Monday, June 23, 2008

i am losing so much hair, it is actually scary!!

(The pictures were taken after i brush my hair)

My hair is falling, so much so, it is actually scary... especially when i think of the differentials :
SLE (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus), Hypothyroidism, hypopituitarism, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, tuberculoid leprosy, lepromatous leprosy, vasculitis, iron deficiency, zinc deficiency, vitamin A deficiency,(hell lots of deficiencies) drugs (COCP, heparin ,amiodarone, valproic acid, selenium, vincristine, other chemotherapy drugs), Chagas’ disease, secondary syphilis (wtf!)....etc..... blah, blah, blah...

thinking positive, my provisional diagnosis is mechanical traction alopecia and stress....
Managemant :
- do not tie hair unless at ward rounds (it's really gross to have your hair brushing against the patient's tummy when you are listening to the fetal heart rate with a pineal statoscope)
- reduce stress : go out and have fun!!

p/s: med students have problems with long hair too.... not only it is inconvenient when examining patients, it can also be hazardous during psychiatry rotations... =P


  1. losing of hair is normal la...
    50-100 hairs loss per day is considered normal...
    dun overeact lar...
    ur diagnosis is Medical student syndrome...
    thinking too much n exagerated...
    1. dun take salty food lar...include ur lays n maggi...
    2. dun end in a vicious cycle of hair loss, more u scare, more u worried....
    3. hehe.... loreal volumizer serial...

  2. Dear anonymous,
    i hope it is normal, when u used to lose 50hair per day, and suddenly u lose 200, that's not very normal, is it? i was thinking traction alopecia.. it's a more ressuring dx.. and guess what? my mum called me this morning, asking me to cut my hair short... i guess she was worried too, when she swept the floor and saw the massive hair loss.. siGh.... loreal volunizer? u sure or not?

    p/s: do leave ur name next time ya

  3. There is a reason why doctors or future doctors don't diagnosed themselves..

    The mind's morbid imagination can really whack you.

  4. indeed... very often, we read about a disease, then we think that we might actually have the disease... we call them medical-student-syndrome or medical-doctor-syndrome... sigh.. life goes on~~

    and i'm still having the hair fall problem, even now.. sigh..


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