Thursday, July 10, 2008

i had a great laugh today! =)

I had a major surprise today, a pleasant one actually... and had a great laugh... Aland said I should blog about it... And I was undecided about it for a while as I have my reputation at stake, then I thought, what the heck! I guess you deserve to share this joke on me... especially those at mist of exams or stressed at work whom needed a time out... and maybe, like 5 years in future, when i open my blog, there's still something to laugh at...

So, I was feeling bored today.. and well, I hated psychiatry posting, like a lot.. and my supervisor, Prof Ros was on leave, so I decided to stay in my room to complete my case report... and being a total addict, I move from my case report to a very interesting site... Guess what? I discovered a forum @ Low Yat Net! actually my friend recommended it... there was this superbly funny forum on chest hair, haha!! (this should interest Cheryl, my friend with chest-hair-phobia, haha!) Anyway, this forum was very interesting and instantly I registered myself as a user, got hooked and was happily posting comments in the forums...

The thing is, being a total noob, I didn’t even know there was a thread started title : hey Celyn (fyi, I used the nick Celyn when the system said Jocelyn was in use, and so I omitted the Jo)... King83 started a thread initially, to teach the noob me, how to use this 'signiture function' in this forum... and one message led to another,.. and people were like, (erm.. what's a more polite word for stalking),.. checking,... discovering.. okay,.. people were checking me out,... they even posted my picture there!! so much so for not using an avatar..

anyway, I was so surprised to see it that I was going OH MY GOD the whole time... (yes, the panda OMG kind)... this was my first forum experience, and I never thought it would end up this way... you must be lost my now... click here and you would totally understand...

It was a little scary at first, when you have people checking you out, all the way to facebook and friendster... checking your slideshows,pics, notes and all.... I mean, they can find out so much about you, it kind of makes you feel transparent... but some good did come out of it too:
1. I met many new friends today
2. My Blog traffic suddenly shoots up sky high.. and I was very happy readers enjoyed and appreciates my posts (248 visits and 554page view today, and still counting) -wow! my blog never hit that high target!!
3. I had the laugh of my life!! It had certainly made my day!!! =)

special thanks to:
king83 : who innocently started the thread to teach me what a 'signiture' was..
silverhawk : for informing me of the thread, though i was 5 pages late, haha!
7chai : for the shabu-shabu, haha!
and everyone else who participated....

So, if you’re feeling bored… you know now that there’s a new place to hang out and chill~~


  1. Glad you took it all in great stride. It was lots of fun :D

    Just be careful of what information you reveal online, anonymity is required sometimes :)

  2. ekkk!!!
    okay, i'm confused......guess i'm another noob with theseeee.....
    some of the thread looks funny.but i still dun get the whole picture!!
    okayokay....i'm suppose to be on my studies eh? exam next week =and i'm still happily surfing thru ur!!
    cheers to us!
    tell me about it once the exam's over.

  3. >Hawk>> sure, i'll *mental note* that.. hehe....

    >mountain>> sure, i'll tell you bout it, so that you won't noob-ly repeat what i did... sigh.. i can't believe i have an exam next thursday, 2 case presentation and a super complicated liason case write up due on monday, o&g post-mortem tml, and here i am, addicted to the net.. same like you de.... i can't wait till exam is over.. hey, gambateh o!!

  4. Yes have heard too that one of the ways to bring in traffic is participate in forums. But some forum masters have a policy of forbidding link backs that bleed their traffic. Anyway must have an interesting experience! LOL!

  5. >daryl teo>> the one thing i learnt today was, NEVER use your real identity in forums... i seriously cannot imagine what would my patients do if they see this.. traffic by accident, what an experience!

  6. trust me, your patients will love you more. wohohoho..

  7. i sense some sarcastism in that comment... == *skeptical*

  8. Jocelyn> Haha... That only applies to hot girls like you. I've been using my name in forums and I have no problems with it =)

    And what 7chai said might be true as they would discover a whole new side of you, and your perspective in things.

  9. Wu SHin Yin.. i've read the whole thing.. hahahahahahahahahaha..*speechless*

  10. >st>> yes pong suk teng... now you have a new thing to laugh at... (your hahahahaha-quite long also....siGh...)....

