Thursday, July 30, 2009

H1N1 inching closer, hitting the statistic...

A(H1N1): Malaysia records 4th death, more schools closed (Update 3)

PUTRAJAYA: A 20-year-old woman suffering from Influenza A(H1N1) died on Tuesday, the fourth person to die in Malaysia due to the virus, while more schools and campuses were closed when students exhibited flu-like symptoms.

The woman, who had contracted the virus through a local transmission, died at the Malacca Hospital from “severe community acquired pneumonia” at 9.40am.

Health Ministry director-general Tan Sri Dr Ismail Merican said the woman, who had suffered from obesity, had only sought treatment at the hospital on July 26, 11 days after contracting the disease.

She suffered clinical complications on July 27 and a throat swab was taken on Tuesday.

“The deaths reported affected victims between their 20s and 40s. They had early symptoms but sought treatment late and doctors did not suspect that they were infected by H1N1.

“This is discomforting to the Ministry,” he said after chairing the National Pandemic Preparedness Plan technical committee meeting here Wednesday.

Asked why the ministry was not alerted on the case on Tuesday, he said the doctor had only discovered she had H1N1 infection after her death.

Dr Ismail said he was informed of her death after the Institute of Medical Research got the results on Wednesday morning.

On whether the ministry would take action against hospitals for failure to detect H1N1 cases early, he said, “We don’t want to resort to the blame game. We advise patients to go to hospitals if they have symptoms.”

He said members of the public were still taking H1N1 lightly even after four deaths, adding that the latest victim had not heeded to her parents’ advice to go to the hospital for early treatment. He also said that doctors should be more alert.


you can imagine what happened next...
today, an extremely different whether took over my ward...
all the sudden, everyone in my ward was wearing a face mask.....

the doctors who were previously exposed to this patient, are like super anxious...
the other staffs (me, included) who were previously exposed to these doctors,
are super anxious too...

you think they'll close down hospital melacca and quarantine everyone???
finally, a long break... haha...
~in your dreams~

i wonder, will the workload reduces when people gets paranoid... even my patients are asking for early discharges... haha, yeah, for the first time... an EMPTY bed in the ward... wow!

i know, i work in a high risk environment, sometimes, i do wonder, is it worth it?
risks of needle prick injury, TB contact, dengue contact, and now this???

p/s: guess what? even KTSN was closed down because of H1N1... sometimes, to think about it, when somebody gets infected, you close down the institution and send everyone home, those with (and without) fever... how smart.... i wonder....


  1. it's kinda scary especially for those in the medicine ward >.<
    pray hard and hope for the best!!!

    yeah actually it's silly to send everyone home to those who were not in contact but if not, what else to do? Quarantine everyone in the hostels?

  2. haha......u know wat will happen 3 days later??
    every1 in the ward will tire of wearing the mask and take off it...
    n btw, is it really will prevent the spread of H1N1 by wearing the mask?:)

  3. steph, yalor... but i think, working is a risk we had to accept... just need to be extra cautious.... :( imagine those MO/HO posted at the H1N1 ward... lagi menakutkan... ishhh,....

    siang, why siGh???

    honey, dunnit to wait 3 days actually... today also i start removing mask liao... HAHA!!! but of course i wear mask when i masuk the isolation bilik.... and i wrote in the casenote: patient to wear N98 mask AT ALL TIMES!! (wahahahaha)....

    now i in charge of acute bed and isolation rooms... sigh... super stress and super at risk... H1N1 lar.. TB lar... meningitis la... aiks... honey, save meee....

  4. Hi shinyin, take a good care - read that Malacca's now one of the state of reported H1N1 death.

  5. hey there, haven't heard from you for quite some time. how's things at the hosp? heard that melaka hosp is on total lockdown? hope you are doing well. hang in there.

  6. MRC, don't worry.. i'm taking extra precaution... i'm wearing masks everyday now :)
    knitfreak-to-be, thanks... yeah, i have been quite busy with work... work, work, work... malacca hosp is actually okay, but life as a house officer, is generally bad... tiring... exhausting... but somehow, we still have to go thru it... hoping to survive..


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