Friday, January 16, 2009


Place: Tenji
Food : Japanese Buffet
Location : Mont Kiara
Price : Current CNY Promotion: RM49.90++ (lunch), RM89.90 (Dinner)

I went to Tenji @ Mont Kiara last week...
They had this RM29.90 for first hour, RM39.90 for second, and RM49.90 for third onwards...
So, here's the post, with very few texts, and lots of pictures!
We ate for 2 hours, so it's only RM 39.90 for ALL THIS!!
Don't jealous~ hehe..

The long queue that day @ Tenji
Luckily Siam King managed to get us places...
Thank you Siam King~
~Praise the Siam King~

Me @ Tenji
(camwhoring while waiting for the queue)

Cherry and i @ Tenji

May Luu and i @ Tenji

~Siam King, Mrs Siam King, Woan Jia, Sze Sze @ Tengi~

There are skills to eating buffet:
You should always start with less oily food,
from raw food towards fried food..
simply because oil and fat reduces peristalsis speed,
and therefore it gives you earlier satiety..

so, i started with this:

~this is my plate of sashimi~
oh, i love this....
*so happy* la-la-la-la-la~~

~OMG!! these oysters are sooooo fresh and lovely...
they melts in your mouth....
i can eat this like everyday, seriously~
i suddenly remembered that i forgotten to bring my anti-histamine,
but, this was just to irrisistable....
surely one or two won't hurt right???


~cheryl's plate~

~May Luu's sushi~

~fresh coconut juice~
(i've been very good today, alcohol free me)

~more sushi~

i loved this...
i think we ordered like 6 times! hoho~
and i took 3.. hehe..


after a while, i started feeling itchy at the back of my throat...
i think i am the ONLY person who would stop eating in the middle of a buffet,
walk down to Guardian, across the street,
just to get anti-histamine..
and mind you, it cost me RM12.50!

me caught on camera with the world's greatest allergen!!!
May Luu helped me to peel the shells, but still got allergic reaction after eating..
life is SO UNFAIR!!

~the evil culprit~

~May Luu and her one-mouth-can-finish grilled Unagi~

~Cherry having a great time!~


~grilled Ayu Fish~

~grilled meat~

~fresh red fish~

~soft shell crabs~

i discovered this plate of CHESSY MUSSLES!!

my favourite!
~delicious Lobster salad~

~grilled salmon~

~cabonara, nicely prepared!~

~lamb loin~

ahhh.. so full...
but there's always space for DESSERTS~~

~~chocolate fundae~~





~May Luu stole Siam King's pop corn~
why did they have pop corn, anyway?
(p/s: Cheryl said: the couple behind MayLuu ate A LOT!! like seriously A LOT!!)

~last but not least, HAEGEN DASS ICE-CREAM~
they melted our hearts...
(from left, top: cookie, macadamia, lemonade; bottom: strawberry, summer berry)
i loved the first!

We ate till we had 36 week fundus.....
So, honey made us some tea again.... peach tea...
tea always helps~
i am starting to like tea,.. maybe i'm getting old~


(p/s: i guess Siam King forgotten his tea, so something really bad happened)
-ophs! terpost picture~
(note: picture had be checkered to keep confidentiality)

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  1. wow... so nice la...~~ after looking at your blog... suddenly dun wan go Jogoya d...(cos always full de)...


  2. wow..wanted to go as's seem so cheap and nice.....arghhhhh...envy!!!!! u always get da nice part..lolz

  3. Read some coverage of Tenji from other blog as well. The food always looks nice

  4. chuafc, nice leh... actually, if you ask me, i personally prefer jogoya... because they have fresher, bigger seafood... and more variety... and they have great wine and cocktails as well.. but of course, jogoya is twice the price of Tenji, so ya..

    i'm not sure whether the 'promotional' period in Tenji had downgraded the quality of food though... as from what i heard from friends, jogoya had less choices during their promotional period.. i went to jogoya during the(normal) non-promotional season,...
    lead wi, yeah, it's food... i can feel the tinge of jealousy between the letter 'O'sss.. haha! wait till you come back msia la, you call eat all you want! ^^
    cg, surely you can go anytime you want... it's at Mont Kiara, Solaris near the Jln Duta highway..
    you gotta try the sashimi and oysters! and cheesy mussles!! lovely! =)
    borneo falcon, yes, the food looks nice, and it taste nice too ^^ but i think i'm starting to get a little more picky with food.... haha!

