Friday, May 15, 2009

Ipoh Roasted Duck!! Best in Malaysia!

Ah Bong brought us to The Best Roasted Duck in whole Ipoh, and perhaps whole Malaysia.... i don't think i'll ever enjoy roast duck in KL again... because, the roasted duck in this stall is seriously good wehhh... so good that i NEED to have a special post on it!

Sun Yeong Wai Roasted Duck Shop

the roasted ducks neatly aligned

so banyak famous people came here before...

even TVB artists....

the Chef had undergone training in Hong Kong, before opening this shop ^^

everyone happy with this place...

i am about to find out how good it is...

Their siew yok (Roasted Pork) is not nice, RM 15 for a plate of siew yok that le rather bland and not crispy...

haih.... should have oredered more duck...

oh yes, behold, Malaysia Best Roasted Duck

super delicious,
the skin crispy in the outside..
it breaks open with a 'pop'...
your teeth bite through the juicy fatty layer,
which melts in your mouth...
you saw into the tender smooth flesh,
the herbs aroma fills you in...
and suddenly a voice came shouting inside you:
(very very very very very nice to eat!!!!)

seriously, no exaggerations!

the delicious herb gravy, very sweet smelling, and taste very good...

wahhhh..... so nice roasted duck...

who can resist?

I'm heading North to Sungai Petani today~~~ yippie... plan to visit Ko Taratau, if possible... more posts to come...


  1. hahaha. NICeeee... I oso wanna eat :P hahahha..

    You know how much I'm missing mlaysian food do you? hehehe.. awesome!! :D

  2. Gosh, this make me droolingggggggg... Ggrrr..

  3. khek yang,
    haha... yeah, i know how much you must have missed Msia food... nevermind, when you come home, you can eat until cukup-cukup... :)

    christina, hehe... come la... come ipoh makan... ^^

  4. I seriously need to stop visiting your blog. It just makes me hungry with every delicious food that you pin up. *growl* Thats my tummy asking for food again... =x

  5. Dann, haha!! lately, i was on a jalan-jalan cari makan spree ma... hehe... have to enjoy good food before starting work... ^^ next time won't have chance de... i'll be going home to seremban tomorrow,.. will indefinately missed the good food in ipoh... haih...

  6. Oh dear. I'm seriously drooling right now. Argh, so sedap!!!

  7. dear Melzie, yup, the food in ipoh is so sedap... i'm missing it already... :(

  8. saliva drooling till hong kong almost flood d!!looks nice!!!!!sure taste amazing!!!

  9. aiyur... hong kong got so many good food.... and you grave chinese food in msia?? haha!!

    eh, don't forget to try the egg tarts in hong kong... really nice de... and the dim sum also... awesome! =)

  10. I think i must have a try at there !! look for it so many water come out !!


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