humourous&insane] at the same time??

    Maybe sort of like House ? :)


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