Sunday, August 20, 2006

COAMS #20- MOST unlucky week!

(August 20, 2006 at 12:13 AM)

This has indeed been my MOST UNLUCKY week!

1. For the first time in this semester, I’m so grateful that I stayed on the ground floor of the hostel, with the room closest to the entrance of the block. You see, I twisted my ankle last night. AGAIN! (you don’t have to shout that). Missed a step, learned a big lesson – never sms while walking, and yeah, choose a room at the ground floor, always, you can forget the crap about the scenic view and all… It’s much better now, took so much painkillers that I think I’m killing my liver now.. * siGh*…the funniest thing is people in the hospital keep staring at me.. I guess you don’t usually find people in white-coats limping around… I must have looked so silly! :P and I had to smile back and specify, ‘sprained my ankle’, as their facial expression demanded an explanation… don’t feel like going to the wards, partially because of that, the other half because it hurts, especially when you go up stairs,.. Can’t perfom the dorsiflex or plantarflex thing without pain… arGGhhhhh….

2. Sadly, my luckiness didn’t stop there. Guess what? The longest arm of my watch fell (the ‘second’ needle).. that’s what happen when you get a cheap watch. Well, this kind of thing shouldn’t bother me, you might wonder, considering, I still can see the time with the ‘hour’ and ‘minute’ hands. It’s just that, now, I have a problem counting the pulse rates and respiratory rates… * siGh *…

3. Thirty, my handphone has OFFICIALLY loss it’s function. Before this, I only had problems with the joystick, occasionally send message wrongly and have difficulties is typing and punching the numbers. Now, the WHOLE keypad is SPOILT! Can’t even switch on the phone. That’s not the worse thing. The thing is, smart little me saved my contacts in the phone, so now, I cannot access the numbers. So, is you are reading this, do send me a sms and tell me who are you. If you are kind enough, sms the other friends’ number too la.. (eg: pong, if you are reading this, do sms shinloo, Audrey, boon lee, ze, etc number too la…; p/s: I use pong as an example coz I’m certain she reads my blog, oh well..)

4. Bad luck number #4: I dropped my matrix card! And I can’t get a new card in HUKM. Have to go back to the KL campus for a new card. The thing is, the office there is only open on office hours and not open on weekends. And with this sprained ankle, I don’t even feel like going there.

5. My IMU friend May who when to AMSC Hong Kong conference with me was so kind to bring the cd containing our group pictures to HUKM for me… it is so nice of her… however, I can’t open the CDs!! Tried on a few computers and still failed.. * siGh *… how lerrr….

6. is there a bad luck number #6? Hope not…

What can one do to remove bad luck? Recently, my friend’s wallet got stolen. I wonder whether bad luck is a transmittable epidemic... * siGh *… perhaps I have to compensated for the good luck I had before this (not that I’ve been lucky)… have you ever that this feeling at the beginning of the day or week, something really good happened and you feel lucky the whole day or week… vice versa,.. this week is bad luck week… I can only be thankful that it’s not exam week. Maybe I’ve sinned and this is punishment… (what have I done wrong?) or maybe, I’m cursed… (nahhh… I don’t believe in curses… )

P/s: recently, I had a comment that my blog is too difficult to understand. Sometimes, too long and unrelated (the intro and the ending). Hmm… I’m not sure how can I improve on that… I haven’t been using any bombastic words.. maybe, I’ll try to include footnotes for medical terms ^_^ Do excuse me for my terrible English which Pn Chu Lai Lin would probably correct them in reds.. I am still insisting that university life had killed my English…


1.dorsiflex/plantarflex = flexing your feet at the ankle joint.

2.Pn Chu Lai Lin = my form6 English teacher who is capable to correct one’s English anytime, anywhere. She is capable of ANYTHING, if you know what I mean… Georgians would understand…

3. Georgians = students from SMK King George V, Seremban. (I’m proud to be a Georgian!)

Bad luck #6

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