Thursday, April 16, 2009

An Unfortunate Event @ KK

Event: Cellphone stolen (pickpocket)
Model: K750i
Venue: Kota Kinabalu Night Market
Time : 9:47pm
Weather : Gloomy

After a day trip at Kota Klias, watching Probosis Monkeys and fireflies, still half awake and drowsy, we decided to dropped by KK's infamous night market to buy some avocardo drink... well, i heard it was infamous for its variety of food, the crowd, but little did i know, it was also famous for the evil pick-pockets/snatch thieves who lurks the dark corner of the market...

The night market was bright, colourful. I snapped a few pictures, i wondered whether he must have spotted me that moment. We dropped by a few fruit stalls. Blended Avocardo, we insisted we wanted that, and persisted until we found a stall which sells them. The last avocardo, not very fresh. So, we decided to buy an avocardo from another stall, and bring it to the blended fruit drink stall for our blended avocardo. I know, we sound almost too persistent.

Could it be the auntie at the fruit stall? The little boy whom i waved to as he brought his little orange juice? The guy who sells cigarettes at the corner, with his evil hawk eyes? The man who brushed past? The lovely ladies at the fruit drink stalls? The many people whom passed us by? I really cannot tell...

and i wondered,

Should i have been more careful, perhaps things like this can be avoided... if i didn't want avocardo juice, if i would have just go home like a contented little kid, if i wasn't so distracted by the night market scene, if i wasn't watching the little boy at the orange juice stall, if i hadn't wander off to the corner of the market, if i hadn't put my phone in my pocket, if only the phone wasn't in a black velvet pouch with a string, it just made it too easy for him.... tempting in fact... too many ifsss....

i concluded that: When we go out to crowded places, EVERYONE is a pick-pocket until proven otherwise...

when i am less careful, it's my fault? am i to blame? or simply my bad luck?

then i wondered, why do people steal? Why do people take things that doesn't belong to them?

Perhaps, they were very poor people who had many mouths to feed, struggling to make ends met. NO. NO, this does not gives you the right to steal. Stealing, is unforgivable.

Would you steal if you had the chance? Would you take something which if not yours? What if you know that you would not get caught and would be punished? Is it the laws and regulations that hold you back? or simply the principal that thou shall not steal?

Tell a lie, that's stealing a person's right to the truth.
Kill a person, that's stealing a person's life, stealing a husband from a wife, stealing a father from his children.
Rape a women, that's stealing her rights, her dignity.

Stealing is indeed one of the worst sins on Earth.

Anyway, back to my story. Well, i can think positive, like i'm glad noone got hurt and my new camera wasn't stolen. Yet, losing this phone who had been with me through thick and thin, it's still depressing. i've got like 5 or more congratulations wishes, that i can have an excuse to get a new phone... but not now, not when i'm totally broke,... and my laptop dead... and i'm currently unemployed... life sucks, sometimes....

dear God, WHY ME?


  1. broke? ya right... got money to buy camera some more... u dunno wat's really broke la...

  2. Sometimes shit happens. Especially that night market.

    On a lighter note, the night market in KK is really organized unlike the one u see in KL

  3. Sorry to hear but the maxim "be careful always" applies anywhere & everywhere....:-)

  4. Well, most importantly, you don't lost your IC or passport. Those are the most important document for a Malaysian

  5. shinLoo, i have a dead laptop, now no phone... no cash.. currently unemployed... that one not called broke?

    daniel, yup.. shit happens....siGh... i don't think i'll ever go to KK's night market again... phobia liao...

    MRC, i'll rmb that~ be careful always~

    Borneo Falcon,
    true also... otherwise, i might actually miss my flight to
    Sibu today...

  6. Forgot to say isn't it doctor's job is a proven "recession-proof" job?? :-)....Doctors are short in supply & are high-skilled professionals, so economic theory will dictate that they're in high demand...No worries, u wouldn't be in unemployment....;-)

  7. hm...jz be alert most of the time. i hv a friend nearly lost his travel bag while lining for ticket...that guy just pretend lining up behind, then grabbed his bag and run.
    there are ups and downs in life...take it as sincere donation for those who need it, of course they did it the wrong way....
    just don't spoil ur holiday mood by it, enjoy to the fullness :D

  8. alamak...i didn't know ur handphone is gone. Before reading this blog, i called u just now, and was wondering y no one picked up the phone..btw, Jason Mraz still around...p/s: get a cheap hp now, buy a better one later ya.

  9. MRC, well.. to be more accurate, i'm waiting for employment =) i'll be starting work somewhere at the end of May... but the first 3 months, i won't get my seemed that's how things work in the government sector.. oh well...

    sine nomine, yalor... we have to be more alert... i'm trying not to think too much about it... now in Sibu =) the food here is nice!

    boonLee, yalor... msg me ur number and other friend's number... i've lost everything liao... *sob* i also thought wanna get a temporary one 1st.. no money...

    JASON MRAZ!!!! ahhhh.... but i'm in EastMalaysia!

  10. Did you try out the famous "kolo" mee or "kampua" mee at Sarawak??

    I never heard of doctor penganggur..Even engineer got ler..ask your friend BoonLee, Penang is badly affected.


  11. omg.. wut a pity.. even more kesian u lost it in KK, my town.. definitely it was stolen by the 'protected-citizen'!!!!! I just hate them...

  12. Kris, yup! i've tried Kampua... very nice lehh... i doubt i ever get to eat them again in peninsular... siGh...

    i'm waiting employment now = no work yet = no salary = no $$$ (siGh...)
    you know my friend, Boon Lee???
    you work in penang too?


    Jeremy, yalor.. actually i lost it in the philipino night market... why u call them 'protected citizen'? i think we have the law enforces to blame... i forgot to file a police report though... siGh... i should hv...

  13. ..hmmmm... All sabahan knew why they are 'protected citizen'...i cannot say much cuz nanti ISA cari sa..wakakaka

  14. Jeremy, hehe... ISA huh?
    the philipinos in Sabah had bumi rights too????

  15. I hope you're not feeling so bad already =(

    Ya, be very careful to everywhere that you go. Don't easily trust anyone! (hUh, JC sounds so self-protective now)

    Anyway, my numbers will be sent to you shortly =)

    cheer up, dear!

  16. Sook Jiuan,
    i'm still very depressed... coz i lost not just a handphone... but the pictures, the videos... the contacts... the messages.... picture messages... memories... this that once matter a lot... all of them... just gone... :( sigh,....

    i haven't got your number yet... sms your number la... :( i'm still keeping my old digi number =)

    when will you be back in seremban again?


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