Monday, July 7, 2008

i do not look like your friend/sis/etc...

I am sick of people telling me that I looked like someone else. Today, a patient commented that I looked like Hui Teng. Previously, I have people saying I looked like May Luu, Im Sing, Natalie… etc… tell me, does May Luu, Im Sing, Natalie and Hui Teng looked the same????

“You looked like a friend of mine” (A lame pick-up line, I thought)
“ Did you just came by this afternoon? The doctor looked like you” (okay..)
“You looked like this model on this ad” (well, really?)
“Both of you are sisters right?” (No way!)
“Are you twins?” (what?)
“You looked like my ex” (WTF!)

siGh… do I really looked THAT ordinary that I looked like EVERYONE?? like a general template... or do I looked different everyday?

I am sick of people telling me that I looked like someone else. I really am.

I am shinyin, nothing more.


  1. u look like shinyin.
    shinyin and shinyin alone.
    not mayluu not nat not huiteng!!
    haha.....dun worry....u are u!!
    u definitely have ur own characteristic... those are just some lame pick up line. dun worry... u r the one and only shin yin i noe... =)

  2. Tat's because you turn prettier and prettier each day =)

  3. >mountain>> thanks, i really needed that reassurance.. ^^ sometimes, comments like that made me felt too 'ordinary'.. as if i am living behind the shadow of someone else... but people don't realise that, do they?

    >kiwi-bird>> thanks, christina.. you've just made my day!! :) you are sweet and prettier each day too.. how hv u been? all da best in ur studies ya!

  4. Haha! life is good here!! U too enjoy 5th year!! So fast final year d~

  5. >kiwi-bird>> yeah, time flies.. i can't believe i'm counting the months to graduation..... but studying, i believe never ends...

  6. the one who said u look alike with XXX is a malay?well,malay can't differentiate chinese facies, to them they just look alike...dun worry la, u r distinct enough (with ur laughter,wahaha...)i rather let them being confused bout my facies than my races.-_-"

  7. >wesley>> siGh... i don't blame Malays la, but these are Chinese ler... i guess u also often get confused, guess we are in the same boat.... next time u tell them u have mixed blood la... say, erm.. croatia+korean+Chinese.. or some exotic race... ^^

    p/s: tak sangka u dropped by, in mist of exams..steady pun..

  8. >vince>> erm.. maybe a bit... it's just that, when you are repeatedly being told that you look like someone else,.. it's doesn't feels good,.. it's like living behind the shadow of someone else... oh well... it happened again 2 days ago.. i wonder whether it was just me, being over sensitive... siGh...

    p/s: you are? care to intro?

  9. yeah, i understand. i never like being repeatedly told to eat my veges when i was younger as well. but well, you'll live with it. pick up lines will come through its evolution. and perhaps, someday you'll get a better one.

    p/s: i stumble and fall here. i like what i read. cheers!

  10. >vince>>high 5! i don't like green veges when i was younger too! which is ironic, as now i am advicing kids to take their veges, oh well..
    evolution to a better one? haha! i wonder...

    p/s: good to hear that! cheers! :)


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