Friday, December 12, 2008

FLOODING - confidence can be made up, right?

To overcome my stage fright anxiety, i have accepted an out-of-my-mind task.

I will be participating in a debate tomorrow. Something organized for the final year students in UKM. The problem is, all my life, i had NEVER debated. i mean, i enjoyed watching debates, but being up there, is something i had never imagined. Being up there with stage fright, is another thing. Gee, an auditorium of people staring back at you...

This is like some form of psychotherapy, my consultants call it 'flooding'.. i would have preferred some form of graded exposure, systemic desensitization or something. oh well... wish me luck! i hope i don't screw up.. (please refer to the footnotes in blue, i have included them for the benefit of non-medical related field readers)

Lingesh was so excited about it, with the adrenaline rush and all. I hoped i could share the similar anticipation. Ija and i were just super worried we might screw up. Lingesh, on the other hand, is so good at debate that he could be the first, second and third speaker and yet be 100 times better than all of us put together. Sometimes, i secretly envied debaters who could just speak out confidently, and make people believe in everything they say. Gee, the stress gets even worse, if i screwed up halfway and made the team lose; which i really hope i don't.

Topic: Contraception should be allowed in unmarried sexually active adolescent.
-will be the first speaker for the government...
well, at least it's something i can prepare..

i'm trying to be as positive as i could be. This is a golden opportunity, Lingesh said, an awesome experience. 'How often to you get a group of people who are willing to listen to a few dumb asses crapping? And it'll be fun!' - i hope so too ^^

confidence can be made up, right?

*back to work*

Flooding = is a behaviour therapy where the patient is exposed to the feared stimulus immediately(all at one time) in its most intensive form
Graded exposure = exposure to the stimulus over several sessions, in which the stimulus is presented progressively in anxiety-provoking forms, from a small stimulus to more intensive stimulus, gradually.

p/s: will be against yee cherng and sob .... and i saw susan yesterday and she was involved in debate too, giving me the 'why me?' look.. haha! while qkk got forum, which i think is relatively more relaxed... if i feel evil, i might ask really hard questions, which QKK strongly forbid me from doing so... =P so, he suggested that we ask pre-prepared questions to which he would have pre-prepared answers to it.. haha! typ on the other hand, senang la, become moderator.. just have to pretend to be super enthusiastic and repeatedly ask, 'so, what do you think?' and 'any questions?'.. i was really looking forward to see im sing in her sexy nurse uniform during role play tomorrow... to bad, she changed roles... siGh, what a waste... hehe.. or else i can post pics... =P

Links: Learning to debate overnight


  1. uush......
    juz do it lar...
    if u dun know wat to say...
    juz shout....
    'shut up lar, stupid"
    me? in uniform?
    r u having some weird thought..
    plz lar..u r gal leh....
    u can wear nurse uniform urself de..

  2. Take it easy. Just enjoy the debate and you will be fine. Win or lose is another matter. The important thing is to have fun with it

  3. Yeah..just have fun..there's always first for everything & yeah, confidence can be made up :-)

  4. u shud watch 'the great debaters' first..
    then u'll get all the confidence u need

  5. Hey, I'm wishing you all the best. Heads up and do your best honey! You can do it, at least someone has the guts to give it a go. Me? NO no no :/ Wouldn't dare to do such things. Debate. Faint. Well, I used to take part when I was young, now? Nah, I'll pass :) Don't be nervous, be confident!

  6. uniform, uniform, uniform....... =.=''

  7. thank you everyone for the encouraging words and good luck :)

    cg, thanks :)

    im sing, i think you don't need a nurse uniform to look sexy.. *wink*

    renaye, IMU? nolar... what makes you think so?? got IMU style? (i also dunno what's IMU style) anyway, it's written on my top right corner side bar that i am from UKM.. ^^

    borneo falcon, thanks :) i sure had fun.. glad i did it!

    robinson crusoe, i couldn't make up that confidence leh, but nevertheless, i had fun! i wonder whether i would ever get addicted, haha!

    wi, 'the great debaters'? too late to watch to boost confident... but i'll like to watch it anyway.. where can download or get? ^^

    Darren, thanks :) it's been a long time since you last commented. i thought you stopped reading my blog liao ^^

    Brenda, thanks babe.. you took part in debate before?? wow! you should have told me earlier, then i could drag you to help me with it... prepare my points and all, hehe... debate is fun leh... maybe you already had too much of it..

    bingwui, having fantasy of sexy nurses already?? haha.. got a lot of nurses in your hospital wat.. =P


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