Thursday, June 28, 2007

COAMS #37- so sick of being sick

it's been a week already,.. i suspect that i am resistant to the antibiotic prescribed... or perhaps there's just too much allergens... i suppose i am allergic to classes altogether... and i mean it quite literally... every morning, i have to attend ENT classes in this air-conditioned room with thick curtains infested with God knows how many zillions of dust mites and dirt... not to forget the tick carpets... the dark environment... my condition never recovers... having nasal congestion can be very torturing... BELIEVE me... especially when it start blocking your nose bilaterally, and you have to breathe through your mouth, your throut gets dry.. you get sore throut... URTI(upper respiratory tract infection) only worsen the condition... the the mucus start moving into your airway... the allergic reaction worsen.. the next thing you know, YOU CANNOT BREATHE!! terrible, terrible,terrible... cocaine spray and ventolin nebuliser only gives temporary relief... (just in case you were wondering, no, that does not make me a cocaine addict) Mr Megat adviced exercise to stimulate adrenalines,... is there any easier way? siGh.......... maybe when i get better...

i am so sick of being sick... the world keeps on spinning without sympathy... i feel terrible,.. physically and emotionally... and i start suspecting i might have Munchausen syndrome (falling sick to gain attention).. then again, this may not be the kind of attention one would like to seek... you have your coursemates subconsciously taking a 'FULL HISTORY' of you... impressive nodding their heads when you happen to be a VERY TYPICAL HYPERSENSITIVE TYPE 1... siGh...

sometimes, i just wished to escape... it's hard even to fish the 3 magic words [GET-WELL-SOON...]... really, instead, i have people around me 'taking history' and asking what medications i am taking... i suspect the 3 magic words doesn't exist in the chinese and malay dictionary... hmm... [semoga cepat sembuh]... sounds weird isn't it? xi wang ni hau yi dian? haha, yup, my chinese sucks...

oh well.. got to continue eating porridge.... why being sick have to eat porridge? i wonder whether who create the condept, whether it really works... all i know is i can't risk it cause i'm losing my voice, (correction: i lost my voice) and i am having shortcase (oral clinical) exams soon... i don't think my examiner will postpone the exam for me or excuse me for being sick... and hey, i don't know sign language, neither does he... siGh...

(Written on June 28, 2007 at 06:10 AM)

p/s: Later on, in Family Medicine Posting in 4th year(8th Sem), i learnt that:
1. URTI, in my case, is viral in origin,... so it's only normal that it last over a week
2. Viral URTI is self-limiting and does not requires antibiotic... it only needs adequate rest and symptomatic relief
3. i was abusing antibiotics
4. No wonder my body is more and more resistant to antibiotics!!

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