Monday, June 9, 2008

COAMS #44 - Final Year Syndrome

I felt like a final year student today, as I am now back in HUKM, sharing the same wards and clinics with juniors… Being a final year student suddenly made me feel smart today, as most of the things in OBGYN (obstetric and gynaecology) was rather familiar to us.. more like a revision... I remembered how I once thought seniors are really damn smart and capable… still do,… little did my juniors know, we had actually forgotten most of what we learnt in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, even 4th year!! we have poor memory capacity.. we really do, well, at least I do…

I really can’t believe the juniors had already attended 4 weeks of clinic and they had not clerk even a single antenatal booking case in the past 4 weeks!!siGh… it was only after i presented 2 cases and our registra (doctor) asked them to clerk new case to ease the clinic flow, that they started to do so... do you really need this kind of spoon feeding? what happened to enthusiasm? this is so not UKM... and for God's sake, do write in the case notes ler... kind of sad to see them like that.. i remembered, during my first clinic days in OBGYN,… the bunch of us were so eager to clerk new case that there weren’t enough case to go around.. things have changed, haven’t they?

And I really do not understand what they were doing in the clinics,whispering among themselves… they don’t even know what is a longitudinal lie!! (after 4 weeks!),.. let alone examine the abdomen…

then it struck my mind, I suddenly remembered the juniors had a new medical system, a new curiculum,.... these students have just entered their clinical years,… it is really unfair for them to go through OBGYN first.. they don't have any medical basic!! students MUST go through medicine rotations before OBGYN... this is really no good for them... when I was in 3rd year, I had a minor peadiatric posting first, and I was just as clueless... luckily, i had medicine and surgery rotations after that...

I’ve handed in my case write ups and partograms to Prof Adeeb today,… I know she will fail them anyway, like how she failed all her previous students, she just had to, it’s in her genes… she was superbly strict at ward rounds today, but I liked her… I mean, not her scary attitude, but I liked the way she thinks… the questions she asked were very relevant and important aspects of the patients that make you think… she made me realize that, many of us clerk patients blindly, following a certain format or script…. We lacked the curiosity, enthusiasm and care… Gee… I have so much more to learn…


  1. it is reali a surprise to know how the juniors behave... 4 weeks dun even know d LIE... WTF d lectures n supervisors r doing? feeding rubish? GOSH...WU,r u sure those r UKM students?? mst b kidding...ZZzz they dun follow round?? (wel,if RED team...spechless) anyway...wish u DO WELL in ur final year posting...take care...n teach those pity juniors LALRLLAL~!!!!

  2. haha, you got it! it's red team.. they probably don't even have a clue at ward rounds... today a HO commented : "GOSH, it's SO MUCH better talking to final year students than third year..." i can imagine how ppl use to think of us, back in 3rd year.. i shall try to teach them, but i need ppl to teach me too... exams in 2weeks time... siGh..

    p/s: food for thought : guess what? the juniors after our batch onwards will not have any final PROFESSIONAL exams!! wow!! all they have is End-Posting-Exams... can you believe the new system? funny, i don't envy them, but was in fact worried that UKM Standards might drop... siGh....

  3. HECK!!!!!!
    no end PROFESSIONAL EXAMS????!!!!
    wat do you mean!!!!??????
    wat is the new system trying to prove anyway???

  4. that's what i've heard~... oh well.... kesian them la... why did they have to change the system? i don't see anything wrong with our system... except, it'll be nice if they give us more classes,.. then again, it made us more independent... i mean, how many medical student have to beg their lecturers for clinical teaching and case presentation?


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