Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cuti-cuti Malaysia : Day 1: Ipoh

We started our road trip to North today...

First Destination: IPOH!!!
When you hear of Ipoh, the first thing that probably comes to your mind is MAKAN!!!

Ipoh is famous for
1. Mei Shi (Good Food)
2. Mei Nu (Pretty ladies)

Introducing Yi Bao Mei Nu~:

picture from : My sweet housemates

Introducing Yi Bao Mei Shi~:
Restaurant Lou Wong Tauge Ayam KueTiaw

Introducing Ipoh's Nga Choy Kai (bean sprout chicken)
At Restaurant Lou Wong Tauge Ayam KueTiaw, Ipoh Old Town

Fish balls - this biasa aje...

The succulent bean sprout 'nga choy'...

when you bite into it, can feel the juice bursting out...

'choy yun kai' farm chicken....

the texture is more smooth the the ordinary chicken we usually eat.

even the breast and back part is not hard and taste jiucy and tender...


all my life, i had never had such smooth hor fun..
When you take a sip, the noodles smoothly flows into your mouth,
filling your taste buds with sweet chicken hor fun taste...
so good, so smooth, so silky sweet...

oh yes, this is the place where you can find the Yee Hup Ipoh Hiong Pang (biscuits)

Sun Seng Fatt Food Stall a.k.a Tang Kei

And here's the place ah Bong recommend us for supper...
Sun Seng Fatt Food Stall a.k.a Tang Kei
(meaning 'wait stall')

and man, seriously have to waaaaaiiiiittttt....




waited quite the while

but finally, the food come, worth it juga... quite tasty....

Tai Look Min Noodles

Apparently, the Tai Look Min in Ipoh is not very Tai Look...

about the diameter of the usual Wan Tan Mee

I liked this dish...

Unique Wah Tan Hor Noodles
black in color de...
the gravy is quite tasty

the chef happily taking his own sweet time to cook...
full of 'oi sam', the dish

Snow Flake Beer

Have you heard of the infamous Snow Flake Beer? The beer glasses will first be freezed. Then semi-frozen cold beer will be pour into those glasses. The foams will form, half solid... giving an ice-cream, snow-flake texture, as they melts in your mouth... certainly, a new experience for me... So, if you are interested, you can find it at Cafe Yuen Wah Restaurant, Ipoh Old Town.

The frozen glasses

The semi solid cold beer

The snow flake beer forming

Cherry Queen & i

The Ipoh people - KitJing & Bong

Cherry Queen & Aland

Kafe Yoon Wah

to be continue...

(more good food to come...)


  1. I will be in Ipoh in September to attend my sister wedding. Interested in the snow flake beer

  2. I've tried Ipoh Hor Fun before while im in Ipoh for food hunting. As for the Wah Tan Hor Noodles, it really looks tasty. Havent seen any of it in Penang. I want to eat~~

  3. borneo falcon, this is my first time hearing bout the Snow Flake Beer... apparently, my friend said it had been there for a long time already... she grew up thinking that all beer was suppose to be drank that way.. until she came to KL.. haha!

    p/s: congrats to ur sis!! hope you have a nice trip in Ipoh! i'll be blogging bout more makan place =)

    Dann, there's always new food to try ^^ oh, i loved the hor fun here very much... sure will miss when i get back to seremban/KL :(

  4. kitjing, why swt la... u sud be happy... dunnit thank me... you famous in my blog juga... =)


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