  11. i know boon lee... i can actually picture you shaking your head in disapproval... now it's getting out of hand, i really don't know what to do...

    and i thought,

    everyone laugh -game over-

    ..but the thread is now 13 pages long, with more threads coming up... siGh...

    one big laugh, a lifetime of embarassment, and one lesson learnt...

    hmm... maybe i should punish myself by internet abstinence for a week.. will be having exams this thursday.. siGh.. wish me luck!

  12. woot
    king83 always do it for the lulz!!!1111oneoneone

    not always hang out @ CC
    coz i prefer kopitiam with those /b/ fellows~

    coolerthings was here :p

  13. >ren>> hey there, coolerthings! i wonder whether king83 expected it to turn out this way... he's so funny, with pictoral how-to-get-a-signiture some more.. haha! erm.. you all seemed to know each other v well....

    for the laughs~ cheerss~~

  14. nope
    not know him very well
    but i always see him buayaing~

    the 1 i know most is Suiteng, Guest18 if u aware of...
    2 of them is legend of LYN Kopitiam,
    n i stay quite near to both of them.. even thou they not stay together n not really related XD

    u new there so take ur time
    i been there more than 2 years dy XD
    enjoy the fun~

  15. >ren>> yeah, i'm aware of them... the LEGENDS of LYN, haha!!.. i've even saw Guest18's video on :for our future generation and offsprings...... haha! that was classic and on tape!!

    yes, i am very new in LYN.. i can't believe LYN can be this addictive!! :P

  16. ? ? ?

    come let go out yamcha

  17. hey there... ya... i can tell you the guys at are really so into it, if you're female mainly. LOL

    Well, anyway, I am also in LYN as rukawa. So glad to have you joined in too.

  18. >guest18>> you look confused... haha! how's your future generation and offsprings?? hehe..

    >danielctw>> yeah.. anything is possible at LYN.. but again, it's all for the laughs!! when i start getting busy with exams and my busier rotations, i doubt i can spend much time there though.. well, at least when one is bored, there's a new place to hangout and chill... ^^

  19. It was a little scary at first, when you have people checking you out, all the way to facebook and friendster... checking your slideshows,pics, notes and all.... I mean, they can find out so much about you, it kind of makes you feel transparent...

    Yes and no. People can find out your profiles easily via searches, something that I do too whenever I need someone new or to find out more about someone who I will be meeting too.

    No as in, you define the transparency yourself, so it all boils down to how much privacy you want to keep for yourself.

    - yc

  20. >yclian aka clean>>
    "you define the transparency yourself, so it all boils down to how much privacy you want to keep for yourself"

    really, i don't know how much...

  21. I guess then as long as you are happy and comfortable then it ok . but of course dont be afraid to venture forward and brace the unknown

    IM still finding a wife though , someone I care about , someone I worried about , someone I want to protect . it is very hard and tedious but it is worth it to fight for my happiness

  22. >guest18>>thanks :)

    i pray for you all the best in search of your happiness :) take care

  23. hi there...

    thanx for leaving a note on my blog. i can see u r a very friendly and adventurous person, someone similar to me when i was still in medical school.

    however, life has plenty of hard knocks and we tend to make many mistakes. however, all of the good and bad experiences should never take away our hope and optimism in life and love.

    keep up the good job in life, both in real world and cyberspace. God bless u always. see u around in teluk intan but i think u would not do surgical until ur last posting right? i will be out of here by then d.. :-)

  24. hey there.. being defined as friendly and adventures is a big thing... thanks

    i admire your optimism, really... if you might noticed, my blog is rather dark (not just the color).. but rather,.. i am a pessimistic person.. but i do hope i'll see the silver lining..

    yeah,.. i'm trying to enjoy life as much as possible, at least before housemanship where i would be slaving myself to the hospital.. i'll be in teluk intan in my next rotation of peads for a week.. might bump into you ^^ cya

  25. >emperormeng>> thanks :)
    that's a very HAPPENING family.... =)

  26. Can I laugh????


    I think no more girls would dare to fight the noobness title with you!! =P

  27. >Kiwi-bird>> HEY!!!
    how could you laugh at my misfortune?? :(
    *sob* *sob*

  28. Hahaha, I don't think this is a misfortune la. Rite??

    I guess u enjoy it =)

    Good luck for exams.

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