Thursday, October 8, 2009

*updates* *updates* *updates*

i promised Shin Loo that i would resume the responsibility of a responsible blogger. that was when i realised i have not been blogging for the last two months.... i had dropped to the extend of one post in 3 months. wow! that is kind of bad isn't it? i bet most of my readers would have abandoned me, friends would have wondered what had happened to me. so sorry bout that...

WORK, my friend, WORK... so tiring that at the end of the day, you'll just want to date your cosy comfy bed... coupled with poor internet access... REALLLY BAD ONES... the kind that you wait, then leave your webpage to stream, then go do some other work, and come back to your pc only to find you are still stucked at the same old page, still streaming halfway....snailing away... what can i say? CELCOM BROADBAND S*UCKS!!!! MAXIS BROADBAND S*UCKS!!!! (i tried both) ARGHHHH.....

then again, as you know, peanut got posted to hospital malacca too! but i guess he's got the blogging spirit despite:
1. still tagging
2. had to travel to tesco to online
-something which i seriously should mencontohi... siGh....
oh yes, before i forget: NG BING WUI, WELCOME TO HOSPITAL MALACCA!!!!
and Christina, congratulations on your graduation!! come join us also la... then we can start a bloggers' association here liao... hehe...

Anyway, fyi, i am currently on a one-week-vacation!! yippie!! which is rather luxurious for a house officer... correction: VERY LUXURIOUS.... and i thought such luxury does not exist, but hey, it does!! i saved all my holidays and took them one short... first bitter, later sweet, no?

i spend the first part of my holidays celebrating mid autumn festival with Mum, making mooncakes, i wished i had taken pictures to share them with you... but shinLoo was right, i forgot i was a blogger... then i went to Cameron Highlands, living the fairytale... then a day of shopping and sleepover at shinLoo's place, dinner with sukTeng... back rotting at home, went to service my baby, patched the holes in his front tyres, and planning to spend the next few last days down South in Singapore.... can't wait to meet up with May Luu, Cheryl, Im Sing, Su Yin, HK, G Cup, Aland, Bobo, LYC, YZ, kuan Geok, ah bong, KonVoi, Tim, Joanne, LeeYee, and the rest...

so, that's more or less on my updates... will be starting o&G soon... looking forward to deliveries... perhaps seeing new life would be more enlightening and emotionally enriching than filling up death certificates.... looking forward for the next posting....

p/s: it's taking forever for me to upload pictures... terrible internet access... SiGh... will need to be more descriptive in my future posts... a picture is worth a thousand words... so, i guess i shall need thousand of words to compensate... ^^

-------will resume the responsibility of a blogger, hopefully---------


  1. Its GREAT to have you back blogging. At least there's something to entertain or shift my attention off a little while, apart from huge workload. Certainly you got us wondering where are you, knocking on the door but no-one answered. Speaking of myself, i too wasnt very motivated to blog recently. Dont have much time for myself on blogging. Anyway, its good to have you back.
    From the-other indecisive Libran. Cheers~~

  2. HI Shin yin

    Welcome back....Your job ranked the 2nd most stressful job in Malaysia...I'm not suprised if u r busy..nevertheless,selamat kembali :)

  3. Good to see you back. Almost abandon your site. He....He...

  4. wow! go out a while, got comments 2 hours later... *happy*... looks like you all are still around... *motivated to blog*....

    dear the other indecisive libran, good to hear from you... yup! sometimes, we get tied up with work... we tend to forget we need time for ourselves too... i still read your interesting posts,.. though they were getting lesser by day too... my net is a little too slow to leave comments though.. keep dc, depending on the connection strenght....

    MRC, salam mesra... stressful pun... wished to have more time to myself.. which makes me wonder... what's THE NUMBER ONE stressful job in the world then??? hehe... housewife?

    borneo falcon, almost abandon?? glad you did not... :) hehe...

  5. glad that u r back...longing to read ur updates,haha
    hope to read more n more from ur blog...faster go find a better connection k?hahaha

  6. eh, y u miss out tat part u go cameron highland living fairytale with who? hehehe...

  7. Salam mesra kembali - Oh yeah hor....That's true oso!!!...Psst, Those polls must be "female-gender bias" (sigh)

  8. You have a nice blog here. I like the layout and the song! Malaysia's broadband are all sucks...big time.

  9. en yuan, yup... but better connection hard to find leh... :((


    G Cup, must have patience... after i go elaborate, becomes very geli and you laugh pulak...


    MRC, gender bias? haha! yah, maybe..


    cute little angel, thanks :) havent been seeing you around... how have you been?


    superman, thanks :)
    what to do, connection is bad, not much choices... no competition, no improvement..



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