Saturday, May 2, 2009

Day 11 @ Sibu - James Lee + Jessie Ki Tiong... the wedding vows...

Continuation from Ki Tiong Wedding (1) fetch the bride....

After all the obstacles from the evil zhimuisss...
Prince James finally has Princess Ki Tiong in his arms... =)
the zhi muis
*evil grins*

the hengtais

the big family

James taking Ki Tiong away
*sob* *sob*
we'll miss you so very much, Ki Tiong~

QSM 8381

James & Ki Tiong in the car.... *happy* ^_^

This is the 1st time i witness this old Chinese custom
the car would move forward and reverse 3 times repeatedly
while Ki Tiong's elder brother w2ould pull the car back with a pair of pants,
indicating how much he 'em se tak' his sister...

end of the ritual..
Big Brother then pass the pants to James..
James, take good care of my sister~

@ the Church~


James, awaiting his beautiful bride..
the songs~

the cute 6-year-old flower gal

the handsome boy safekeeping the ring...

James & Ki Tiong & their wedding vows

'i do'

James & Ki Tiong, exhanging wedding rings

you may kiss the bride..

lighting the candle,
beginning a new life together,
building a new family,
sharing a new life...

The Pastor gave a very interesting preach that morning....
He asked:
couples often asked each other: DO YOU LOVE ME?
One cannot be lazy in a relationship... both husband and wife must play their part...
LOVE translates to :
L - LISTEN 要学习聆听对方
O - OVER LOOK 要全面性的来看对方,包括优点和缺点
V-VOICE OUT 要学习倾诉,告诉对方你的想法
E - EFFORT 要努力、用心经营他们的爱

What he said was indeed so true...

but Ki Tiong was a little upset when he said that Ki Tiong talks too much while James listen too much, when it was actually the opposite (quote Ki Tiong)... hehe.... maybe the pastor got confused with another couple *wink*

we should all learn to LOVE...

Finally, photo session!
what a big family...
the friends....
cute betty miao mi who caught the bouquet of flowers..
next in line to get married.. hehe..
betty, jia you o~ *winks*

then each of us camwhore with the flowers pulak...

James Lee & Jessie Ki Tiong,
congratulations on your wedding!!
i wish you a blissful marriage,
blessed with happiness....

wish you both white head till old,
living each day,
loving each other...

and remember Paster's message of L-O-V-E... :)


  1. Borneo Falcon, erm... yes, they had the bowing ceremony... i forgotten to include that... hehe... you are very observant.. you must have attended many many weddings...
    ophs, i forgot, you are married,... hehe...must be recalling the day... was the process of fetching the bride challenging for you? ^^


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of love

Today, i heard a story which was not a story of falling...
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