Saturday, January 26, 2008

sweet dreams, anyone?

I climbed up to attic,
Find myself in another world,
Candy land, with clouds floating around me,
Everything was bright, white,
I should be safe here, I hope,
As I locked the door behind me,
I walked through a series never ending doors,
I looked back,


But, I knew,
It was still after me,
I had to go on…

I could not see anything ahead,
Only doors,
I had to go on…
A hand grabbed mine,
Huge it was,
We ran, as fast as we could,
The hand melted away,
Run, His voice continue to echo,
Warning me,
Commanding me,
I keep running aimlessly,
Pushing away,
Doors, after doors….

This is a dream,
It had to be,
I came to my senses,
Get up,
I told myself,
The next thing I knew,
I see myself in my room,
There I was, lying in bed,
I couldn’t move,
I tried to pull myself out of bed,
I tried to push myself off the bed,
I was locked in my body,
Ahhhh… I started shouting,
I shouted myself awake,…

Finally, I woke up,
It is over now.

I had an exam today,
And shit, it was 10:00am already,
I was late
And I had not done studying
I was not prepared,
I could fail this test,
But I cannot afford to miss this test,

I rushed out my apartment,
Ran straight to the exam hall,
Upon arrival,
The exam was over,
Students leaving the hall,
Friends turning in disapproval,
The hall was emptied,
I find noone left,
I fell on my knees...

The doors suddenly locked itself behind me,
I found no way out,
Then I realized,
I was trapped again,
I was trapped in my dream, still...

I started falling into this dark hole,
My hand trying to gasp something, someone, anything,
Helplessly, I waited for the sound as I hit the ground,
I woke up screaming,
Panting, heart beat racing,
Oh, how I hated stupid dreams!

p/s: Dreams can sometimes seemed real enough…. I’ve dreamt of even worst,….. vampires, being lost, even funerals, my funeral,… why do people dream? I need an anti-dream pill…

(Written on January 26, 2008 at 10:42 AM)

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