Friday, June 1, 2007

COAMS #34 - Opthalmology

The fundus, it is perhaps, the most beautiful thing i've ever seen on earth. I think i am falling in love with it, almost.

I can’t believe I am actually enjoying my ophthalmology posting!!  Maybe it is because it’s not exam week yet, and basically the lecturers at this department are very very nice… The fundoscope, is a very amazing tool. You can tell so much just by looking at the fundus, it’s like looking into another world, peeking into one’s secret chamber. (ps: a fundoscope is a mobile hand tool used to view the eye structure, basically looking at the retina for signs of bleeding, leakage, occlusion etc) I have to admit had that the first few days was a struggled, where I could only see the vessels, a glimpse of the optic disc and nothing more… it was depressing at first… I strained my eyes so much that the patient commented that I looked as if I was more in pain that she was, haha! When I first saw the optic disc,i was so excited i was like 'yeay!'.., silly me.. Ophthalmology is fun, really, when you start appreciating more and more findings.. but I shall not elaborate on them here as i do not want to bore you off with terms… I think I am starting to like this posting, I hope I will… ^_^

(Written on June 01, 2007 at 10:35 AM)

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