Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Now, this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is perhaps, the end of the beginning...

(picture by Juliette Legrand)
Now, this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is perhaps, the end of the beginning...

I know it’s been a while, since I last posted anything here….
Finally, the smell of freedom,
Hmm… freedom isn’t the right word either,
More like, finally, I can join my other friends,
In starting the next chapter of my life

today, i'll like to make a THANK YOU NOTE DEDICATION~

Everything I am today, I owe it to my parents and my supportive family.. thanks Mum & Dad….

Thank you, dear God whom grant me wisdom, patience; watching over me, not forgetting me...

A million and one ‘thank you’s to my dear lecturers… Thank you Prof Shahrir who dedicated his everyday of the study month to his students.. Motivated us from time to time, bonded with his students, encourages over facebook (tech-savvy indeed)…. Thank you Prof Rohaizak, Prof Tan YL, Dr Lim PS, Dr Wong Sau Wei, our supervisors for our study group.. thanks for spending your time teaching us, guiding us though the last moments before professional exams… those critical moments when we started to panic, with SVT 140bpm! Thanks to my dear supervisors who inspires me in every postings and rotations, Dr Nur Azlin, Prof Adeeb, Prof Ros, Dr Halim, Mr Goh, Mr Imtiaz, Mr Vasu, Mr Jeevanen, Dr Tong Seng Fah, Prof Suhaila, Dr Marhani, Ms Shalimar, Ms Hazla, etc… you make me love medicine more and more with each passing day…. Thank you to the radiologist-Prof Tan who truly taught me xrays in the most simplified way…
A teacher’s contribution never stops, it continues and shines in their students… you have all inspired me to teach others… to appreciate knowledge, will use them wisely… i am proud to be a product of UKM (Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia / The National University of Malaysia) =)

Thanks to my coursemates, my housemates and close friends (you know who you are)… and congratulations! Thanks for teaching me, helping me catch up, practice… Thanks for not losing patience in me… not losing hope in me… We have made it this far. I would not have been able to do this without you all… one of my biggest fear of failing was to have to go thru another torturous 6 months and another C-R-A-Z-Y Professional exams… and to have to do it alone… I’m just glad we got through… We’ll be going different paths soon… will miss you all~~

Thank you to my zhimuis from high schools… you have all been there when I needed you most… on days when I go crazy reading books, when I almost give up hope, you were there to pull me up again… and it made me realized, I still have you guys… thanks! YOU ROCKS!!!

Thank you to all my friends… friends I met online, offline,…. my understanding blog readers… thanks for the words of encouragement… when I was in my down-est pitt, your words offered comfort….

Thanks for all the GoodLucks, whether given, stolen or loaned…. The pineapples… The prayers…..

I’m back!! and I want to share everything with you all… heaven and hell… perhaps shall be doing it in some retrograde fashion… just give me some time to reorganized my thoughts… =)


  1. good to hear that, wu shin'n... i'm starting to miss reading your blog, actually... it's been so long... and congratulations again on your passing the exam... ;)

  2. wow, congrats! i hope i wil be able to pull thru when its my turn as well..

    anyway enjoy ur time b4 u start working then! :)

  3. Wow!!! Congratulation. Indeed its been a while. Certainly i've too been missing some updates, my little entertainment while in office *ahem*. To be honest, its more like a two way traffic. Encouraging each other, pushing hard to go forth, challenge the limit. Hahahaaa...

    Again, congratulations upon your achievements!

  4. Congrats for passing your exam & good to see you're back :-)

  5. Yes, thank you for thanking me too. Congrats.

    Come on over & reply on my blog. :-)

  6. ya...we have gone thru together...
    start to miss u all ad.....
    all the best in the future undertaking....
    miss miss ya....

  7. Congrats...happy to noe tat u been thru...all da best in u can officially change ur blog title to
    "COnfessions of a HO" haha...

  8. Congratulations!!!

    I hope to follow your path in errr. 5 years? lol

  9. Hi Shin yin.. You'll find yourself somewhere you never imagine, cause life is amazing!!

    You're just starting to dive headlong into it.

    Of course as you leave your studying years, you'd wish you could grasp it, but like the waves of time, it passes you into oblivion.

    Have fun!! I'm sure you will love it as much as it'll be melancholic, sad and sweet and bitter at times!! Cheers beb :)

  10. lead wi, thanks~ ^^ all the best to your finals too! gambateh o~

    shinLoo, i'm back to blogging again.. there's some prob with my pc though.. quite frustrating... i restarted my pc more than 5 times last night, and had to retype :(

    borneo falcon, good to hear from you again too!

    cheryl, congrats to you too! DR TANG!

    zzzyun, exams are just a formality, you have came this far, i'm sure you can do it~ all the best ya!

    Dann, glad you find some entertainment between my words.. hehe.. good to see you again~

    MRC, thank you~ ^^ good to be talking to you again~ ^^ how have you been?

    Kris, thanks! ^^ you take care ya!

    Abas, thanks, i've dropped by your blog too, hehe... very informative~

    Im Sing, i'll be missing you too~ i can't believe we're graduating so soon~ time flies ei~~ *sob* *sob*

    Ka Fei, Confessions of a House Officer?? hehe.. good suggestions, will consider that... but i'll hv to change the web address huh? quite troublesome, isn't it?

    Waye Young, all the best ya~ enjoy your student life, it's the best! thanks for dropping by~

    Khek Yang, i bet you must be enjoying yourself... somewhere you never imagine? life can be amazing, i suppose, it depends on how one look at it... sad, sweet and bitter? and sour? and salty? that's supposedly all the taste buds we have, isn't it?

  11. hahah this is a bit late but congratzz!!!!
    all the best for your future undertakings and hope to see you bloggin abt your 'at-work' adventures!!!!!


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