Monday, December 29, 2008

housemanship application

picture from Canada in 2020

sorry for not updating for quite a while... had been away and busy last week... try accessing the internet with dial-up connection, while waiting for the pages to load, you'll probably pull all your hair out...

Tomorrow morning, i will be attending a seminar in HUKM Auditorium.... will be filling in the housemanship application forms... options should be easy for someone without commitments... somehow, too many options, and being a libran, this can be very difficult....

where will i spend my next 5 years???

2 years of housemanship plus 3 years of MO-ship

quite a huge question...

three empty blanks..

i wished i could fill them all with the same answer, so, you know, whatever happens, at least, i could still be near to home, family and friends... at least...


  1. Can we put home, home and home for the 3 empty slots? :P

    All the best!!

  2. thanks yee ming... you enjoy medical school life as much as you can ya... i think i enjoyed mine very much.... seriously, time flies... before you know it, you'll be leaving final year soon!


  3. You are right. At least still close to family, which is the most important aspect.

  4. wa~~~ kill me fast.
    i don want to make the decision. just yet.

  5. Ooo..they don't allow you to choose which hospital??

    This is very similar to public university entry forms..You will in what courses you want to learn but you never know which choices get

    Good luck!! Curious to know where you get posted? :P

  6. borneo falcon, that was what i thought too.. like no matter what happens, there's always home, right?

    sus, yalor.. i can't decide.... you seriously going to apply for Sabah?

    Kris, yeah, it's quite similar... i get to fill in 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice.. but i won't know whether i can really get what i want.. unless like, if i'm married or something, haha.. then got priority to choose... otherwise, it's just trying your luck..

    Cmate, yeah, i liked that picture too! i randomly took it from the internet.. had added the link from where i got the picture :)

  7. this is a hard decision.....i also hope i will posted to my hometown.but the result....only GOD knows,haha
    mb u can fake ur marry status then u can posted near ur hometown,haha
    btw....happy new year to u

  8. fake my marry status?? you want me to find a husband in seremban overnight?? hmm.. you think people stupid one meh? they want to see wedding registration forms and all one... =P

    happy new year!

  9. Wow, so fast!!! But you all usually can get 1st choice, don't worry =)

    Happy New Year!

  10. no wor... sometimes not necessarily will get.. i wanna go back to seremban GH... but it seemed that many ppl applying... even johor and penang ppl wanna apply,... so geramnya~..

    Happy Niu Year! XD


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