Sunday, January 4, 2009

Last Memoirs of Teluk Intan – my diary

dear readers,
before reading, i need to forewarn you that this is a VERY lenghty post, which may take up some time.. but assuming if i wrote one post per day, it would be more of less, fair, oh well.. you may choose to skip between the lines, or follow sabahking's option, divide the post to several parts, and continue next time, when free, hehe..

Day 1 (Sunday night)

For the first time, I did not have baby to accompany me to Teluk Intan. He was still at the workshop, sigh.. Basically, I only packed 4 days clothes, as I was hoping to be back by Wednesday, to celebrate Christmas, hehe… And Aland was kind enough to tumpang us down.. We had the infamous Bidor’s Duck Noodles for dinner.. and the tasty, ‘woo kok’.. click here for pictures. Wonder whether will I be missing this..

I was sharing a house with Cheryl, Susan, Kuan Geok, Shu Juen and Sheau Yin- in the same house I stayed the 3 previous times!

At the strike of 12, we celebrated Cheryl’s birthday (again!) with some mild lychee volka, gin tonic and some chips… and spend the whole night playing truth or dare, spin the bottle. Ooo… it’s so nice revealing secrets, hehe…. But let’s keep that between the 4 walls ya.. ^^


Day 2 (Monday)

Nothing much, the usual first day syndrome, you don’t really feel like doing anything. Followed the rounds, attended clinics.. Dr Tay, the MO at HTI, a ex-UKM Graduate, was very nice to teach us during his clinics. He was very knowledgeable, makes me feel like we all should study harder. At the end of the clinics, we found out that Dr Tay and QKK’s sister were course mates! Other details, I was not too sure about it, so, I shan’t elaborate on it.. hehe..

6 of us crammed into Yu Zhi’s MyVi as we headed to T-Corner for lunch. This is a very nice place. I would highly recommend the French Fried Rice – delicious! I liked it with a cup of Earl Grey’s. Today, there was a ‘Christmas’ Promotion though. They were selling fried rice set (fried rice+ fried chicken with sauce+ fried egg + some vegetables) which cost only RM 1.99!! can you believe that? And drinks (ribena or orange juice) cost only RM0.99! making it a total of RM2.98!!! It’s been a very long time since I last had a decent meal which cost less than three ringgit, inclusive of drinks. (sorry, forgotten to take pictures, i am a failed blogger... but I remembered primus blogging about this place before.. he didn't take pics of the food though, sigh.. )

Dinner at a Riverview Seafood Restaurant. I think the food was just okay. Pictures with Bobo. (maybe,will post next time)

Oh yes, there’s one thing, I ‘so-must’ blog about.

Today, I did one of the stupidest things in Teluk Intan. Correction : We, all four of us : Honey, Shu Juen, Aland and I. I mean, it was Cheryl’s birthday, so we had to do something, right? So, guess what?? We went to the most ‘uncle’ karaoke in my life!! At least, that was what we thought. The place was called ‘Angel’ – above KFC.

Angel KTV Lounge - above KFC

I suppose there must have been many people singing like angels in that place.

An artistic painting of a lady with a cocktail - found in the room

Apparently, the place isn’t THAT uncle after all. I mean, they still had songs from our generation : Westlife, BSB, Shania Twain, MLTR, etc – perhaps, it was just us, getting older... The KTV was free, and you were only charged on drinks.. there was even a dance floor, (with the round disco light,haha) but no one dancing though… and guess what? We were the youngest people there!! the place was quite quiet… there was an uncle singing at the background. Nevertheless, we took the deluxe room, which cost like RM80.

The room was quite okay, just a little pricy, I thought. The auntie later gave us a discount and only charged us RM30 for the room. This kinda thing, only happens in Teluk Intan, I suppose, never in KL. The only thing I don’t like about the place was it was too smoky… I mean in Redbox, Greenbox, Neway, or other karaoke, you don’t go home with your hair smelling of cigarettes, right? Cigarettes should be banned in all karaoke!!


Day 3 (Tuesday)

I attended the Day Care OT today. I was shocked to see how the doctors here removed cysts and fibroadenoma, all under local!! Back in HUKM, you would need to book an Operation Theater and have an anesthetist stand by. I remembered observing Prof Rohaizak who did a removal of left Fibroadenoma of one of his patients under GA (General Anesthesia), as the patient requested to be sedated. And today, I saw not one, but two cases of fibroadenoma excision performed under local anesthesia!! Wow! Later on, I heard from Mr Vasu, that in peripheral hospitals, they can perform minor operations like hernia repair, under local as well. The surgeries at the minor OT, was swift, very swift.. in less than 2 hours, I saw 7 cases!

