Friday, January 2, 2009

Is 2009 a happy new year after all?

While there were numerous new year raids, sex & drug rave parties, carried away revellers , murder cases,more murder cases, MVA(motor vehicle accidents) , job losses, immigrant problems, and even the terrible club fire in Bangkok killing 59 injuring 200 others,.. i was wondering why is everyone still so happy this new year... what a way to start the new year....

well, i spent my new year's eve this year, overdosing on mefenamic acid (ponstan) and piriton, sleeping through the noisy countdown, with a terrible toothache and a horrible headache... and i rejected alcohol despite my friend's theory of how it can relieve pain as it shares the same end receptors as the nociceptors, despite how convincing they advocate it... or perhaps, i was just too sleepy....

While everyone like to recap over how they had spent their 2008, i have nothing much to recap, and would rather put everything in a box, seal it and push it to somewhere at the back of my mind, where i may not have to visit it again...

and guess what? i'm turning over a new leaf this year!

For the past few days, my work-vs-fun scale had been tipping a little too much to the fun side.. sleeping late almost everynight, not for work, but for fun. Yes, shinyin has this uncontrollable impulse for fun. But with professional exams around the corner, i guess, it's about time to be more serious, and well, hardworking... welcome to the boring side of shinyin...

So, here's my list of New Year's 2009 Resolutions:

1. Pass Professional Examinations with flying colors and Graduate as a Doctor
2. Be a good Doctor, be nice to patients
3. Go home often, spend more time with family
4. Keep in touch with friends
5. Live a healthy lifestyle - Healthy diet, regular exercise, weight reduction, etc
6. Be more organized
7. Adopt punctuality!
8. Do NOT procrastinate
9. Gain confidence
10. Start saving
11. Learn to have patience
12. Learn to be optimistic
13. Learn to love
14. Learn not to judge people (esp based on their appearance)
15. Learn to be independent
16. Good compliance to meds
17. Be less lazy
18. Be more passionate, enthusiastic and determined in medicine
18. Travel the world after professional exams
19. Be happy ! =)
20. (to add if any)

As part of preparing for professional exams, i have several resolutions as well, which i shall try my very best to practice until professional exams:
1. Control internet addiction
2. Abstinence from coffee
3. Abstinence from alcohol
4. Daily study & revision
5. Complete case study reports early
6. Do NOT procrastinate
7. Practice long & short cases
8. Do NOT marathon movies overnight
9. Do NOT get addicted to computer games or the likes (restrain fr mousehunt! and fb applications)
10. Start study group

back to the part where i could not understand why everyone is so happy about the new year.... like shinLoo said, i'm old and unsuccessful (and not any wiser, are we?) ... and guess what? it's about time we start using anti-aging products.. so, we'll be looking this age for the rest of our lives, huh??

anyway, on the lighter tone, chicken lovers and housewives can rejoice over cut down on chicken price, and there's Chinese New Year to look forward to! which equates lots of nice New Year biscuits, and better still, LOTs of angpows!! yippie~~ and we get new angpows from the Goh's couple, hehe.. (remember Sharvyn and the woodest woodhead i blogged about back in teluk intan?? they are such a cute couple~) Oh yes, remember to buckle your seat belts... 242 summonses so far and still counting....

lastly, i hope 2009 will be filled with many pleasant surprises to come~~

~Happy New Year!~


  1. Good list.. hope you can fulfill it at your own pace.

    As for this year, for myself, i am missing 2008 terribly... it's the best year of my life. Looking ahead, 2009 doesn't feel as exciting.

  2. Wow! You look the new year at other perspective. Nice one.

    As you know, I celebrate my new year in Batang Ai Resort (which I probably will blog end of this month or early next month). The resort is in a secluded area (accessible only by boat at the water dam) and hence no countdown or whatsoever. I will say a quiet and peaceful new year which is what I really want.

  3. So many resolutions....May you be able to achieve all & good luck in your exam....:D

  4. i hope its not too late to wish you HAPPPY NEWW YEARRRRR!

    may 2009 bring you lots of joy and happiness!

    oh btw, CNY is coming soon...i still remember that you used to send me CNY card every year and there is one time you sent me 4 or 5 cards to make up for the years you did not send me...i thought it was very thoughtful of uuu.

    p/s so this year still sending CNY card ar??? hahaha

  5. Cmate, thanks :) i hope i can fulfill them too... glad to hear that you had a great 2008.. perhaps, in 2010, when you look back at 2009, you will see how great a year it was.. have an awesome 2009 ya! =)
    Borneo Falcon, perhaps i should be more optimistic about the new year.. i mean, since everyone else is so happy and all... i should get myself infected with the happy epidermic too!

    Do blog about Batang Ai Resort soon. i bet it must have be such an adventure!
    gigi is good so far,.. i went to the dentist and had it tampal-ed already... but the dentist said that if it still hurt, i may need RCT (root canal treatment).. =( i hope i won't need it...
    Robinson Crusoe,
    thanks :) yeah, many resolutions.. i hope when i look back at them and the end of 2009, i would have most of them checked ^^
    poh lin,
    yeah, i remember how sweet you were to send me CNY cards every year.. you know what? if you are in seremban, we should just meet up this new year! =)it would be awesome... i'll talked to you over mails and internet, but haven't seen you face-to-face since primary school!! seriously, we should meet up ^^



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