Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sushi Zanmai

i know, my blogs had been very long lately (have been very long since i could remember.. writing is addictive, you know, once you start, you can't stop...)... so, to prevent my dear readers from dozing off, i decided to put some shorter posts in between.. ^^ today, i'll let the pictures do the talking...

Date: 30th March 2009
Place: Sushi Zanmai, The Gardens, Mid Valley
Service - 3.5 Star
Food taste - 3.5 Star
Hygiene - 4 Star
Price - 4 Star
Overall Satisfaction - 4 Star

i went to Sushi Zanmai with Suk Teng
Funny, despite my love for sashimi, this was my first time here...

my artistic work.. nice?
suk teng's artistic work... (wahaha!)

Oh, ooooOOooooo... this is my favourite~

and guess what, at Zanmai Sushi it's only RM3.80,
which is cheaper than Sushi King (RM4.00)
but i think Sakae Sushi is even cheaper (RM1.90, i think) but the salmon is pitifully shorter..
Gengki Sushi is more generous with longer piece of salmon which extends nearly to the edge of the plate
Yo Sushi, on the other hand, was way overpriced!
it melts in your mouth~

soft shell crabs, recommended by suk teng.... really nice and crunchy...
the layout and display is nice too~
i appreciated the effort..
mouth-watering unagi... who can resist them?
RM12.90 for 6 pieces... not too bad, actually..

i shall visit this place again! =)


  1. i wanna say one thing.. very important.. i'm so jealous now.

  2. sakae sushi's salmon? shorter, thinner and wrinkled up. At least that's what I saw at the Curve while I was there. Jusco's sushi can do better. :P

    Will try Zanmai sushi one day. n_n

  3. hey i love zanmai too!
    and i love salmon sushi too!

    guess we have something in common!

    ooo just letting you know, i'll be pursuing my Masters soon in UM! working and studying at the same time! so you can only imagine the chaos i will be in soon! =)

    hope ur exam went well! =)

  4. Looks delicious. Will try when I go to Gardens

  5. bingwui, haha... don't worry, u'll be back soon... and enjoying ursef while i work like hell... then you can man man make me jealous...

    Yee Ming, yalor.. sakae sushi's salmon looked very pitifully small and wrinkle up... and i thought Jusco's sushi taste weird,.. maybe the one i had was not fresh... and i never had Jusco's salmon again after that.. hehe..

    Poh Lin, we should have sashimi someday together... ^^ yeay! if you are in UM, we can meet up...

    Borneo Falcon, yeah,.. share will me your opinion after that ya...

    cg, i loved sashimi~~~ yuhuu!


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