  5. gosh, u r a kaki "jln jln carek makan", bring me

  6. Wow! RM39 for all that! So very cheap!!!...But, not very healthy foor, right, doctor? Hehehehehe!!!

  7. i wanna go!!!! wanna go wanna go wanna gooooooo...

  8. yeah i get an email saying the food is delicious too..

    gonna have my department annual dinner there next month... huhooo.... =]

  9. endo, i also follow ppl go cari makan one... my sense of direction is super bad, always had to parasite and stick to other ppl... hehe.... next time we go sama-sama parasite other ppl lar, hehe..
    stp, yup! indeed, it's very cheap... it makes eating in other japanese outlets like yo,sushi!, gengki and sushi king seemed expensive, relatively.. it's not healthy to binge eat, but once a while.. hehe.... thank God i don't have diabetes, hypertension or hyperlipidemia... will enjoy while still can, hehe.. besides, it helps improve the mood.. *nyek*! oh no, i think i'm gaining weight... :(
    bingwui, haha!! faster come back Msia lar... then can eat all you like....
    *tsk* *tsk* go study for exam~
    maro^gal, wow! an annual dinner in Tenji! all paid by the company??? how nice~

  10. aiseh!
    me and junjun planned to go but too far lazy la...
    and u went...
    aiseh...didnt tell or else can meet there!! LOL

  11. aiseh mannn... yalor, we could have meet up.. it'll be so fun meeting blog friends... like you know so much bout each other, but never actually see each other before... i wonder how would it be like.. hehe..

    anyway, my friend, the Siam King, he ajak us last minute... since we were all free that day.. i just tagged along... i don't know the way to Mont Kiara, (sad to say, although i have been living in KL for the past 5 years, my sense of direction is super bad!)... so i just parasite ppl... hehe =P

  12. nice lehh.. next time you can bring your dear dear - jun jun there... ^^

    i remember last time she did said that she wanted to go Jogoya, when she saw my post... Tenji is not bad too ^^

  13. Doc,

    I think i saw a familiar face..Is the woan jia a penang girl?

    I think i know her sister.:P


  14. dear passerby,
    if i am not mistaken, woan jia is from around KL and not from Penang. perhaps you might have mistaken it for Sze Sze.. as she's from Penang.

    i labeled the picture ramdomly.
    the guy is Mr Siam King, the one next to him is Chair Ying. The one opposite Siam King is Woan Jia, while the one opposite Chair Ying is Sze Sze... i hope i get it right, or else i might need to use co-ordinates ^^

    p/s: i am not (yet) a doctor... but i do hope to be one this year.. wish me luck!!

    p/ss: thanks for passing by. and if you do pass by again, do leave your name.. ^^ it'll be nice to know you

  15. "endo, i also follow ppl go cari makan one... my sense of direction is super bad, always had to parasite and stick to other ppl... hehe.... next time we go sama-sama parasite other ppl lar, hehe.."

    --> Get a GPS I did or a boyfriend who will chaffeur you around :P

  16. From a business prospective, it has more ROI to get a boyfriend..Can really save alot energy and money. :P

    SO what are you waiting for?

    Carpe Diem!!

  17. very business minded indeed.. what's ROI?? i have really bad business knowledge..
    hmm... save a lot of energy and money, huh?? you sure?

  18. wow! looks yummy!! :)
    I live near mont kiara and I didnt know Tenji opened there.
    Can't wait to go back!!!

  19. cute little angel,

    hehe... while others have to travel all the way to Mont Kiara, you are just nearby and you are missing the promotion? if you are into sashimi, oysters, mussles and unagi, the promotion is quite a bargain...

    however, when compared with other japanese restaurants like Jogoyo, i find Tengi lacks variety.. i heard that the dim sum is not nice, but i didn't have Dim Sum that day.. was too busy enjoying my sashimi and ice-creams.. hehe..

  20. grrrr.... angry michelle n darren.. both of them made me knot go tenji.. i practically told everyone i know bout the promo but none response. all lazy.. pigs.. grrrrr... my unagi ar!!!!!!

  21. don't worry, Tenji is not going anywhere... now they still have promotion: CNY promotion RM49.90 (lunch) RM89.90 (Dinner).. ^^

  22. LOL nice place, nice food
    u also allergic to seafood??
    I also allergic to seafood, damn it! ^^

  23. Ken, *high fives*.... seafood is tasty! but life can sometimes be so unfair.... but no worries, hehe.. i use antihistamines to prevent myself from getting those allergy flare... it's not a good way to abuse this drug though... hehe... your doctor would most probably advice you to avoid seafood altogether... hehe...


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