We had dinner at Al-Fresco today. It was Chew Yong’s birthday. (Happy birthday, CY!) Al-Fresco was a great place. Can you believe it, a steak house in Teluk intan?!?? And the thing is, the food here actually taste good, and the presentation is good too- can fight those steakhouse in KL, seriously.. I was like, ‘why didn’t we discover this place earlier?’

It was difficult to take pictures as the lights were very dim. Pictures with Bobo.

I had lamb shack grilled – awesome!

After the dinner, I did (correction: We did) another stupid thing. We were late for our night class with Mr Vasu. –part of the consequences of bringing classes forward. There was this myth that Mr Vasu would canceled classes if students were late. So, we rushed back home to change, only to find out that we did not had keys to our house (the girl’s apartment). We were in singlets, baby-Ts and shorts – not the appropriate ward-attire, huh? Kuan Geok had like very short shorts, with flowers somemore! So, we were in the dilemma of whether to go back to the restaurant to get the keys. But, that way, we’ll never make it in time. Then QKK, came up with a super smart idea – pinjam my housemates white coats la, he said, no one would notice.. the doctors would think you were wearing blouses with skirts.

Having not much choice, we followed his ‘super smart’ idea.. I still distinguishly remembered, the moment I put on Hong Tee’s oversize long sleeves white coat, everyone in the house burst out laughing.. They said we looked as if not wearing anything underneath, like some flasher or something, sigh… my coursemates have weird sense of humour.. =( and NO, no pictures! *pout*

Anyway, I exchanged white coats for one with short sleeves.. looked more ‘normal’.. Cheryl borrowed Chee Soon’s White Coat, which was pretty funny as well, as later she noticed that it lacked 2 buttons! Haha!

Upon arrival at Surgery Ward 1, we found ourselves early, and had to wait for Mr Vasu. Guess what? We passed the Lingesh test! Yeay!! He didn’t notice our attire… (Lingesh, if you were wondering why we were acting rather weird the other day, now you know why la…. Hehe… you were right, we used to be more enthusiastic in the wards).

To think back, I think, we were all very childish that day.. i mean, would it be unprofessional for doctors or medical students to dress up in singles/spaghettis and shorts in the wards?? Hmm.. maybe I should post a poll on that.. hmm.. don’t get me wrong.. I always wear formal attire to the wards.. (except the time we got locked out) At least, we were trained to do so.. the guys even had to wear neck ties despite the hot weather.. THANK GOD HUKM is air-conditioned =) I wonder what about other universities.. perhaps, private universities are less strict about their dress code, no?


Day 4 (Wednesday)

Our last day here… was already in the ‘going-home’ mood.. I successfully inserted a branula for a 9 year old kid, and he said it was not as painful as expected… *happy*… talking to kids and distracting them, really works! I think branula insertion is an addiction…

i saw anew admission with a patient with over 90% burns at the burn unit. The patient don't really feel the pain anymore, with the epidermis and dermis layer burned, most of the pain receptors were dead as well.. He was suffering from multi-organ damage.. You can see fluid oozing from his body.. It was an occupational accident where he accidentally fell into the hot water tub in his workplace.... and he was only 25 years old... so sad..

Oh yes, I have 2 very interesting Xrays for you: We saw this at the wards, 70 year old, Chinese Man came in with abdominal pain, in shock.

Chest Xray

Abdominal X ray

(can you see what it is? - answers in comment)

We had Mc Breakfast at the new McD in Teluk Intan. Yes, you heard me right, there's a McD in teluk Intan!! yeay! it opened last Saturday!

The RM4 Mc Breakfast set (i took tea instead of coffee)

Cheryl, QKK, Soong Joo, and I took the 3.30pm bus home… yippie… can’t wait to be back for Christmas!

Good bye, Teluk Intan~

I think I might actually miss you.. but I doubt I’ll ever be back.. =P

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  1. 6 of u in a car? u know u're suppose to practice buckling up at the back seats already...

  2. I often don't wear my tie and my labcoat in Paeds HUKM and nobody cares...

  3. lol.. very sexy underneath that white coat, just like those movies where nurses wear very sexy stuffs underneath.. u never know... hahahah

    if only all these is used as evidences, you're all gonna be send into medical prison..

    oh btw, can post up patient's x-rays one? nice muscles... :)

  4. no answer for the xrays oso.. chest xray shows pleural effusion? 2nd one spine like bamboo..

  5. could it be pleural effusion and bowel obstruction in the 2nd xray? paucity of air clearly seen there.isn't it?due to the severity of the bowel being distended,the diaphragm my even be shifted upward.

