Saturday, January 9, 2010

happy new year!!! reflections of 2008.. goodbye shadows...



You know, when it comes to the end, and the beginning... it gives us time and the 'moment' to reflect... to reflect on what had changed for the past year... the events that happened...

2009 must have been such an eventful year for me...

i swollowed and vomited for professional exams *shinyin eating pancakes*

i became bimbotic and got curls after 25 years of old boring straight hair... *shinyin had a moment of bimbotic*

i saw so much at the hospital

*the man in the next cubical*

i graduated

*shinyin graduated!*

*shinyin with honey & housemates*

*shinyin suddenly became patriotic*

i went travelling post-professional exams

*shinyin visits Kota Kinabalu*

*shinyin went to the islands*

and one of her best friend, KiTiong got married in Sibu

i started working

*and suffering long working hours*

*performed her first CPR*

*D13OL Day 13 of life - I HATE MY LIFE*

*D19OL Day 19 of life - WOW!*

*shinyin found the most powerful weapon in the world *

*shinyin found love in her hospital*

i shifted to melacca

i found someone special

i started a new circle of friends

let's take a look at last year's resolutions

√ 1. Pass Professional Examinations with flying colors and Graduate as a Doctor *checked*

√ 2. Be a good Doctor, be nice to patients *checked, hopefully*

√ 3. Go home often, spend more time with family *not very successful lately*

4. Keep in touch with friends *trying*

5. Live a healthy lifestyle - Healthy diet, regular exercise, weight reduction, etc *trying vary hard-no time ler for exercise*

6. Be more organized *ermm....*

7. Adopt punctuality! *FAILED*

8. Do NOT procrastinate * FAILED*

9. Gain confidence
*still gaining...*

10. Start saving *FAILED*

11. Learn to have patience
*scoresheet: patience -ZERO, patients- a lot!*

12. Learn to be optimistic
*still learning*

13. Learn to love
*still learning*

14. Learn not to judge people (esp based on their appearance)
*still learning*

15. Learn to be independent
*still learning*

16. Good compliance to meds *FAILED*

17. Be less lazy *FAILED*

18. Be more passionate, enthusiastic and determined in medicine
*still trying*

19. Travel the world after professional exams
=only managed KotaKinabalu, Spore n Msia... not really 'the world'... haih...

20. Be happy ! =)

HELLO 2010~

and here's this year resolutions 2010 (in next post)...


  1. I thought something was amiss when I saw your heading.....Reflection of 2008.... which is 2 years ago. He...He...

  2. Hey the doctor is back after long, it's good to have re-look at reso's made to see how you go!! Still 'beating around the bush" - not spilling the bean yeah on that someone special..hehe..nevertheless, a toast of happy new year 2010 to you again!!!

  3. semeone special? good for you, happy new year ;)


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