Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy birthday honey~

Lord of the Rings (LOTR) Symphony at the Malaysia Philharmonic Orchestra, KLCC was magically mesmerizing, captivating me in between the dancing notes, experiencing the thrill, excitement and advanture - BRAVO!

I could hear my heart beating,
racing against the rolling drums,
the strings followed in unison,
the notes magically dancing around me,
the woodwinds breezed by,
bringing along the melancholic emotions
the brass comes in, thrilled and excited
the voices hypnotizes you...

i love the orchestra! it excites me. it calms me. it completes me.
when aland asked me to tickle him if he fall asleep, part of me secretly felt that it was an insult to the orchestra. i mean, how can anyone sleep in such an exciting musical journey wor?? siGh... then again, i guess, different people have different interest.

the 2 things, i think, i cannot resists are
1. musical drama
2. orchestra chamber music
okay, maybe now i sounded like a absolutely weird boring person

i think i owed it to my piano teacher, Ms Ng Sheau Mian, who used to bring me to MPO when i was young, and planted this weird interest in me. She would tell me stories, as each music has it's story. I enjoyed listening to every instrument, i anticipate the time each of them flash their colors. The sound they produced, so delicate, so hypnotizing. The flute dancing, the piccolo, perhaps one of my favourite woodwind, soaring high above the sky. I liked the way the double bass played on the bridge today, the sound so special... and the other strings sways side to side.. i think the harp is a very beautiful instument, angelic... If there was music in heaven, i would think it is played by the harp...

it was quite some time since i heard a piano concerta. How disappointing to have Lang Lang's performance cancelled. How i would loved to watch him play again. To see the fingers skating on keys... sukteng, shinloo, aud, ze, betty, do you still remember the him??

for the first time, the concert ended with a lucky draw. no, the lucky person isn't me.
5minutes later, i was experiencing a totally different genre of music. i was across the street, at Quattro Avenue K!!
Don't get me wrong. I'm not a club-addict or anything like that. (No, Dr Azmi, or any dr who might be reading this, trust me, i am not). This was perhaps, only my 3rd time in a club in KL.

And today, we were celebrating Cheryl's birthday at Quattro. I was already late, when we rushed from MPO, KLCC to Quattro. By that time, they almost finished the bottle of Black Label. I hate Malaysia because the alcohol is expensive. Seeing that i still can sit down here calmly and type this, i suppose you can see how little alcohol we had. WHY SO EXPENSIVE LA??? We visited the Autumn Club, and since it was fridays, it played pop songs. I thought the music selection was just okay. The deco was so simple, i was expecting some more effort. and they didn't had a dance floor!! or any pole!! nothing! wanna see lenglui on poles also can't. sigh. you just find yourself bumping into tables. tables. more tables.

I should congrat ki tiong, scent, mayluu, qkk, and typ, for their first time in KL club! hurray! Aland, Bobo,Cherry and baby gal occasional clubbers, while ah Bong, pro de... hehe.. it's a miricle ki tiong was actually there.. like bacholarette's night out before kahwin pulak, haha.. don't worry James, she was well taken care of.

and guess what? we got the deejay to announce : 'Happy Birthday Sweet Cherry, Queen of the house!!' ^^

Scent, i know you still upset because you wanted to chat longer with the yellow color shirt guy. Haha! Cheer up la. Guys you meet in club not suit you de... hehe...

No pictures today. Don't have them with me yet. All in friend's camera.

i'm waiting for my hair to dry. i can smell traces of cigarettes in it. oh, how i hate cigarettes. my shampoo failed. and my perfume is not helping. they should ban cigarettes in all pubs, bars and clubs, like the UK!! sigh. I should get some sleep. Tomorrow heading down to Teluk Intan. another 1 week posting.

Goodnight. Good morning.

Happy birthday honey~ big girl liao.. may you stay pretty always.... *muaks*

Sweet Cherry, Queen of the House


  1. thanks honey.....i really enjoyed the celebration,never expect to celebrate any of my birthday in a club!!!i wanna thank all of u for coming!!U ALL R GREAT!!! Yuhuu~~~~Hope u all enjoyed it!! insomnia again after alcohol....wawawa...i ve to go teluk intan this afternoon!!i need some sleep!!

