Sunday, June 21, 2009

The pen is your most powerful tool.

(picture by Athena)

The pen is your most powerful tool.

Whatever you write in the stack of casenotes,

will be done for your patients.

Whatever drug u prescribed,
the nurses would serve.
Whatever management you planned.
it shall be it!

Yet, with great powers, comes great responsibilities...


  1. so true!!
    yet sadly, some ppl irresponsibly write in the case sheets :(

  2. ya great de...even b4 the SN inform u anything...ur name ad appear in casenotes as " informed dr XXX for xxxxx"...geng!!

  3. if u got time to blog... you got time as a HO...

    welcome to the HO's heaven!!

    pen is always mightier than the sword...
    except if u're in surgical, O&G or ortho...

  4. Ermm...The saying's worth deep contemplation...esp the last part (reminded me of spidermen the movie!!)...

  5. sg here too...even have to use ur cop on casenote...
    ad they wanna track down who is the stupid doctor...
    signature is not enough

  6. cuteLittleAngel,
    yalor... but you know what? the casesheets is a strong medico-legal document... everything we do also must document inside... what we wrote can be used against us.. we do our best for the patients, yet some ppl kena sued pulak.. sad la.. i hate lawyers...
    yml, yalor... my staff nurse some more give me new name... she wrote there : patient reviewed by Dr Wu Shin. XXX was taken. Plan for XXX... walau, either write my full name or omit the 'shin' lar.. lawak betul la..
    why except o&g, ortho & surgical?? coz ultimately, all pushed to the theather???

    HO heaven? are you sure??? i practically no longer have a life now...
    MRC, spiderman huh? i wished i could like just put my hands on the patient, say 'heal' like the angel from 'charmed'... and the patient would miricalously heal himself... ^^
    bingwui, you ma happy la... enjoying holidays now... don't worry, your time will come soon.. huhu~
    im sing, YUP!! we have to stamp and sign EVERYTHING... and so many PAPERWORK, forms to fill, etc... sigh....


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