Thursday, December 18, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Since a few of my readers were saying my posts are too long, well, here's a short one for you... with little texts...
i have given my blog a new look.. ^^

the previous header had been temporary replaced

with something of more 'christmas' feel~

okay, perhaps there's still some dark elements in it..
if you observe closely, i have added some pink pokka dots to it to make it more cheerful..
not very successful huh?

i added some snow too^^ nice or not?

the other day, we were in Berjaya Times Square when we met Santa's family...
so ki tiong and i did the 'christmas presents' dance:
and Santa came and it rained 'christmas presents'!
Yippie! i love christmas!!


p/s: my hair is super long and messy...
need a hair cut...

should i:
a) trim it up to 2 inches below shoulder lenght?
b) dye it copper-red and curl it with big curls
c) cut it short
d) others :___________


  1. Wow... the header looks nice. Btw, i like the snow flowing here and there. It feels like Christmas.

    Merry Christmas~~

  2. nice header....

    and why call me buaya.. LOL
    Ehh.. you know Joey in person hor

  3. ya i agree the header is beautiful... i think you should cut ur hair short cause new year new start ...

  4. Dann, i like the snow too! :) too bad, it doesn't show in malaysia...

    Daniel, thanks. How do you consider knowing a person in person? Joey so famous, who don't know him wor.. :P

    Borneo Falcon, you don't think straight hair is a little too boring?

    renaye, yeah, i think it's super cute too! but my housemate, cheryl thinks that it looked a little sad and dark... she said that i should put a happier pic wor...

    sabahking, happy with the short post?? purposely post for you leh, since you constantly reminded me that my posts were too long :)
    cut hair short meh?? very 'em sek tak' lar..

    Robinson Crusoe, Merry Christmas!! it's be a great christmas! :)

  5. I want your hair ShinYin, so long!! Er, don't dye la.. Not good, not good.. Lol, will spoiled your good lil nurse image :) Haha. Btw, I super love the new header. Now now, why don't you change the background as well? Hehe :)

  6. Jun, yeay! *high fives* i want to dye and curl it too!! but most of my friends are advising me against it.. coz taking my medical professional exams soon... :( i want curls!

    anonymous, my hair is already black liao wor... dye black will waste money and spoil my hair only leh..

    brenda, you also think i shouldn't dye my hair? that's what my coursemates said.. coz i'll be sitting my medical professional exams soon... so, they want me to look 'professional'.. (like be guai guai lui) though i think it's not really like related with my hair color, right?

    i liked the christmas header too, loved christmas even more.. i tried changing the background color but failed, can't use light color, as all my fonts can't be read pulak... so, sticking back to the dark background.. :)

  7. speaking from experience: curl it.. then when u r sick of curly hair.. cut it short.. ta da~ cover most of the options alrd.. imagine if cut short.. then regret.. wan to curl oso kenot liao. =P
    dyeing.. hmm.. don like it when it grow out.. looks like ah lian... but high light n curl lah.. nice!

  8. i took my coursemate's advice and cut it short today.. i told the lady 4 inches, naturally, she cut 6 inches... so, now i looked like plain jane... with boring straight hair... oh well.. will have to wait till after exam, then can dye and curl.. siGh...

    my head feels kinda light now... ^^ i wonder whether i would miss my hair..


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