Wednesday, May 6, 2009

How well do you know Jocelyn Wu Shinyin?

i posted a quiz on my facebook.... somehow, the how-well-do-you-know-me-?-application had became a trend lately... so, i decided to do a review about it... but before i get to it, i thought i'll post a copy of the quiz here.. and maybe wait a couple of days before reviewing it... =) coz i thought, maybe you'll like to try out for yourself :) (you can answer in comments)

Okay, first the simple demographic data: When is my birthdate?
a) 11/11/1985
b) 11/11/1984
c) 10/10/1985
d) 10/10/1984
e) 11/10/1985

2) (1st question is bonus de... still can wrong?) How many piercings to i have?
a) 2 (1 pair of ear piercings)
b) 4 (2 pair of ear piercings)
c) 6 (2 pair of ear piercings& 1 pair helix piercing)
d) 7 (3 pair of ear piercings & 1 navel piercing)
e) 8 (4 pair of ear piercings)

3) A questions of family... i am:
a) Eldest out of 5
b) Eldest out of 3
c) Middle out of 3
d) Youngest out of 3
e) Youngest out of 5

4) What song is a post-exam MUST sing for me at a karaoke? (without fail)
a) Aerosmith - I don't wanna miss a thing
b) Wang Lee Hom - Kiss Goodbye
c) Siti Nurhaliza - Bukan Cinta Biasa
d) Jay Chow - Ann Jing
e) Alright Still - The Littlest Things

5) What i cannot live without?
a) Television - Astro
b) Laptop & Cell Phone
c) Ipod
d) My medical books
e) Makeup kit & nail polish

6) What was my childhood dream?
a) Piano Teacher
b) Deejay/ Veejay
c) i've always wanted to be a doctor!
d) Policewomen
e) Cellist

7) I am addicted to... (or was addicted to)...
a) coffee (coffee is life!)
b) http://confessions-of-a-medical-student.blogspot.c
c) i marathon movies! (HIMYM, house, GA, etc)
d) the piano
e) All of the above

8) What is my biggest fear? note : BIGGEST
a) The psychiatric ward
b) The forensic hall
c) Roaches
d) Stage fright
e) the dark



  1. I'll give it a try...
    1.) D
    2.) (Bonus question still can wrong for me... =x) C
    3.) D
    4.) B
    5.) B
    6.) C
    7.) E
    8.) B

    Hmm... i could imagine i score pretty bad. LOL. Cheers~

  2. 1.d
    5.b is internet lar, not laptop
    6.a, i thought is journalist, why dun have such choice de

    hehe...i tried my best to answer liao...if wrong dun kill me..... :P
    if correct all...then where is my gift?

  3. Dear Dann, the other indecisive libran,
    congratulations! you passed! 5/8 (63%)

    it's pretty amazing how you can pass considering we never met before... you must be really good at MCQs or the Libran instinct... hehe...

    Dear im sing,
    congratulations! you have 6/8 (75%)
    ^^ yuhuu~
    i'll tell you which you got wrong later...
    Chai Ling also had 75% ^^


    review coming out next week ^^

    Top scorer so far:
    Boon Lee 100%
    KitJing 87%
    Chair Ying 87% (walau!)
    Honey 75%
    Scent 75%
    Betty 75%
    Christina 75%
    WeiWen 75%
    Q 75%
    MK 75% (WTF!)

  4. Err...I removed bcoz i think i'm sometimes just, for no reason being silly :-)......A Thousand apology :-)


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