Saturday, December 6, 2008

Will be missing you baby, for the next 3 weeks…

My mood had been terrible for the past few days. It was only today that I finally got a little better, at least better enough to blog and online. Those terrible days would start as early as 7am and stretch long till the late evenings. All I wanted to do after that, was so straight to bed, and sleep those frustrations away.

My baby had been admitted. They said he needed a new limb. And that would take about 3 weeks long!

Okay, let me flash back few days ago. It was 4.04 pm, I was happily packing lunch at a vegetarian restaurant, when at the junction it all happened in a flash… it's stupid, i mean, why did i have that sudden crave? i mean, i don't even liked vegetarian that much... so, because of my silliness, my baby had been hit. The scar, deep and sharp, stretches from the front door all the way to the rear and across the mudguard. The accident was inevitable, as there was another ongoing car at the right. Imagine being sandwiched between two huge objects. The only logical thing to do was to hope and pray everything is alright.

Okay, that was not the worse. After that, I think I did the stupidest thing of all. I think I am the first person on Earth (correction, the ONLY person on Earth) who would get hit by a car and yet pay the other party compensation. Thinking back made me felt even stupid-er.. well, I was hungry, tired and super hypoglycemic, thus not thinking right.. The pakcik said I should have let him move first, but he was double parking, and suddenly come rushing from behind. How was i suppose to know? I could not avoid him. Anyway, like I said, I was stupid.

When I finally confessed to my mum, her first reaction was: ‘Why so stupid?’ ‘Why not call me during that time?’ I guess, that time, I was too afraid to tell my parents, and I guess part of me, secretly hope I could resolve the problem without my parents knowing. Well, it was just me, being stupid. The next question she asked was, ‘What was the other car plat number?’ and I was like ‘shit! I forgotten’. After driving for 7 years, SEVEN years, and yet, how could I be so silly?? I guess it was because it was the first time facing such events, so, I guess, I just did not know what to do… okay, I know I should have taken the number, driving license number, contact number, etc, , but i didn't.. like I have said, i was super hypoglycemic and tired, thus not thinking right.. okay, that was just an excuse, I was just being silly.

So, here, I have drafted a list of what should be done when encounter an accident:
1. Take the person’s
-car number plat,
-car model,
-driving license, and
-contact number

2. Make a police report
3. Fix the car, and claim insurance

If you are driving alone, in a secluded area, especially at night: DO NOT STOP. Remember the other party car plat number and drive to the nearest police station to make a police report.

If you are still having ‘P license’ under probation period, call your parents. Get them to help you to settle the problem informally.

If you are below 21 and has been driving for less than 2 years, you may have to pay an ‘excess’ fee when claiming insurance. And you need to weight now heavy is the damage, and whether it is worth the NCV.

Perhaps, what Yen Pin said was right. The uncle was just more experienced than us. He knew how to handle the situation, so, we being a newbie, just gave in. And we’ll always be bullied by those experienced uncles and aunties. Once they step out of the car, they would talk as if they were so right. Then we get scared and confused. Yen Pin, you are a good adviser but a terrible joker. Go tell yml your donut joke la, hehe… but, thanks anyway. Besides, since that your experience of being stupid is more serious than mine, I don’t feel too bad liao. =) And more importantly, everyone was safe. At least nothing happened to Cheryl and QKK.

Anyway, after the event, QKK suggested that we do the most AUNTY-est thing on Earth --> Buy lottery ticket! Upon arriving at Magnum, I guess we were the only people under the age of 40.
There was this aunty staring at us, she teased, ‘First timer?’ I could only smile in embarrassment. The funniest thing was when Cheryl was lining up behind QKK, so after QKK, she requested, ‘I want RM2 of the same number the guy earlier bought’. I think the lady at the counter almost fainted. *sweat*

Surprisingly, QKK was quite experienced when it comes to buying lottery. So, when he said that it was his first time, I was a little skeptical. I didn’t know there’s so many types of numbers we could buy, like ‘da’(big), ‘xiao’(small) and ibox. When you buy big, you get money if the number strikes with RM2500 for first prize, up to RM60 for consolation. ‘small’ is only for the first, second and third prize. As for ibox, you win even if your number is jumbled up, only that the prize amount is divided by twelve. Okay, I would not want to be encouraging the gambling habit.

