Thursday, May 8, 2008


Coincidents, when they happened, they are scary…. So much so, I really do not know what to do… it's driving me crazy... and I wonder, oh God, why are you doing this to me? Although logically, I should feel glad, thankful maybe, but inside, it’s ripping me apart… no physiology can explain the chest tightness and increasing shortness of breathe,… the inhaler offers no comfort, I rejected help from a passerby, who pitifully watched me from the corner of her eyes… judging me perhaps, or just feeling sorry,... you made random calls, hoping to get some distractions,.. and you tried everything on the ‘shinyin, what should I do?’ guidebook,… switch on your defense mechanism, and you realized, sometimes, people are just stupid… and sometimes, I get to be one of them...

p/s: when you tried too hard avoiding something, it'll come haunting you instead.. it's some karma law or circle of life law, or whatever..

(Written on May 08, 2008 at 03:17 PM)


  1. Hey, was checking out your love and relationship post, came across this.

    Yea, when you tries really hard to avoid something or to forget something, it'll become stronger and it'll haunt you, yea, you're right. It's scary. I have lotsa things that I wanna forget. But the harder I try, the worser it gets.

  2. sometimes, it is not just the thoughts that haunt you... like when you want to avoid him bad enough, somehow, he'll magically appear.. and really, at that point, you really do not know what to do... i wonder why did God created co-incidents.. i mean, what are the odds?


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