  2. honey, you are welcome :) glad it was a blast! we all had a great time~~ *muaks*

  3. if the alcohol is cheap, habis laa aku.. or the other people in msia, u will be treating a lot of alcoholic diseases den!

  4. this post i not able to finish it...a bit long for me.. continue read tomolo..

  5. Lol..Shin Yin ..When i was reading the post..i almost thought you are a clubbing virgin.. :P Besides a 4D virgin before..haha

  6. my friend and i supposed to watch this LOTR orchestra but my friend didn't get to come... next time la.

    merry xmas!

    i actually have not been to any clubbing in malaysia.... so it's ok to have gone to this kind of place once in a blue moon.

  7. oh u was there??
    i was there on saturday too!!
    where did u sit?

  8. bingwui, you memang habis la.. ALCOHOLIC!! it's ironic, how next time you want to convince your patients to quit alcohol, haha!

    sabahking, cute lar you.. too long ey?

    Kris, a clubbing virgin? haha... my friends seldom go clubs lar.. so ya... i've just lost my i-can't-walk-in-a-straight-line-virginity last week :P

    renaye, too bad you missed it! LOTR was AWESOME!! you can actually experience being in the movie itself.. the emotions were overwhelming... i'm starting to not like clubs, too noisy i think... i would prefer pubs or lounge... where we could sit down and chat.. merry christmas!

    michelle, you were there too?? we sat not very far from the entrance.. i'll show you the pictures next time lar.. maybe you might have bumped to some of my friends :)

  9. i was there...sitting quite near to the enterance..huh u curi curi took pics ah??
    i was sitting at the stall S and seat number 11...haha..
    just wonder did u get ur ticket from a guy who his name is benjamin ong? :P

  10. you got too drunk to walk straight? haha.. wait till you get too drunk and wake up failing to recall moments in your life!! hahaha..

    anyway, told ya, LOTR is gonna be pretty awesome, they bring alive the Middle Earth to your hearing senses.. very lovely indeed :)

  11. i would love to go to pubs or even lounge but i'm just afraid of having no transport to go home. T_T

  12. Michelle,
    no lar.. i didn't curi-curi take pictures in the hall... they have strict instructions that cameras were not allowed... i was at stall Y seat number 12...
    hmm... who's benjamin ong?? did he gave you your tickets?? i don't know him though... i got mine from the MPO Box Office..
    khek, you got too drunk that you can't recalled what happened?? i am yet to reach that level.. haha, i hope, i don't.. yup, LOTR was awesome... but i guess you must have had a great time watching Mamma Mia, the musical too!! you know what? maybe, i might actually do anything to exchange tickets with you.. but the VIP thinggy was kinda weird, haha!

    renaye, yeah... just bear in mind, if you plan to drive there, don't drink, and if you plan to drink, don't drive... get a trusty guy friend to bring you there.. it feels safer having someone around.. ^^

  13. oh Y is not from our list..
    cause that night my fren benjamin he actually had 83 or 84 tickets...
    i tot u got ur tickets from him as there's a few of UKM students in his list...heheh

  14. wow!! your friend had 84 tickets?? wow!!! is he a staff of MPO or does he help people to get tickets? hmm.. maybe next time i could get tickets through him too.. hehe..

  15. yea..
    cause he pre-ordered...
    and he will get it for us lor..

  16. how nice... so, did he get some special price? buying so many tickets one short...

  17. nola..
    only 2 complimentary tickets...
    wat to do MPO vr kiam siap one la..

  18. buy 84 tickets only get 2 complimentary passes?? seriously kiam siap wor... but i remember last time, i asked for sponsorship for our AMSC (Asian Medical Students' Conference) in KL 2006, MPO sponsored one HALL !! and i thought that was very generous of them..

    are you still studying? do you know you can get student prices, which is relatively much more cheaper :)


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