I guess buying lottery ticket after an accident helps one feel better. It gives you hope. Like if you do strike the lottery, you would not feel too bad about the accident after that. Now, I understood why people buys 4D. My mum said, if you buy 4D, you have to buy at all the counters: Toto, Magnum and 3D+1. And I have a winning we will strike the lottery today.

p/s: At 7pm that day, we checked the result. So, we did not win the lottery. So ya, I’m against buying lottery now.

Anyway, back to the title. So, my baby had been sent to the workshop. I’ll be missing him for the next 3 weeks. I wonder how would I ever survive. Sigh…

p/ss: there is a new poll at the right side bar. And by the way, i do NOT get paid for polls. Just something i am curious about. and if you are worried about confidentiality, well, nuffnang polls were designed in such a way, i don't get to know who answered and the combination of answered. We get the overall results at the end of each post. It's a stupid thing, coz i don't get to analyse via student T or Chi-square...

I’ll like to end this post with a prayer for the victims of the massive landslide at Bukit Antarabangsa this morning.


  1. nvm la...treat it as an time just calm urself and think of the possible solution..da pak cik c u gal, sure take advantage

  2. yea.. typ is correct tat the older one kinda make u feel guilty by their aura and speed in settling things. nvm. next time u got experience to bully other people d

  3. Hi Shin yin

    Sorry to hear your's....I remember mine back long time ago & same as you -try to fix it on my own (without consulting anyway) is indeed a bad experience but now you're giving "tips" to others...There's always sth to learn, even bad experience

  4. hopped! XD well, thats ok. we do stupid things at times. haha. i even do more stupid things. i wont tell.
    well, i hope i could drive too. but im underage. XD
    anyway have a good time. :D

    **btw, care to exchange links? :)

  5. oh dear oh dear oh dear...i've just been away for 4 days and so many things happended over there...hope so much i'm there with every1 going thru those harsh events...
    ur baby...when cl sms me ur baby was hit and u were busy berunding with that pak cik...i ad can imagin how terrible and depress you will be for the following few days...hope u are better now...chinese say---> go thru 1 thing, grow 1 wisdom( u translate urself la har...i do direct translation nia...keke)
    the most unimaginable thing is u 3 really go buy Toto...OMG...i terus LOL infront of my comp and was hoping to read something like u win any prize...anyhow..nvm la...nxt time uush uush don be stupid liao...
    ps: wonder wat stupid joke typ told u eh....

  6. cg, yeah, it's an experience, something i learned it the hard way :(

    bingwui, yeah, they have more experience... but i don't wanna bully other ppl lar...

    robinson crusoe, you must have had a bad experience too... and sometimes, we hope we can fix them, but really, i realized, sometimes, it's okay to ask for help.. sure, the nag and scolding would be terrible, but it's for the better.. like you said, there's always sth to learn.. *touch wood*

    chiui, why dont want tell? we can exchange stupid experience =P sure, i have linked you :)

    kris, *blushed* don't laugh at me lar... i'm sure there are SOME ppl who never buy lottery ticket before,... some perhaps even older than me.. =P

    mayluu, yalor... you go teluk intan 4 days, i think you brought all your good luck with you liao.. :( sure depressed la.. makan tak kenyang, mandi tak basah, tidur tak lena- the kind.. siGh.. i'm claiming insurance, i think they'll be changing 2 new doors for me, but it'll take 3 weeks!! sigh, we didnt win the lottery leh... maybe you can go buy, since you'll been so lucky lately.. :) then we split the winnings =P

  7. aih....another newbie kena bullied story, i think everyone somehow will kena once in their life time...
    never mind...u will grow up once u experienced it, u just learn a lesson

  8. p/s: i wanna congratulate yml for your 1st comment here! hehe... faster come bc from teluk intan larrr.. :(

  9. i know that ur mood will be sure very bad....
    but i felt grateful....
    thanks to god...
    u all r still in 1 perfect piece...
    plz be very careful in the future..

  10. Glad that everyone was ok and unhurt from the accident =)
    That's the most important.

    Your opening was a shocker! I thought something far worse had happened.

  11. sine nomine, a lot of stories of newbies huh?? the problem is i'm not a newbie leh.. that's why i feel so stupid.. been driving 7 years liao, still kena intimidated by a pakcik,.. siGh..

    im sing, yalor... i memang feel terrible.. but don't wanna drink la.. no mood de... siGH.. i know, luckily everyone was save.. the thing was, i wasn't speeding or anything.. just super unlucky... siGh...

    wi, yalor... i think strike lottery is one of the hardest thing on earth.. i wonder why people still try.. i totally gave up on it liao...

    ray, the opening so scary meh? haha.. i guess that's how writer sometimes exaggerate things.. hehe... yeah, luckily noone was hurt..

