Saturday, June 7, 2008

COAMS #43 - shinyin’s 3 weeks at Teluk Intan, Perak…

DAY 1 (tue)
Droved 3 hours ++ to Teluk Intan, broke the [shinyin’s longest distance ever drove non-stop book of record]… Discovered 7 things in Teluk Intan:
1. My room is SUPER HOT
2. My new housemates are weird.
3. No washing machine
4. The toilet lamp is spoilt!!
5. Worse, NO INTERNET!!
6. yeah, and no chinese food stalls or sundry shops within 5km away from our hostel.. Nat and I searched like nearly an hour for a sundry shop..
7. WHAT?? There is no cinema or shopping malls in Teluk Intan??? The nearest is in Ipoh, 1 and a half hours away… OMG…. How do the young people survive here???
I wonder whether I could survive 3 days, let alone 3 weeks.. sigh.. I missed home already…. I missed HUKM…

DAY 2 (wed)
The hospital’s architectural is a little ‘different’. Most of the buildings, eg the clinics, are single floor… too much space wastage, I thought… and the labour room and the clinics were like more than 10minutes walk apart… what would happened if there was an emergency?? There were no scan machine in the wards, patient had to walk (yes, walk) all the way to the labour room for a scan.. I could go on and on about ‘when I build a hospital, I would do this, and that…’ but of course, I would never build a hospital, unless of course if I were either suddenly super rich, or if they have The Sims Hospital or something like that….
p/s: I want to online
oh yes, important to note, Dr Lim YH belanja us lunch today!! Walau, we had lunch with our doctor; she was friendly but super demotivating,… shared with us how she regretting taking medicine as a profession, it’s a lifetime sacrifice, she said.. sigh.. I was motivation-deprived

DAY 3 (thu)
Dr H compliment my case presentation today, funny, it did not send a gush of euphoric energy all over me…. I was indifferent… I think I left my passion for medicine (if any) in HUKM…. Note: if any..
First on-call day: conducted only one delivery today. The patients are very few today, but midwives here were super nice. A doctor today, let’s call her dr H, said: priority to conduct deliveries is given to HOs (house officers).. I need to train my staff, she said…. sigh.. now we have to compete with the HO… endless deliveries in Hospital Teluk Intan?-my seniors tipu me =(

DAY 4 (fri)
Post-called syndrome…. After sleep deprivation for over 30hours, totally a zombie at class…
Later figure out that Dr H is the specialist here. She’s super cool and super nice… and she wears only black and white…. I wished all lecturers are as nice as her, no offence…
I did my laundry today!! Yeay! First time to hand wash ever since 1st year orientation week…. Which was like, ermmm… 4 years ago….

DAY 5(sat)
It’s the end of the week already… time flies, and I can’t believe that I am actually still surviving without an internet and without a washing machine… I discovered 6 new things :
1. My new housemates are pretty cool…in fact, they have a great sense of humour and they are super hilarious!! We could actually crap like ALL NIGHT,.. wow!
2. Overally, I adapted well with no internet and no washing machine.
3. I learnt to bathe in the dark
4. The infamous Teluk Intan Chee Chong Fun is superb!! But u must buy from the original manufacturer, which is a small house, and you need to line up to get your freshly made Chee Chong Fun!! RM 3 for 2 Chee Chong Fun!! but, it was worth it, totally!!
5. There were no young people in Teluk Intan.. only extreme ages of children and really old folks,.. which explains the lack of entertainment… even the kareokes and clubs were so ‘uncle’… Got stars somemore, on the signboards…

DAY 6 (sun)

Spent the whole day in Labour Room today only to have ZERO conducts…. There were NO patients today, sigh… except for a twin pregnancy, which we get to witness… but not conduct, of course,… only the MOs(Medical Officer) or specialist were allowed to conduct twin deliveries here…. But the case is rather interesting with one baby in cephalic presentation, and the second in transverse lie. Dichorionic, Diamniotic, good prognosis.
p/s: Hui Teng’s mum bought lunch for us today, all the way from Pantai Remis!! Yummie!!

DAY 7(mon)
Monday blues.. I want to online..

