Monday, August 17, 2009


Date: 15.08.2009
Venue : UKM, Bangi
Event: Convocation
Weather: Sunny
Mood : Extremely happy
Thank you all for attending my convocation...
for those who came despite exams...
Thanks to all...
for spending time, making the effort....
Thanks for the wishes, cards, gifts and flowers...
and those who came via air-mail...
Special thanks to Mum & Dad
who made all this possible...
and my beloved coursemates who fought it through with me...
p/s: i know, my jubah super ugly....
and for those who missed the convo,
yes, i still except belated wishes and gifts... hehe...
p/s: more pics to come... ^^
i just thought i'll make this post specially for mum & dad...
erm... dad hates the camera, he dont usually smiles at it... hehe...


  1. Hi shinyin,

    the robes looked beautiful. Your mom looks exactly like you and your dad had the slightest hint of a smile in this picture :)

    Congrats on your convocation. Keep the memories, and be a good doctor!


  2. Congratulation! Hope to see you when I fall sick :)

  3. congrats shin yin! omg ur mum still looks the same...awet muda is it???

  4. mum looks just like you!! Like a mould.. :P

  5. hi dr..
    u might not know me but i know u..
    since i am "regular customer" of hukm, i have seen u couple of times with ur colleagues...
    u also had asked me about my disease background...

    at first, i dont know this blog is yours but i do recognize ur face then...
    i just wanna wish u congratulations..^_^
    i know u will be a good doc.. not just good , but the best...^_-

    if i still got a chance to live longer, i really want u to ask my disease bakground again... this time.. as a doc^_^...

    bcoz ur the first student who gave me warmth smile.... that is why i remember u... just in case u wonder how i can remember u..

    p/s: u look good in that robe^_^

  6. hey, i dont really read ur blog yet..but...i just love the sound in ur blog...i will read it soon after work..

    Bernard chan kee siang,

  7. thanks siang ^^
    lead wi, ermm... it's red...
    thanks khek yang... my dad smiling huh? hehe.. you have very sharp eyes
    thanks Dann!
    thanks MRC!
    borneo falcon, thanks... but you are in west msia lehhh...
    poh lin, thanks... mummy has her secret recipe to look young --> staying happy and living the moment!!
    chuafc, thanks!
    kris, thanks! of course! my beloved mummy ma... memangpun same mould.. last time almost wanna join this mum-and-daughter-look-alike-contest.. haha!
    goldflower, thanks! :) hope you are doing well..
    thanks for the wishes... i felt so touched reading your comment... you have just motivated me to be a better doctor, a better person... i shall smile more often then... wishing you all the best.. may your disease condition improves and do be happy! take care..
    bernard, it's an old song, 'close to you' by the carpenters... i love it too... thanks for dropping by, hope you liked it here :)

  8. Girl, you look so much like your mummy :) Congratulation dear.

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  10. Congrats! and we need more doctors in this country. All the best.

  11. I am across your blog by chance.. congratulations to you

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