  12. Oh, baby is not a human, but is ur car!! Aiyo, poor thing. So sorry to hear that. And u dun blame urself. At our age is to gain experiences de la. What to do. But we grow! =)

    Hope your baby will come back in good shape. Cheers~

  13. oh dear. so many misfortune happened. but don't worry. they will pass...

    hahaha ... i sometimes buy empat ekor and i'm always like the youngest in the store.. hahaha. and i know how to buy without help. :D

  14. Hey, juz like to apologize regarding my silly comment in facebook...
    tot is a joke or wat...
    sorry to hear tat ur baby injured
    Well, guess we all learn in such condition, so juz be more careful and calm next time!!
    Its alr happen, so juz let it be lo!!
    Most important is u are safe!!
    And again, i am sorry!!And hope ur baby will discharge with healthy body!!!

  15. christina, of course not human lar.. you think i suddenly got pregnant and become mother? but still, i feel so sad de.. my baby just one year old.. now kena accident, so sakit hati... siGh...

    renaye, i hope the misfortune season fast fast past... *high fives* i can buy 4 D liao... but tak kena one, i tak believe in it liao..

    ka fei, it's okay.. wat you said is right, most important was everyone was safe.. waiting for my baby to discharge :)

  16. OMG, that surely hurts!! Hope it's gonna be fine!!

    Btw, just to add in, if you wish to settle it out of court (out of police station), you better have a paper and pen to draft an agreement that you would settle it, with 2 witnesses preferably. Cos if you pay like that, he can still make police report to claim insurance and for you..erm.. kena report la.. isk...

    dat uncle already salah wan..if wanna make police report he sure kena saman 1st... :P most drivers get very defensive even if it's their fault.

    i pray for him not to bump into u when ur a doc..haha...

  17. yee ming, gee, i didn't know need to have an agreement with pen and paper.. but i think the uncle also dare not report me la... coz he's at fault..

    your last line very funny... if i do bump into him in the hospital, him being a patient, God knows what i'll do.. wahaha! (kidding) =P

  18. Its unavoidable, its just luck. Dont feel sorry for being stupid.

    "Sor yan yau sor fook", in Canto.

    Im sorry about your lost. Cheer up~~

  19. hi shin yin,

    sorry to hear about that, i'm sure when time goes on, this too will pass.

    You're not the only silly one who paid for a mistake you never made *hint*. Oh btw, I'm sure it'll make a crack of a good story about your misadventures with your "baby" in the future!!

    haha.. cheers babe!!

  20. Hahahahah, I'm sorry, but the last part was a little bit funny. 4D tickets? Ahem ahem, I bought them occasionally :P Lol, I know, I was being foolish thinking that buy buying occasionally I would hit the jackpot, whatever whatever, but hey, hmmp, I don't have any more excuses. Bout the bad mood, I know you have been stressed out, didn't know you were sandwich between two cars :( Hows it now? I actually been in a car accident more than once, so next time, I *think I'll know what to do. Then again, if it's a male drivers, I think I'll be scared and will probably do what you did. Or maybe not, lol. Don't beat yourself darling! What's done cannot be undone.. Take care babe.

  21. Dann,sometimes, we cant avoid what God had decided, isn't it? i'll try to cheer up ^^

    p/s: "Sor yan yau sor fook" = stupid ppl got stupid fate? -.-|||
    khek, you paid for mistakes you never made also eh? sometimes, i wished to just bury those stupid memories behind.. can't wait to welcome baby back.. starting to appreciate it more when baby is away..
    brenda, haha! i know, the first experience 4D thingy is funny.. i've been asking around, and found out that there are a few of my friends who never buy 4D before.. so you see, i'm one step ahead now =P

    i'm feeling better, after sharing my stupid experience, as i learnt that there were ppl who had worse accidents and encounters... some almost as silly as me.. they said, my case can't fight theirs.. have to line up somemore.... well, like they all said, there's always something to learn ^^

    p/s: i feel like going to the spa some day too, like in your blog... feel like pampering myself and improve my mood.. (chewah.. such a good excuse)


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