Saturday, June 7, 2008


when you refused to start a new sentence after the fullstop,
you add a few dots following it,
each dot painfully making a hole,
leaving a scar,
only deeper each time,
the people around you turn the pages,
at 140kmph,
the world spins around,
and there you stood,
you wonder whether will anyone come back for you,
as you wait at the first stanza,
before you realized,
the poem has ended,
the book has been published,
and there you were,
still standing before the fullstop...


  1. GREAT~! once again u hav another DOUBT in ur life n u STOP to WONDER arnd...

    it is GOOD to hav a break sometimes.Instead of rushing here n there with no sense of direction.

    but dont STOP too long. CLOCK is tickling. n ur time is limited.

    Treasure the good time n pray for the hard time. U hav new frens n new fellowships along as u get to move on in ur life. Dun pull urself out from crowd to b an island...

  2. the fullstop don't always stop,
    as it awaits a new breakthrough,
    for a new beginning,
    before you could realise,
    you're on a new journey,
    writing again,
    smiling again,
    looking back,
    with no regrets.

  3. >vince>> the end of the beginning ey? i just thought, sometimes, in life, when we are too afraid or doubtful to take that step, when we do not start that new sentence, when we pause too long at the fullstop.. lingered a while, waited, hoping.. time flies without pity..

  4. that cycle of end and beginning never stops. but at times, i just enjoy the luxury of time, pausing for a moment and look around. it may not make things better but it certainly does not make things worse, or maybe it does. okay, i procrastinate. haha


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of love

Today, i heard a story which was not a story of falling...
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instead, it was a love story..
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