  6. quiz quiz..i like quiz..
    R pneumoperitoneum L pleural effusion and large IO ? no?

  7. his backbone is too short?

    so u r going to listen to the french horn symphony this coming friday?

  8. shinLoo,
    yes, 6 in a car, which was very wrong, but hey, that was last year :P if in 2009, sure will get summoned!
    Tian Ming,
    i think students (and dr) should be encourage to NOT wear ties and white coats especially in the peads dept.. the white coat can be a dangerous source of infection for the kids.. in fact, in some countries, white coats are banned in certain wards!
    not sexy lar, just very informal.. guys and their minds... aihhh...

    i think it should be okay to post xrays as i did not revealed any of the patient's identity.

    p/s: why would we be sent to medical prison?
    bingwui, anoymous, lead wi, renaye,

    all correct! ^^

    firstly, i guess i should apologize for the blurriness of the films. my phone can't take good pictures, siGh.. but since you all still can answer, you must have really good eye-sights..

    if you noticed carefully in the chest xray, there is air under diaphragm. In the AXR, there are dilated bowels suggestive obstruction and there is also double lumen sign (as if being able to see the inside and outside wall of the bowel) suggestive of extraluminal gas.

    This patient had intestinal obstruction, which resulted in intestinal perforation and pneumoperitoneum. He was sent for an emergency laparotomy.

    i'm not sure whether his spine appeared to be like bamboo spine. But he did not had any history of ankylosing spondylitis. The spine were not fused, perhaps it's just the poorly taken firm.
    renaye, there's a french horn sympony this friday? Nope, i'm not watching it. are you attending it? it must be great~

    i wanted to watch Lang Lang's piano showcase, unfortunately, it was cancelled :( i watched his performance about 2 years ago and it was awesome!

  9. hello, nice blog.
    i'm from teluk intan. ;) *wink*

    how do you find the GH in TI?

  10. I got the xray correct, but too late to claim the glory since the answer got revealed! :p

    Hmm... nice Davi Archuletta song

  11. haha nope, they are still quite strict when we go hospital, must wear formal attire! ^^

    well im speaking for my uni as its a private one la..

  12. about the two X-ray, i see all is the bone. Actually what u try to tell us?

  13. wei wei..
    apa ni tak cakap one..
    me and jun was in north also...
    aiyer...if tell earlier can meet ma.. :P

  14. nissy, i find teluk intan a very peaceful place.. the GH's staffs are really nice, friendly... the patients also nice, everyone's in a good mood..

    but i do find this place a little too peaceful for me.. i don't think i could survive living 2 years in a place without a cinema!! (and the small indian cinema does not count).. and no huge shopping mall?? die! the biggest mall they have near is Billion and The Store... so ya, this is a nice place, but not a place for me... ^^
    Winz, you so smart, sure can get the xrays correct! =P yeah, i love this song ^^ David Archuletta rocks!
    zzzyun, oic... so most students and staff have to wear formal.. ^^ thanks for clarifying it.. Msia weather DAMN HOT.. i'm just glad i'm in HUKM -all air-conditioned.. but next year, my HOship will not enjoy this luxury though..
    sabahking, wow, you read till the xray part, despite the long post.. hehe.. the xray is just one of those WOW-xray that WOW medical students.. haha, now i sound a little psychotic to you.. =P

    Michelle, aisehh... hmm.. maybe next time la.. we should all go out for lunch or something ^^ it'll be fun

  15. Hmm....the lingesh test eh....

    No lar.....just didnt wanna spoil it lar... actually Hee Thai bocor everything to me redi.... ;) lolz

    Damn funny lar u all. Not only cant see what u were wearing underneath but summore all three of u stick together like u were glued. Always see tiga sekawan moving together., plus the looks on your faces, a mix of guilt and about to burst out laughing.

    Aisay, if anyone didnt know also would definitely notice u all acting so suspiciously.

  16. aisehh.. ah thai bocor to you liao, you just play dumb, and laughing yourself inside... =( i somemore thought you didn't notice..

    you know, when dr tay keep on coming to the room which his Xrays, and we were just at the door, next to him, walau, super palpitating, scared kena caught... thought really, if kena caught, it's nothing.. but still scared, dunno why..

    p/s: you must be really free today... can't believe you read my super long post... or were you just scanning through the text for your name? don't worry, i only write nice things about my friends.. hehe..

  17. 1 of my O&G lecturer had even performed LSCS under LA during cord prolapse bcos anaesthetist was unavailable that time :p
    of course not in Malaysia la..

  18. LSCS under LA??? WOW!!! didn't he try regional block? but i guess he had no other choice... cord prolapse is an obstetric emergency..


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