Friday, January 23, 2009


Dear all readers, i want to wish you all a very HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!! Have a prosperous and blissful year ahead, blessed with happiness and good luck!
May everything be 'Sun Sun Li Li'~
Those sitting for exams, pass with flying colours~
Those graduating, get a good job~
Those working, promotion !
Those retired, well, just sit back and enjoy life lar...

So many things to look forward to this Chinese New Year!
Spending quality time with family~
Meeting up with relatives and friends~
Lots of nice food, cookies, oranges~

Gosh, i am rushing assignments to go home today..
never ending case write ups.. (case reports)..
suffering from the consequences of procrastination...
*work* *work* *work*

here's some nice CNY videos... to get you into the CNY mood~
i like these videos and the moral behind it~
do find time to go home this New Year~

there is nothing more important than family~


very touching video

are you going home this new year?

i think i like this last video the best.. almost cried watching it~~
you know, sometimes, there's just some things that money can't buy~

p/s: hope you like the new header and the new background song~ ^^


  1. i like the last video the most. i like the petronas tan hong ming ad too, u've seen it?

  2. Yeap watched the videos as ads on TV & its embedded message for all to cherish family & parents.....Gong xi gong xi ah, Shinyin...Collect more ang pows wor, since u r still eligible....
    You can continue to address me as MRC- it's ok....:D

  3. Happy Chinese New Year babe..

    Do remember to look out for the solar eclipse on the 26th of Jan (1st day of CNY) at about 2:30pm.

    Cool right?

    Work hard, stay cheerful and lead a meaningful, happy life.

  4. eeeeeeee.. bully me who kenot go home lah!

  5. shinLoo, yes, i've seen the video Tan Hong Ming... reminds me when i was very little.. when we were all color blind.. are we still? i wonder..

    p/s: you'll coming down seremban anytime? if not, i'll catch up with you some weekend after my exam :)
    MRC, thanks... i'll use that short form now onwards,.. hehe... YES, i shall collect more and more ang pows!! hehe.. when are you going to gv me one too? :)
    Dann, hey there.. Happi NIU year!! may you have an Ox-picious year ahead with lots of blessing moo-ving towards your way~
    Khek, solar eclipse today?? ISHhh.. just missed it when i saw your comment =( anyways, you have a happi new year~ enjoy ur last new year here =)
    bingwui, aisehh.. i didn't mean to.. you'll be going home soon wat.. so much you can look forward to.. the miss is good, it'll make you appreciate home and new year even more~ happi NIU year! =)

  6. Sob sob...I shall endeavor to get a GF (if i'm lucky enough....& then the ang pow shall automatically dispensed...LOL
    btw like the CNY song here....:D

  7. MRC, cheer up, i shall like to wish you all the best in work and in love this year~ sometimes, good things are worth the wait! =)
    *lookin forward for the automated dispensable ang pow*

    p/s: glad u liked the CNY song.. i spent some time looking for one that would be more modern and less well, less exciting~ HAppY NIU year!

  8. happy new year
    happy all year long


  9. Dear Little Star,
    thanks :) you have a wonderful holiday ya! ^^


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