Monday, June 1, 2009

Princess Bimbotic going blonde @ BTN

Room: Mutiara A4

BTN should be fun, right? I mean, it’s just 5 days, how bad can it be?
Guess what? When Princess arrived here, Princess where shocked to see her accommodation...

20 beds to a room???

and they only had 4 fans!! super hot wehhh....

geok lian & i @ my bed
my bed

Princess is very particular with toilets...

the toilets were very small...

and we had to shower in the small bathrooms,... it's like about 4 feet x 6 feet space... and you have to try your best not to tersentuh the walls or terjatuh into the toilet bowl... but i guess, we were considered lucky... my cousin Ying Ying had to mandi berkemban during her BTN !

the washing area

the drying area

Princess did her laundry on Day 1 of induction itself. Terpaksa lor… since Princess only had limited sets of baju, only 2 to be exact… sadly to say, princess is not very experienced in hand-washing baju… not that Princess do not know how to do it, it’s just that, it’s very difficult. Especially, when you are washing jeans, squeezing them dry is damn hard weh… by the end of the washing, you get muscle aches liao… so ya… you see what I mean? Princess loved the genious who invented the washing machine.

Guess what? The dress code for BTN was made princess and the other princesses here looked either too young or too old…

Oh yes, one more thing, they served us six meals per day. Yup, SIX MEALS per day!!
-wow… so many, sure will get DM and fat… haih…


Today, we were expected to complete a 2 km run in a given time:
Male : 18 minutes
Female : 23 minutes
Guess what? Princess Bimbotic did it!! And in 12 minute 11 seconds!!! Can you believe that? Well, maybe I’m over-proud over a small event… but hey, I had just proved that if you want something, you can do it!! Princesses can run too! I think the 2 puffs pre-run and post-run works… and perhaps to one point, although the physical gives up, the mind keeps going, motivating, pushing… yes, it’s a mind thing… focus..
The imaginary ipod @ the background played as Princess focussed on her breathing: in-out. In-out..
Seriously, I think I did pretty good for a girl,.. as I came in 3rd, after Jia Yi and Lian Lian… or perhaps medical students are just too sedentary… oh yes, Princess learnt something important today: Never eat anything solid before a run… Princess was worried of getting hypoglycemic, so she had a piece of bread, only to feel nauseated after the run and puked everything out… okay, not a very good sight… so, Princess strongly suggest sweet/isotonic drinks before a run…

Period pain, kill me ba!

KEMBARA- when jungle trekking…. Quite fun to do it with friends… but I was expecting something more challenging though... Had a performance… sang Perajurit Tanah Air - my group got 3rd place… not bad ei?

EXAMS!!!! How I missed doing MCQ… and no negative markings! The government very generous, while UKM medical faculty very kedekut markah… did I ever tell you that the marking system here is you have to answer TRUE or FALSE… and for every correct answer, you get +1, every wring answer -1. Yup, that’s how hard our paper is, cannot simply ‘bantai’ / ‘tikam’ / guess… the dean said that, when we graduate, we’ll be dealing with people’s life… cannot simply make guesses,.. and I think he has a point…
Head up to Port Dickson for induction…

#Princess talks:
Some people said that BTN (Biro tatanegara) camps are to make one feel more patriotic, while others said that it is perhaps, just a brain wash scam… In Princess’s point of view, Princess learnt a lot in this camp. Princess had a better exposure on Politics and Princess learned that we should always hear both sides of the story before coming into conclusion…

my good friend Annisa~~

she's so sweet... i always manja with her, and she would still layan me... hehe... will miss you very much de..

amirtha & i... she's such an angel... a nice person...

the cute sharvyn a.k.a mrs thousand woodhead & i

chew yong & i heading for induction^^

the friendlty Vaish~

sharvyn, chew yong, geok lian

my roommates~
(sorry, tak sempat take everyone, some left liao)

yong sing, jia yi, vernice


  1. sounds fun. looks like a camping adventure, with lectures i guess..hahaha..

  2. haha...the BTN camps accomodation looks the same wherever they are. Our PPD camp in 1st and 3rd year (and 5th nxt yr) are of the the same accomodation. But when they say Mutiara, I must admit I thought it was hotels too. :P

    Well, BTN can be fun or hell of an experience, depending on who's the speaker. The last time, I had a crazy fella aspiring to be politician shouting into the mic and blaming us medical students for being too involved in politics. Lol! Talk about being ignorant and living in a well.

  3. *lost*
    Whats BTN? Basic Training Necessity? Hahaa. It looks like a short period of NS (National Training) to me... :S

  4. HAHAHA..Shinyin being funny here...Thx for sharing about this BTN here (the "compulsory" course for govt servant,, right?)...Enjoy all your xpereince.....:)

  5. why call urself princess la??langsung tak suit u!! u r Pxxxx Hxxxxx~~~~
    u r oni a chick!!!!!!
    hahaha....n u ppl looks like primary school in black n white dress code!!!
    our accomadation in btn is much better than urs n had lot of fun too...but...we suffered here in our induksi!!the facilitators r too rigid!!cry....

    our mother to be here says: WSY, u looks chubby liao la~~:)

  6. What the heck is BTN? You look like masuk Kem Kamunting??

    And why u guys dress like school girl? although your friend , Anisa look like really young like a teenager..

    Are you sure , you guys are future graduate doctors not school girls??? ..LOL

  7. Ha I suffered from BTN too.
    By the away, did anyone there know that you're a famous blogger?;)

  8. leadwi, yeah,.. it's like a camp... it's nice meeting up with old friends... the last moment to enjoy before starting work.. ^^


    Yee Ming, i have to agree.. it's very dependant on the speaker.. i had a very good speaker... he was very nice... and i think i almost got 'brainwashed' too... it's good to habe BTN,,... i became more aware of the political condition of our countries... sometimes, politicians can be scary...

    we, on the other hand, should do our part.. take everything with a pinch of salt, and always hear the two sides of the story...

    love peace, love Nalaysia...
    Dann. the other libran, haha.. you looked so confused...
    BTN = Biro TataNegara... it's compulsory for all government servant before starting
    service... to build unity and patriotism.. ^^

    MRC, thanks...
    say i'm being funny pulak... haih...

    honey, why say i cannot be princess wor?? :( not spoilt like a princess?? our dress code silly huh?
    eat 6 times a day, can die pun..

    Kris, the camp was in Pontian, Johor.. BTN = Biro TataNegara... the place looked like an abandoned factory... super hot way...
    and i know, the dress code quite silly... hehe..
    Dear Darren, yeah, BTN was suffering, in some way... but i guess it's good also... i became more aware of the political status of our country... politics can be not very nice.. no lar... i didnt go around promoting my blog,,... we weren't allow to blog about 'sensitive' issues.. hehe...

  9. stil canot accept u calling ur self princess...princess do tis princess do tat...
    jus 1 try an liao har....nxt time don liao.....GELI LA~~~~~~~~~~~~


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