DAY 8(tue)
On-call again, I’m starting to hate on-calls,.. my enthusiasms level has dropped to zero.. I hate seeing the HOs, as they reminds me of me, being in their shoes next year,.. to oncall every alternate days (3-4times per week, do your calculation), and still be in the topmost condition,… this is 2 years… a houseman complaint that she has no life… I only replied: if it’ll make you feel better, my housemanship is 2 years, which is a year longer that yours… sigh..

DAY 9 (wed)
Now my housemates are commenting on
1. my chemotherapy hair falling
2. the way I walk
3. my socks
4. my skirts

P/s: I am bored, I want to online…

DAY 10(thu)
I am so bored… so bored to the extend that if any guy asked me out today, I would say yes…

DAY 11(fri)
On-Call again??? on calls never ends huh?? Who made the timetable?? How come so many shifts???

DAY 12(sat)
I played computer games all day till 5am… that’s over 12hours of pc games! it’s crazy!! It’s either PMS (pre-menstrual-syndrome) or internet-withdrawal syndrome.. totally no mood today!! I don’t even wanna blog… i need any form of survival pills, any thing to boost my endorphins level, I need to get out of this place…..

DAY 13(sun)
I went to Pantai Remis today and ate seafood ALL DAY!! Yeay!!! Took 4 tablet of desloratidine (the MOST potent anti-histamine to prevent allergies) and I was symptom-free!! Hurray!!! Hui Teng belanja somemore, hehe… then we went to Lumut to buy satay fish…. Discovered that Shavyn loves to sing and is pretty out-going, and Poh Sin is the woodest wood-head on Earth!! What a perfect couple! Haha!!
New batch of friends arrived from HUKM, things would be much merrier…

DAY 14(mon)
Another on-call day?? Will this ever end??? Dr H wore a blue shirt to work today, I can’t help noticing, it was, for the first time, not black or white… I did my partogram homework today.. Happily completed my 3 pages write up only to find that Prof Adeeb demands a detailed report of over 10pages long!! OMG!! Kill me de.. why other groups don’t have to do partograph homework??

Something new for a change: my housemates were discussing foreplay today… my housemate, our sex expert shared her knowledge on the 7 most sensitive parts in a human anatomy…

DAY 15(tues)
I wanna go home~~~ *sob* *sob*

DAY 16(wed)
Savouring the last day at teluk intan,.. I wonder whether I’ll miss this place…..
p/s: petrol station packed with cars today…. sigh..

DAY 17(thu)
BACK!!! YIPPIE!!! (((( I know it’s only Thursday, but at this point, who cares??)))
Teluk Intan is not too bad.. but I wouldn’t want to spend my life there,… this place seriously have no life… then again, HO-ship has no life either, oh well….

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  1. Teluk Intan is good mar..why no good?

    u want to watch movie? u can get DVD at RM 4/pcs. U can watch until your eyes sores.

    3 weeks u think is terrible? i live all my live here, except few years studied in kl.

  2. you can't be serious?? living all your life in teluk intan,... is there even life there? (no offence)... you really must tell me what kind of entertainment can be found there, so much so that you survived this long... my life there is basically torturous... and yet i have rotations there every 2months... there's no place to go,... not even a cinema... where can i get the RM4 DVD?? i didn't know bout it de, u should hv told me earlier.. i'll go get them the next time i'm there!

    p/s: the chee chong fun is great!

  3. muackz muackz jocelyn,
    haha.....our tiny-lil-secret-play-to-get-us-out-of-boringness in teluk intan is in ur blog!! haha.
    teluk intan is sooooo slow-paced right? haha. just like hometown. lol. u did well to survive in teluk intan u noe!! haha. i was like 'wow!! jocelyn actually survived 3 weeks here!!' u r pretty well adaptive lar...dun worry dun worry. this will be the longest stay u'll eva get lar. next postings will only be 1 week or 2 only. no problem de... do like wat u do lor...keep blogging and post later. =)))
    guess who i am lar.
    and btw, the song is really great!!!!!!!!
    gogogogo u'll survive 5th year better than u ever tot u will!!!!

  4. want me to guess somemore??
    sure PANG SHU SAN!!! but why u use the nickname mountain?? hmmm... got special meaning? as strong as the mountain??? ^^
    well, i hope we'll survive final year together.. i'm still stuck with my case-write-up.. need to hand in to prof adeeb tomorrow...
    p/s: i was literally addicted to the song..


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