Friday, December 19, 2008

Want to marry a doctor?

most trusted. admired. eligible =P

Are you a Medical person?
Or perhaps a Surgical person?

Anyway, i just got back from work, when my friend, Ric surprised me with a very interesting news from Reuters ^^ So, i shall not comment on it, but rather share the whole news clip with you...
The medical profession is the most trusted, most admired and most eligible marriage partners!!!
OMG!! Now, that's interesting~ haha! (my lecturers and consultants would love to read this!)


Want to marry a doctor? Survey shows most do

Wed Dec 17, 10:37 pm ET

SINGAPORE (Reuters Life!) – It really does pay to be a doctor, with an international survey showing the medical profession is the most trusted, among the most admired and includes the most eligible marriage partners.

By contrast, actors and musicians, along with journalists and advertisers, were among professionals that people trusted the least, and were also least likely to choose a partner from, according to a survey by Synovate, the market research arm of Aegis Group plc.

"Much of who we are is tied up in what we do in the hours from nine to five, and often way beyond," a Synovate statement said.

"Asking someone what they do for a living is often the first question you ask them; right after 'what's your name?'."

The survey polled about 5,500 respondents in Brazil, Canada, China, France, Malaysia, South Africa and the United States.

It asked people what makes for an admirable job, which professions they trust or do not, who is overpaid, and which profession they would prefer to marry.

Sixteen percent nominated doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals as their preferred marriage partners, higher than any other profession.

Other eligible -- and admired -- professions were education, at 14 percent, and science and technology, at 10 percent.

Educators and doctors were also voted the most trusted by an overwhelming 86 and 87 percent, followed by homemakers and those in science and technology.

Only one percent picked retail professionals as partner-material, and those in media and marketing, as well as entertainers, did little better at two and three percent.

These professions were also among the least trusted by respondents, who, across the seven markets, picked the media as the single least trusted group.

Entertainers, along with corporate executives and lawyers, were voted as being the most overpaid, while homemakers and educators were among those seen as being underpaid.

(Writing by Miral Fahmy, Editing by Gillian Murdoch and Bill Tarrant)

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too many movies perhaps?

i think most guys would love this!


  1. r u sure?
    then why r there so many single doctors nowadays?

  2. yealur..... tat day the medstudent newsletter say 60% of med students got problem with sex. LOL

  3. haha peanut, i saw that newsletter too.. so sad lo :P

    anyway, really true meh, ppl want to marry doctors? doctors hvta work like hell and i heard often neglect their partners? hmm..

    i saw this quote somewhere: "show me a doctor whose wife is happy and i'll show u doctor who is neglecting his practice.."

    so scary woh o.O

  4. sing, because they are single, thus they are termed most 'eligible'... hehe... see, make sense what :P

    bingwui, i know you are very concern with your sexual well being... haha... don't worry, there's still the other 40%...

    kelvin, haha... only natural for a XY to like the nurse.. too bad today's nurse uniform ain't that sexy anymore.. or else there might be sexual harassment in the workplace, na?

    "show me a doctor whose wife is happy and i'll show u doctor who is neglecting his practice.." --> i totally do NOT agree with this leh.. it's like ripping the last bit of happiness from a dr... doctors (and their family) deserved to be happy too!! (besides, if husband/wife too free, after go out flirt others leh? =P) i think this is very individual, how a person manage his/her time.. some other professions are busy too.. and i have seen my consultants and lecturers, having a happy, caring family, despite being very dedicated to their patients, despite their busy life.. so again, very individual.. so, zzzyun, don't be scared lar.. medicine, can be very rewarding to you and your family, in return... cheer up~

  5. yah actually i do not agree with the quote too, i'd seen drs with happy families too. haha, just tot that the quote was worth quoting as it was pretty extreme lol.

    well we just gotta do our best to balance everything out right? ^^

  6. yup!! but of course, it's easier said than done.. but, we shan't give up, will we? i think everyone deserves happiness~

  7. I would love to, like to, imagine I would, dot dot dot marry Dr. House!! I super love this dude, might as well kick his bad a**. His sarcasm is.. Beyond words to describe! Would you like to marry a doctor too? Perhaps someday? Hey, the background started to snow, my my.. I love it!!

  8. This is an interesting topic that i talk before with my friend who is a medical student like you, Shin Yin.

    She revealed to me, her future husband must be very understanding during the early years of her career aka houseman-ship with the government. During this period, it is going to be very hard to juggle between work and life.

    Thus, that is of the reason Doctors married doctors because they will understand that being a doctor is not an easy task and demands sacrifice...At least before being free from the bonds of working with the government. :)

    So single doctors out there start finding a partner among your coursemates...haha

  9. brenda, you like sarcasm huh? guess what? most of my consultants and lecturers here in HUKM is super sarcastic.. especially the surgeons... i mean, sarcasm is nice, but when used against us (the medical students), not so nice lar.. hehe... i think they have high confidence and great sense of humor though.. you might like them, only that they might be a little old, haha!

    would i marry a dr? perhaps someday??? haha.. really, i don't know.. i mean, how can we predict the future wor? how bout you? would you have a relationship with a doctor? or only if it's dr house? hehe..

    yup, it's snowing in my blog :) so happy ^o^

    kris, you talked to your friend and had that conclusion? haha.. well, i agree with the part that sure have to be understanding lar.. i think it's vice versa, whether you are a girl or a guy, whether in medical profession or not... understanding, it has to be there in all relationships.. though housemanship can be terribly demanding and challenging.. but the finding partner amongst coursemates part, erm... i have no comment on that issue.. haha.. my friends may have other opinions.. personally,i think one should not confine themselves.. you'll never know when you meet 'the one', right?.. :)

  10. that nurse is just not my cup of tea... =P

  11. Well, I can say that doctors do not neglect their wives because of medical practises, but I know quite a number of docs did that cause of extra-marital affairs!

    I don't know how trusted can a doctor be when there are more doctors playing a fool out there than one can imagine. I bet our Dean & Director can't do anything about it eh? :P

  12. darn, when i was a med student, i was told i would have girls lining up for me, i am yet to see that line :)

  13. Dann, too sexy for your taste? haha..

    yee ming, *no comments*... hopefully, you don't end up in the same group, hehe....

    winston, haha! can't see the line?? perhaps you have been overlooking it, no? jia you!

  14. the picture greatly tarnished the nurse image...
    she is an angel in the patient eyes but to a healthy people, they looks at nurse as their sexual imagination...this is so bad...

    doctor love their patient more then their life partner... :)

  15. anonymous, haha... nolar, the picture is just a joke... though i always thought doctors and nurses are sexy, in one way or another,... they have powers to make you feel better...

    i think i'll place my family and life partner above my profession... unless, like if someone's dying, then, i'll have to put the patient first, of course..


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