Tuesday, June 2, 2009

this is the end of the beginning... the journey starts here...


a self-explainatory announcement... i'll remove all expressions and feelings...

it was not in one of my options, but i guess, i could adapt...

Malacca, here i come~


  1. Malacca - not so bad kua....Another Unesco Heritage site....Enjoy your work journey......

  2. omg shin yin!!! can finally meet u in person! :) gosh unbelivable..hehe

  3. Oh, 4th choice!!
    But the journey btw melaka and sban is less than 45min. You will do well! Jiayou!!

  4. Beware Malaccans...LOL..

    Just kidding..Gambateh

  5. congratulations.. dr. wu. will miss u :) here's to a new beginning!

  6. oh.......MALACCA!!!!!
    my lovely hometown..
    gona need some needling from u soon..LOL

  7. best of luck!!! you'll be a great DR. oddly enough I know the person that signs the letter, she is my sis's friend, and also my friends' sis. we went to school 2gether, it IS a small world :)

    All the best!!!

  8. hehehe all the best! we are so near to each other...just different states! lol!

  9. Congrats! I think I just hav too much to say to you but time won't permit me to...in short, good luck on your new journey! All the best!;)

  10. Honey, do miss me wei....call me when u feel LxxxxY or u will never feel so when u r in malacca liao....sob sob

  11. Thanks everyone ^^

    Dann, thanks, i needed all the luck i can get! :)

    MRC, Unesco Heritage site?? haha... i went to melacca 3 times last year liao leh... for vacation...

    cute little angel,
    you are studying in Malacca hosp, Manipal? that's great! we finally get to meet ^^ maybe you could show me around the hosp...

    eh, when you grad, you come join me in Malacca hospital also la... Seremban hosp HTJ is full liao...

    aiks... why lar ask ppl to beware of me? ishh... i am a very nice person, you know...

    suk teng,
    i'll miss you very much too!!! do come to malacca and visit me every once in a while... i might not have the time to go down KL and yam char with you all.. siGh... *sad* i'm all alone here in Malacca... :(

    sine nomine,
    thanks ! :)

    cg, your hometown in malacca? you staying there now?

    knitfreak-to-be, you know the KSU of MOH?? wow! you should have helped me pull strings to get seremban hosp! :P why didn't say earlier?

    Poh Lin, really? maybe we should meet up for coffee or something :)

    Darren, thanks for the wishes! ^^ no new advices or scary stories for a new house officer like me??? that's what they said, HO-ship no life... it's either heaven or hell... oh well... i bet you had a memorable HO-ship...

    honey, i missed you so so so so so very much.... soooooo LxxxxY... :( all alone in malacca... siGh... why can't we all just work together in the same hospital... i'll never find another honey like you... will miss you, kitjing, scent, ki tiong, su yin, G Cup, QKK, Birdking, sus, nat, etc, and all those lovely days...

  12. hey i changed the name of my blog to


    do update ur url ya!


    poh lin

  13. Good luck... Count your blessings! Lucky not posted to rural areas treating natives with scabies...and prescribing paracetamol 24/7...


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