Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Boon Lee~

I'll like to dedicate this post to my first zhi mui to turn 25 this year!!

to the capable, dedicated engineer,
who brightens Siterra,
the sweetest, cutest, adorable-est zhimui,
who always managed to get away with her innocent smile,
who believed in 'OLD is GOLD'...
who can admire a guy for over 10 long years,
our great prefect who help us 'accidently' won [kelas terbersih]
took picture with the honorable trophy
and had the title tarik balik 3 days later,
our dedicated Class Monitor,
who brought us together...
helping 6 Iskandar win prizes over prizes,
from English Fest, to telematch, and quizes,
together, we had laughed, cried and cheered,
Laughed so much, Pn Tan Kim Kee commented in puzzlement:
'you girls like to laugh a lot, huh?'
together, we made miserable Kelab rekacipta students do origami (wahaha!),
create havoc in Kelab Photography,
Ignored PBSM and Girls Guides,
Published The Georgian Magazine,
played with worms, innocently murder them with our terrible Science knowledge, (did we?),
the haunted apartment at Genting heights,
we saw the eerie lift, threw the keys, and locked ourselves in the apartment,
the BBQ at Port Dickson, building sandcastles,
even boardgames can be fun!
the endless CNY visiting, from Puan Chu to Mr Foo,
and the imaginary Mr Kuan visit?
and how ZE stuck her tongue out - still classic~,
celebrating the good days and more~~

~Happy birthday BoonLee~

although you are so far away @ Kulim
you are always close at heart....

i realised that i don't have much recent pictures of you.... only those old-old pics... guess the boonLee's take-pix spree died off back in highschool... Here are some random pix i found from the albums, friendster, facebook... and i looked super fugly wehh... but for your sake to reminiscence the past, i guess, will sacrifice for you.. and because it's your birthday, you deserve a good laugh lar.... for those good old days~~ cheers~~~

@ King George V High School
endless CNY gatherings @ ong's house
CNY @ your grandma's place
makan @ laksa house
and i found this super funny pix, which you modified with imaginary snows..
so, i guess our unsuccessful pretending-to-be-cool trend started back in high school?
and some more unsuccessful pretending to be sad pix
boonLee, why you smiling lar? =P
our proud baby = The Georgian Magazine
our super dedicated class monitor...

@ sukteng's convo


  1. hey Shin Yin! I'm so touched man:)You are supposed to be studying now but instead you spend your precious time on this. Thank you again for this blog, i really really appreciate what you have done.

    p/s1:Weird photos make great memories indeed!
    p/s2: Happy new year! :)

  2. Wow..

    "who believed in 'OLD is GOLD'...
    who can admire a guy for over 10 long years"

    There surely a lot of good guys out there that no need to wait 10 years..especially engineers..

    Carpe Diem..Carpe Diem!!

  3. glad you liked it!! i spent all night on it, you know =P coz my net connection was a little sot sot.. took like forever to upload the pics! but nvmla, just for boonlee :)

    happy birthday

    p/s: what weird photos wor.. you looked so nice in the pix... i looked horrible :(

    especially engineers, huh?
    i should introduce you to boon Lee.. hehe.. then i can start writing a book on [when the engineer meets the engineer]..hehe...

  4. ShinYin,

    Carpe Diem is a latin word meaning "Seize The Moment/Day". It is a phrase popularized by the movie " Dead Poet Society" one of the serious films by Robin William. non-engineer friends like to comment that when engineers meet we tend chat in unfathomable language.

    And engineers like to ask questions!! Not sure true or not that the opinion of a non-engineer.
    "There surely a lot of good guys out there that no need to wait 10 years..especially engineers" --> The reason i say this is that in engineering ,the ratio of guy:lady is very lopsided.

    Thus, there is alot of fishes out there for your friend, Boon Lee. :)

    I don't want to go pissing off the Silterra guys. Need to give them chance "cari makan" also.. LOL

  5. DAMN! i knew i should have taken up engineering... (haha, kidding...)..

    i came to realize that sure, there are a lot of fishes.. but the fish never existed... just fishes...

    then again, when it comes to BoonLee, we should all be optimistic.. BoonLee, hear or not? open ur eyes big BIG lar.. hoho~ maybe next time, i'll buy u a fishing rod.. hehe~

  6. Doctors not bad also right..your previous posts mentioned that Doctors make good life partners..ahahah..And guy doctors outnumber females docs rite?

    You should buy her a fish net..not a rod.

    I wonder what your friend will say when she reads these comments?Aiyo..LOL.. This seems like a personal ad blog for singles?!

    Kulim high tech park has alot of MNC that full of eligible engineers. If not, there is always Penang.. :P

  7. actually, in my university, the female doctors outnumbered the male.. as for Chinese students, the ratio are more or less equal...

    If boonLee reads the comments, well, i dunno la... she might either
    1. kill me
    2. get me to introduce you to her

    Like a personal ad? well, if it works, i could consider turning this into some form of business.. hehe..

    you know, my friend wei jian, had this theory bout netting and fishing... i don't really like the netting theory, like throwing a net and see how many fishes you catch and then choose...

    p/s: what's MNC?

  8. are doing your friend a service for free..

    Hmm..actually that theory is a double edge sword. (coincidentally "Kris" is Malay twisted edge sword..haha)

    You know the chinese idiom " girl scare get bad husband, guy scare get bad jobs". Thus, that theory came into minds of many. Perhaps you should put a poll on this see how many has the same opinion as yours..:P

    MNC= Multi National Companies

  9. you want a personal ad too? hehe.. your blog is very finance based though... it's like latin to me! (no offence....) my finance/economy knowledge and skills is like zero... which explains why i get broke before the end of every month! the only finance-related book i ever read was Robert's Rich Dad, Poor Dad.. and that was not even close, more like fiction books... hehe...

    a double edge sword? why do you say that? like gaining 2 things in one go, huh?

    i think, in this era, even guys scare get bad wife, haha!

  10. How much people need to pay you to do personal ads?


    Latin? Haha.hopefully my blog don't bore you down.

    Yeah.I like to read financial related items thus my blog. I am a avid reader :P I used to read about medical stuff when i was in sec school.Now i need to selectively pick what i want to read due to limited free time.

    Thus, your blog provides an interesting insight about doctors such as operation, incision , diseases, etc.


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