Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Guess what? i've got a new puppy!! =)

Last weekend, I came home, surprised to see him welcoming me at the gate. His small round eyes smiling as he wagged his tail and sniffed my leg. His fur so soft, you would want to stroke him again and again.. He liked to hop on your lap, asking for a pat, some delightful cookies, perhaps... that was how 'manja' he was... Audrey thought him to sit, and that was the only trick he knew, so far.

My mum received Lucky from a friend. No one wants him, she said, so she took him home to care for him. I was skeptical on that, as i really wanted a puppy when i was small, but mum didn't allow it. We had a pair of rabbits, but i'll leave that horrifying story for another day. Okay, we had Nicky, a puppy, for a day, but mummy gave him away the next day. So, i wondered whether Lucky would be a long-term member... Therefore, i dare not get too attach to Lucky, only to find him missing the next time i am back. oh well.. let's not think about that..

Lucky loved walks, he would jump excitedly as he race you down the street. Stops a while when he sense something, i wondered what was he thinking...

Lucky bites EVERYTHING... and i meant EVERYTHING... worse, he uprooted my mum’s bonsai plants… you should have seen the look on her face when she saw this:

Yes, I am allergic to dogs.. But Lucky was too cute to resist... And so, I bathe like 4 times that day.. each time after playing with Lucky... oh, how i hate allergies... but i do hope Lucky would stay... at least for a while longer....

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